Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sadly there was drowning at the lake this weekend. The story was well covered by the local media. Yesterday and today several stories have appeared identifying the victim as an illegal alien with an extensive criminal history. He had been deported five times. The most recent was February of this year. He had entered the country illegally in 1996, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2008. The victim had a number of false id's and arrest records in many states, including South Carolina.

It’s a common story these days, and illustrates an issue. Obviously our borders are not secure. That has become a serious problem. Not only are we seeing crime on the increase but it also holds the potential of infiltration by terrorist groups. While it’s true the majority are hard working, and otherwise law abiding people, the illegal alien issue has added considerable strain on our infrastructure.

Another issue on my mind is the rebuilding and disaster protection of New Orleans. A large part of the city is below sea level so renewed flooding is likely at sometime in the future.

Yet another problem is the decreasing habit for Alligators. Those pesky and dangerous guys are running out of room in Florida and along the Carolina coast and are apparently moving into the upstate.

Three Problems that need solutions:

I have an idea.

  • First let’s dig a wide deep mote across the border.
  • Fill it with water.
  • Take all that dirt, raise New Orleans above the floods.
  • Round up the gators. Put them into the mote.

Problems solved.


Theophilus said...

great idea!!

Ben said...

I'm writing in your name for PRESIDENT!!

Jane-Jane said...

now that I could live with!!!