Thursday, July 31, 2008

I drove to my parents house the other day for a visit and to help build a rail for their deck steps. It was hot tiring work. Afterwards I had this urge to play under the water hose. I am sure it would have been great. But I resisted and drove home. When I got home as I got ready for a shower I realized I did not remember crossing the bridge at the state line. That’s scary. It is a big bridge some quarter mile long and about 85 feet high. And I do not even remember seeing it. If it had been down, would I have noticed? Wonder what else I missed. I hope I didn’t hit anything.

Then I jumped into the shower to clean-up . The cool water felt great. I had been in there maybe six or seven minutes and I was about to get out. But I could not remember if I had shampooed my hair. I mean it was wet, but did I use soap?

Ok I wonder…did I get too hot or is that a senior moment type thing. More Brain Lock ? I think I need a nap


Nonohoicha said...

That happens to me sometimes.

Jane-Jane said...

I thought I was the ONLY one to have so many senior moments in one day! Guess I'm in good company!