Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's been a few days since I wrote. I was out of town Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I was recovering and catching up on things. That brings us to today. We went to Charlotte for some continuing ed. It was held at the DoubleTree South Park. We booked too late to stay there so we punted and found a nice deal about 10 minutes away, right smack downtown. The Hilton Gardens. It was a nice place. I'd never spent any time right downtown Charlotte, but I was impressed by how clean and nice it is. I felt safe walking all over the area. Mostly business, banking and such, but with a few shops. There is one complex of building covering 6-8 blocks that are all connected by elevated covered crosswalks. Like Hamsters in a tube. Kinda cool.

The conference was next to a very up-scale mall. Prada, Tiffany, Nordstrom, Gucci, and so on. I happened up on a photo shoot in the middle of the mall next to the waterfall. Interesting.

The only thing I could afford there was a mega cup of coffee, which I sipped all morning.

We ate at the Cheesecake Factory in the mall for dinner. Yum !!! I had Orange chicken, and White Chocolate Raspberry truffle Cheesecake. Oh OH OH!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

52 - 7 Can you believe that? What a blowout. Some people don't like one sided games like this, but for me, if you are on the winning side... It can't get better. Go Tigers. Next sat Monk will be on the field, twirling and cheering. See ya next week. C.L.E.M.S.O.N.

What about my scrappy Dawgs? They almost lost a game and they were picked by 26 points. They waited until the last moment then came from 13 down in the forth to win by one. WOW my stomach was churning. But they won 14-13. At Athens. I guess everyone has a bad day, from time to time. You have to hand it to them, They played 60 minutes and never gave up. Go Dawgs get 'em sic 'em !!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Went to see Flyboys tonight. I loved it. Naturally !!! Action, planes, great flying, fantastic fx, and a love interest you'd actually root for. What's not to like?

This was opening night and there was a good crowd. I hope this movie does well, so they will make other flying movies.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Kristie had to go to Hartwell and stay with her Grandmother tonight. That leaves me home alone. So I filled the time with the World's Greatest detective.

Sherlock Holmes

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Not a whole lot going on today. It was a lot cooler mid 70's vrs the 90's we'd been seeing I figured I'd never get a better chance so I cut the grass and trimmed everything. It only took about 3 and a half hours. But part of that time was repairing the old Snapper.
A bolt sheared off in the steering, but I had another and was soon back in business.

Kristie worked very late tonight. Until near ten PM.

I know Amy H. worked late too.

Patrick said Amy C. was up to her ears in studies ( for work ) also.

Will normal life ever return for any of us ???

The photo of Patrick and Amy Cromer was taken this spring at Freedom Weekend.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Soccer tonight was fun. The Tigers won again 4-1

That makes them 3 and O this season. I had to miss Saturday's game to see my BullDogs.

Ashley had another hugh crowd of fans.
Amy & Joel,
Doug & Brenda ( Amy's folks )
Grandmother & Poppa Fred,
Teresa, Samantha, and Andrew ( Kristie's Friends )
Kristie and naturally, ME Ash's number one fan.

Afterward Teresa. Samantha, Andrew, Kristie and I went to Moe's to eat.

We ate outside and just finished up as it started a downpour.

Good day at NewSpring as always. Thanks God, I needed a church like this. It was the early service for us today. Extra early because today begins our new starting time 15 minutes earlier at 9:15.

Then it was dash to Lavonia for dinner at my mom and dads. Janet and Kayle were there, but not Kevin. Other plans, I think.

After quick visit and bite it was dash back to home groups. I enjoyed it again tonight. I am glad to hear comments and input from all the guys so far. That is good because we all know I am going to speak my mind. And now I know I will not be the only one.

Lots of things going on right now. But it'll all be fine..

Soccer tomorrow. GO MONK !!!

And maybe when I go to Sam's Club, this time I'll remember everything on the list.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Go Dawgs !!!! Get 'em, Sic 'em!!! woof woof woof !!!

Kristie and I flew down to see the Georgia Bulldogs today. They played a 1 PM game against University Alabama Birmingham ( UAB ). They have a great deal at the airport in Athens. You fly in, and they park the planes, and for $ 5.00 each they you ride the city bus service to the campus. So we figured we'd take a chance on finding reasonable tickets.

It was great. Thing went without a hitch. It's a twenty-five minute flight and no traffic. Well almost. The Athens airport is very busy on game day. They have a lot of planes. So many they park them in the grass over on the far side of the airline terminal and shuttle you to the FBO ( fixed base operator ) BTW a FBO is like a terminal for visiting aviation OTHER than the airlines. They have weather briefing services, fuel, snacks, a lounge for pilots and a waiting area much like the airline terminals.

We caught the bus and made our way to the game. There were fewer ticket sellers than we normally see at a Clemson game, and certainly fewer who seem to be doing it as a business. We spotted a couple late middle aged men ( calling the kettle black aren't I ? ) who were selling their family members ( a cousin ) ticket for him. He had broken his hip and could not attend. They turned out to be fantastic seats 45 yard line second level, row seven. Even had padded backs. Perfect. The people around were all nice and respectable. Yes the DOGS won, in a shutout. Did I say perfect ?

Flew home without a hitch other than hot and tired. That stuff and this heat will sap the energy right out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It was cool and rainy today. We needed it.

I got an e-mail from Jars of Clay today . Jars are playing Toccoa Falls College. Here is the info

October, 5 2006 at Grace Chapel - Toccoa Falls
325 Chapel Drive, Toccoa Falls, GA 30598
Cost: $14-17
With special guests: Matt Wertz & Leigh Nash.
Phone: 800-251-8326 for more info.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I got the new Jars of Clay today. Good Monsters ! Do yourself a favor, drop what ever you are doing. Run out and buy this cd. After only a few times through I think I'd say it is their best in years. These guys are so innovative. And some of the cuts provoked emotions from me I can't control. This is not meant to be a review, but check out There Is A River ( not the old hymn ) And if Oh My God doesn't affect you ...well it will.

I already love this cd.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Today was Ashley's first soccer game ( match ) of the season. Her team, the Tigers won. I noticed the level of play, the speed and intensity had moved up a lot over last year. Looks like at 5 they are suddenly much more serious. The Monk played very well. It was obvious that Ashley has got the largest fan club of all. ( And why not ? ) Today she had ten fans rooting for her every step. Let's see;
Amy & Joel,
Amy's mom and dad,
Joel's folks,
Grandmother & Poppa Fred,
Kristie and Ash's number one fan

Yeah Ashley, Go Tigers !!!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday, We went to the second service today. I guess we were just worn out. John Maxwell spoke, and he was very good. I must agree with Amy however, Perry is better. Still I enjoyed him a lot and learned a couple lessons I hope I can put into use. ( )

We went to Ruby Tuesday after church and I had the salad bar and a mushroom Swiss burger. I like it there, it is one of my favorites.

After a stop at Bilo it was home for 40 winks. Tonight was the first Group Link for us. It was actually better than I expected. After a slightly slow start I think we all warmed up nicely. Other than Amy & Joel we did not know the other four couples. I think I'll grow to enjoy it quickly.

We got home and I went straight to bed. I slept ok about an hour but awoke at 10:30 and actually got up because I wanted to move about bit. I feel much better than the last couple nights.

Soccer tomorrow. Go Ashley !!!

Go Dawgs !!

This is football day around here. The Tigers were playing Boston College at Boston and the Dawgs were playing at South Carolina.
Clemson led the whole game but like last year lost in double overtime. One point ... A missed point after the overtime touchdown.. We missed ...they didn't. Proctor looked good is the bright spot.
Georgia always seems to have trouble with Carolina, but not today. DE-FENCE was what it was about. Played like the "Junkyard Dawgs" of old. Erk Russell ( who died yesterday ) would have been proud. Shut out Spurrier for only the second time in his career. EIGHTEEN to ZERO ...woof woof !!

We watched the Clemson game here and then went to Amy and Joel's for the Georgia game on ESPN. Amy made Pizza. It was great.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Amy, Joel and Ashley came over tonight for dinner. It was a belated birthday meal for Amy. They had come just straight from soccer practice, Ashley was still in her uniform and cleats. I could see right away she was tired. But we still had fun. We ate Cheddar loaves, peas, and mashed potatoes. Oh and Key Lime Pie, my and Amy's favorite. After we ate Joel, Monk and I went to the living room and the lady's talked. Ashley fell asleep as soon as she hit the couch. The lady's rejoined us and we looked at the Mexican Rivera trip photos. Very beautiful. Looks like a cruise without the ship. The photos had some beautiful things in them, but were mired by a few shots of Joel. ( KIDDING ) Seriously the photos looked very pretty and they make a cute couple. And the resort was unbelievable. I want go there. I enjoyed their visit a lot. I am blessed to have them as friends. They're tops. FAMILY !!!

During the day we had some excitement at the airport. I had the aircraft radio on. Ted was supposed to fly. And I heard the FAA flight check plane. Just a couple minutes later a calm yet scary call came over the radio. A Colonial Pipeline Patrol plane declared an emergency, said his engine was running very rough and he could had some smoke in cockpit. He thought it might be electrical so he shut down the radios and made it in just fine. They called the fire trucks, but were not needed. Good thing, he landed, taxied in, got out of his plane and called on his cell saying he was ok, and the fire dept had still not arrived.

The photo of Amy, Joel and Ashley was taken this spring at Freedom Weekend.

Not much going on today. I did not sleep well wed night, then was awakened by a call from Janet. She was taking a sick day at home, and needed to talk. She called three times very early, upset and needing to chat about her issues. She told me that the doctor had given her some meds to take but they could only be taken once a day, half a pill every night before going to bed. She had not taken it the first night ( night before ) because she was unsure of side effects ( work day ) and intended to ask during the next day, after work. Big mistake because now she needed it but could not take it until that night 16-18 hours away. She needed advice. After we chatted I could not go back to sleep so I had a long hard day. I mowed the grass and almost died trying to crank the weedeater. I think it would be easier if I just cut the grass with hand clippers. At least it was cool.

ECA meeting tonight. We refueled the plane with mo-gas ( car gas ) and Sam and I invented a fitting so could use a paintball gun cartridge ( Co2 ) to help the flow rate during transfer. It worked very well.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I just want to post a photo of the most important and most beautiful person, I'll ever know.. Kristie, my incredible friend, partner and wife.

My photo I hope it doesn't scare ya
Well here I am with my brand new Blog. Please be kind because I am new here. And I really did not like English in school. Recess was my forte`. Within these pages I hope to chronicle my world. I'll start with tonight.

Tonight is first Wednesday and that means we have a service at NewSpring. It was good, but unusual. The band played then Sherry Moorhead came out for announcements. Then another song. BTW the band was fabulous tonight. After that Jason Wilson came out and talked a little. Then more songs, and Shane Duffy came out. More songs and a video from Perry ( he is in Houston with other large church pastors. Joel Osteens church ) After the band played again, Shane came back out and wrapped it up.

Kristie brought Rosemary from work. She was very gracious and loved the building. It was probably a good service for her because she was raised Catholic. She liked the music ..said it reminded her of her high school times and youth camps. I guess everyone does those.

After church Joel talked us all into Brewsters. It was a challenge for him , twisting our arms....NOT ! I had a small birthdaycake for free ( punch card ) and Kristie had chocolate peanutbutter. Joel and Amy split a large double dip of that and b*day cake. Ashley like her very smart smart uncle charles had a childs b*cake. It was very nice.

This is a blog I created some time ago for another idea I had. Anyway I am posting it here to see how it will look with actual content:

Well here it is friday again. This has been a interesting week.

On Sunday I did something amazing. I ran a professional video camera for two services. Yes I am now one of the AV crew at NewSpring. You know they spent 1.6 million dollars on the sound, lighting and production there. They have ( this week ) 4 live tv studio type cameras and I got to play like I knew how to run one. My only issue other than being new at it. My neck and arms got tired. It was a blast however. Can't wait to do it again.

Monday was nice and slow. I needed that.

Happy B'day John Wetton !!! You rock!

Tuesday , election day. They moved the polling place. Needed better signs. But there were no line and it took maybe 2 minutes.

Wednesday tough day at work. Many like that and I would bolt. The a/c unit died and it wa near 95 in the office. We had no fans and tempers were on edge . FIX the AIR. After work I ran by Sams and exchanged my John Fogerty DVD. The first one would not play. Guess what !! neither would the second one. Then it was over to the airport. The new winch system works..Yeah!! woof woof !!! yipee. And I did not break a sweat using it. ( it was near 95 outside too. )

Thrs I spent the whole day downloading AvWeb podcasts. I love that flyng stuff and this is a pod cast news service. Well you know ne. Had to hear all the ones out there soooo. Last night went to dinner with my lil'Monk and Amy and Joel at Mama Penns. Had a great salad with grilled chicken. ,,Te he he ,,, rabbit food.

Today, I discovered Lee's web blog page and his download section. I am off to Atlanta in a few ...Braves tonight. Why do tickets have to cost soooo much. DUH !! the players make like 94 zillion buck pr game now. My Uncle Doug ( rest his soul ) played 9 years including 5 for the Red Sox. He never made enough to live on. But had great stories.

More later

Oh thanks for the add Bob Catley and Kip Winger. You guys are awesome. As are all my friends ...

The Mulberry Purple and Marwood.... CHECK THEM OUT

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I don't know what happened but my first post was lost. Maybe some day I'll find it or not. ;-)

Friday, September 01, 2006

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