Monday, March 31, 2008

This never happens around here.

Recently an ATM machine in London went on a generous streak.
It started paying out twice as much money as it should. Giving users a double cash windfall.
Needless to say the unplanned event drew a large crowd. After several hours the machine finally ran out of money.
I can’t remember the last time I actually used an ATM but if this happens maybe I should renew my visits quickly.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Well as long as she has her priorities in order.

A California woman (where else ..other than here I mean) lost control of her car while reaching for her cell phone during her morning commute. She careened wildly into a lake around 6 am.

But she was able to get out of the wreck and make it back to shore, clutching her formerly fresh cup of coffee. The car and the phone were lost, but she had her priorities straight. At 6 am nothing ... not even driving into a lake comes between me and my coffee.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Vac is put away, and the broom is once again standing ready in the closet ( harder than it seems ) You know.. we have two vacuum cleaners an Oreck and a Kenmore. We have a Dirt Devil hand vacuum, a Dust Buster and a Broom Vac. Assorted brooms, mops, dusters, sprayers, a feather duster, a Swiffer, and the always trusty wisk broom and dust pan. Do any of these make the job easier?. Yes!! , Probably so, but I am still convinced house cleaning is for the weak of mind and was invented by some sadistic Taliban who hated apple pie and his mother.

Everything in the house should be painted gray with white specks so that dust doesn’t show. All floors should be gray/brown and carpet should all be Georgia red clay orange with splotches of black so stains don’t show .

Better yet the whole house should be tile…walls and all. With drains in the middle of the floor so that all you need to do is hose everything down and it’s clean.

Did I mention, I hate baseboards ?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I love music / concert DVD's And you know I am a music and stereo fanatic, so you can understand why I have my DVD player hooked in to my sound system. This evening when Kristie got home I was rockin' out to a concert DVD by the Canadian Progressive Band Saga. When I say rockin' out I mean earth shaking LOUD.

Usually I turn it down to a mere floor rattling level if she is home Tonight when she came in I stopped the video, but for some reason left the system on.

After dinner she and I wanted to watch an episode of Home Improvement also on DVD. Have you ever heard the theme song with big speakers ?
It is Awesome. There are some bass notes in there that caused the mail box to rattle and it is a few hundred yards outside.

YES !!

BTW doesn't that show have the best transitional graphics ever?

HuhhRRRRrrrh !!!

One of our favorite places is the Spitfire Deli located in of all places Winder Georgia right in the terminal building of the airport. You can fly in and park right in front of the door. Celia, who moved from her native England a few years ago is a warm and friendly host. Not only does she cook amazingly, but she'll spin a few great stories too.

You should make it a point to stop there sometime. You can get there via car too and it's worth the drive next time you head out toward Atlanta. Don't forget to save room for her signature dessert. Homemade Banoffi Pie.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Deep Thoughts # 7

# Why do we wait until a pig is dead to 'cure' it?

# Why do we wash bath towels? Aren't we clean when we use them?

# Why do scientists call it 'research' when they are looking for something new?

# If went to a book store and asked the saleswoman, 'Where's the self-help section?' And she tells you, wouldn't that defeat the purpose?

# Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?
A Real BPM

My wife and I love to fly together. Between work and other commitments sometimes it’s real work just to make time for trip together. This year because of the early date of Easter she had two Easter / spring break days in a row. Since I was finally over my lingering cold we planned some flight time together on Friday.

We made our way over to the airport around 11:30 on Friday to preflight the plane. We planned our trip first to the Winder Airport where there is a great restaurant on the field. Then fly over Lake Lanier and up along the lower-eastern raises of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

After a careful preflight we taxied out for our flight. The runways at Anderson are roughly “x “ shaped and this morning we used the one facing south. That is itself unusual but the wind favored it.

We made our takeoff run and just a moment after breaking ground she looks at me and says, “ There is smoke coming up from around my seat. “ I glanced over at her for a very short moment since we were only 75 to 100 feet off the ground and sure enough I could see wafts of smoke between her seat and the instrument panel. I could smell it too but it wasn’t strong.

The first rule when something odd happens is FLY THE PLANE.

We were well past the end of the runway so continuing was my option. I did a quick scan and saw nothing amiss, all the gauges were normal and no circuit breakers had popped. Everything was working. No fire was visible. All that emergency training has a purpose. Upon reaching a safe height, I swiftly made the decision to return to the ground as quickly as safety allowed. I called my turn on the radio and set up for a downwind approach and landing on the westerly runway as it was the closest and the winds were light.

An uneventful landing ( a squeaker BTW ) followed and we taxied clear and shut the plane down. By the time we got on the ground most of the smoke had cleared. Fortunately there was never more than about what a cigarette would have caused. Climbing upside down and peering under the panel showed no sign of heat, smoke or fire. I know the backside of that panel like my palm from all the equipment modifications we’ve made there. I poked my head in the cowl flaps and other engine compartment openings too. Nothing seemed to be wrong. Then I remembered my aircraft mechanic partner saying he’d washed and degreased the engine after spilling a quart of oil during the change the afternoon before. That is what we saw and smelled as the airflow crossed the hot engine. Why only on her side? The panel air vent is located there and it was slightly cracked open even though it was cold.

Assured everything was fine we once again started our trip, this time flying around the airport a few times just to be sure. Everything was normal and the rest of the flight was uneventful.

I have got to hand it to my calm non-pilot wife. She bravely hopped right back in the plane.

Still smoke in the cockpit on takeoff is no doubt a BPM…. Blood pressure moment.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I've won the Lottery.

Not just any Lottery but the UK Royal National Lottery.

And better than that I've won it three times in a year and a half.

I won 1.98 Million pounds in Oct 06. A little over Seven hundred Fifty thousand pounds in Jan 07. And today in an incredible stroke of luck I won two and a half million pounds.

Three wins and amazingly I never entered. What a great deal. By my calculations at this mornings exchange rate my bank balance is going to be $10,385,864.00 more in the black.

Since I just KNOW (wink wink ) this is real, after all I got the notice in my e-mail box. I am calling Delta to reserve my ticket to Tahiti. ... No wait... with that kind of cash I think I am calling the Learjet company to get my very own tail burner.

Sorry if I don't get back to you right away when you call. You know how people come out of the wood work asking for a donation. So I may have to resort to screening my calls.



We happily announce to you that you are one of five winners.
and therefore are to receive payouts of 2,500,000.00(TWO MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND ONLY)


Reference number for your prize is: Ref. NO.-

Finance Director,
Fortis Finance & Securities Company
United Kingdom
Fax: +

We congratulate you once again and it is our hope that you participate
any of our international programs in the nearest future and we will
appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain the integrity of the
entire UK Royal National Lottery. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!!!.

Ms. Jane Anderson
Promotions Manager,
Royal National Lottery,
United Kingdom

Just when you thought it was safe in the Blog world

I'M back.


After a short break my blogs are beginning to flow once more.

Be very afraid

Monday, March 17, 2008

Some time ago we were dining at Olive Garden with a group. A couple student workers at our table ordered Bellini Peach Iced Tea.

In case you are wondering it is good old southern style sweet tea with a little peach juice mixed in and a slice of peach as a tasty garnish

I had never had it before but I tried it and loved it. I order it every time now. Sometimes I would want to eat there just to get the Bellini tea.

I always wanted to make it at home. Using my wife's fantastic sweet tea. But we seldom have fresh peaches and I'd hate opening a can. Honestly while making it is easy. It does take an effort. And it's messy.

Recently I discovered Welch's Peach Melody. In the juice section. It's a great drink all by it's self and is cheaper than soda.

But the real reason I like it is mixing it to simulate my Bellini Peach Iced Tea.


My personal mix is 50 / 50 but you may want to experiment a little.

Try it. You'll slap your granny it's so good.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I often share a prayer request here.

Today I have a " praise report"

Four weeks ago a close friend's grandfather was admitted into the hospital. He had been sick and everyone figured they'd get him back into shape. Things did not improve and in fact they went down hill quickly. He could not speak and did not know anyone around him. By the end of the week he was moved to ICU, placed on life support but continued to get worse. Furman was not expected to last much longer and his children were called in, a daughter from as far away as California. He was moved to hospice and as the family gathered the decision was made to remove him from the feeding tubes and breathing machines. Doctors said it was a matter of hours.

But they didn't count on the prayers being answered. After three days off life support Furman sat up in the bed, saw his daughter and asked "Hey, what are you doing here?"

Over the next two days he improved enough to be moved from hospice to a nursing home where he sat up, ate and after a couple days walked down the hall.

Since then he has returned home and continues to get stronger daily.

From death watch to at home watching tv in less than a week.

God is the great physician

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It was a long hard weekend. A rollercoaster ride filled with physical, emotional and even spiritual highs and lows. The past couple of days are what I like to describe as “slow”. Not slow as in uneventful, but slow in that my spirit was down. I would not say I was depressed. It never was that bad. Maybe I could describe it as sad or a little blue. My mood has been rather melancholy the past couple of days.

My birthday was this past Friday and I was sick pretty much all last week. On top of that I was involved in several hectic activities and frankly, though it sounds selfish, I feel like my day passed by with little fanfare. I've have several nagging injuries I am dealing with, and those have bothered me a little more lately . Then there was another little issue on Sunday that truly threw me a curve ball. Come Sunday night and Monday I was down some what. A little “slow”

Some people think Christians should be UP all the time. That’s just silly non-realistic thinking. I don’t believe it is a sin to become discouraged about the events surrounding your daily life. I do think it is wrong to dwell on them or to allow them to grow into something that injures your relationship with God. Causing you to fail to trust in God or talk to him about the issue.

The apostle Paul faced discouragement and even depression. He writes several times in Philippians about his feeling of concern, doubt, and depression. ( chpt 1: 8, 15-16, chpt 2: 19-21, 27-30 ) Again while in prison, confined to a dark cell, he wrote letters confirming that environment and restrictions both can cause depression.

However Paul found a way out of the gloom. In Philippians ( chpt 1:18) he wrote that focus is a powerful way to beat depression. Paul was focused on his desire to be like Christ, he knew he had a purpose and God had a plan for him. ( chpt 3:12-14)

And if we dwell on the negative thought we will prolong depression. ( chpt 4:8 ) It’s a matter of trust. God is in control.

Anyway while I am far from depressed, I have been melancholy. I never had doubts about my faith nor thoughts of hopelessness. I always know that I am loved, but I have had a tough couple of days. In times like this I tend to become quiet and that extended to my writing here.

Apologies for being “slow“.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Lee is a worship leader at my my church. So I get to hear him often. I work on the production team at
NewSpring and in that capacity I hear and see him (the rest of the band too) at rehearsals, in the halls and behind the scenes. I have heard Lee play in and outside of the church. He has a God given talent and always does a great job.

I’ve played in bands myself, recorded with some of the best in studios with and for years worked in a semi pro group. Like a lot of music fanatics I am a collector. In a very big way. You could say I have a vast base to judge a work of music against.

Over the past few years I have listened to songs, song pieces, and demos from Lee and even heard some completely finished pieces that were super great, but I had no idea this release was going to be this good.

Last week at rehearsal for tonight’s cd debut concert, I was stunned. What I heard was more than just a great church based worship band. I heard a band that owned a quality you would never expect unless maybe the artist was on maybe their fifth or sixth project. The songwriting and musicianship could stand up to anything anywhere. It is obvious these songs were inspired.

A Matchlight in the Dark is a worship cd, but not a typical one. This is a worship cd on steroids. In a rocking worship sort of way. To steal a phrase, "It will melt your face", and cause you to spin around, pat your feet and yes. raise your hands. One thing for sure, this ain't your little sister’s cd. It is a powerful worship experience. This cd was meant to be played loud. Even the quieter slower songs hold a strength and power. They offer a time for reflection. But don't worry it kicks right back into high gear.

Tonight’s concert was one of my favorite times to ever work camera. Not because of anything we did, but because of the total experience it provided me. Working the camera in a fast paced concert is hectic business. Yet I worshiped, and rocked right along with the couple of thousand others there.

Later after I listen to it a few thousand more times I am going to write a proper review. For now my favorite track is Majesty. We've sang that one in church already. I love hearing everyone singing that phrase, "Holy Holy, God Almighty, Majesty" over and over. Yeah Majesty is my favorite tonight, but after I hear it a few more times I may have a hard time picking. They are all extremely good.

Thanks Lee.
It was a great concert and a great cd

What a great Birthday Present you gave me

The world won’t notice anything unusual but at 4:56 this afternoon I will celebrate another anniversary of my birth. The place was Orlando, Florida on an Air Force base of the same name. It was a more black and white world then, both in terms of the issues and in the movies and on television.

Late that afternoon the doctor swatted my backside in what was the first of hundreds of similar bottom warming acts of guidance. For those I am thankful. I was born the first child of a no nonsense family, who loved God and held strong values. I was raised that way and it rubbed off. Never doubting that I was loved and knowing God was in control.

We lived all over the place. From the sunny shores of Florida to the dry smog filled skies of California. We spent winters enduring the bone chilling winds of Minot and head high lake effect snows of New England. We warmed up in the wet steamy jungles of the tropical Pacific. Along the way we saw thousand of amazing things. The natural wonders of the world and the palaces of Kings. Everywhere to us was home. The constant fact in my life was the love of my family and our commitment to God.

As I grew up, finished school and started my own life, those facts guided me with out error. They led me to my amazing wife and made me who I am today.

We don’t have children, but we love our nieces and nephews, and enjoy the blessing of two godchildren. My hope and prayer is that those same values, learned as a child will be passed on to them.

Yeah today at 4:56 I will officially be another year older. Hopefully I am also another year wiser.

I love you Mom!! You too Dad.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Look up in the Sky... It's a bird, it's a plane , It's a ??? Trampoline

Blown through the air by the storms that came through the area Wednesday this former UFO is now identified as a flying Trampoline.

No one was hurt.
The Red Baron has been shot down

Schwan Foods the parent company of Red Baron Pizza has decided not to sponsor the Red
Baron Squadron Airshow Team.

Say it ain't so! They have been around the airshow circuit for 28 years, giving outstanding aerobatic performances.

And not only did they fly airshows during the year. They traveled around the country in pairs between shows giving rides and free pizza as ambassadors of the company. I was lucky enough to win one of those rides several years ago. The thrill of an open cockpit Stearman Biplane is something I just can't describe. I watched them at airshows several times. It's not going to be the same without them.

The team is seeking sponsors and hopes to continue. Hope they are successful, because they will be missed.

Facts about the Red Baron Squadron:
1) More than 2,000 formation aerobatic air show performances
2) Flown more than 80,000 passengers
3) Traveled more than six million miles
4) Red Baron pilots fly in formation less than a wingspan apart.
5) The Red Baron Squadron aircraft are fully-restored historic Boeing Stearman biplanes built between 1941 and 1943.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Moses was high on drugs: Says Israeli researcher

Moses was on psychedelic drugs when God delivered the Ten Commandments, an Israeli researcher claimed in a study published this week.

Oh Please!

You have got to be kidding. Someone paid actual money for opinion disguised as research

Benny Shanon, a professor of cognitive psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem gives exactly what he was paid for.


The Bible is the totally inerrant, infallible word of God and I would like to challenge the professor or anyone else to disprove a single word that is written in it.

Here is a classic example of where someone espouses a theory and it is accepted as fact. Wild, reckless conjecture passed off as truth.

Professor Shanon has confessed to using ayahuasca, a powerful psychedelic drug based on bark of the acacia tree. Maybe the professor should spend more time with the facts and less time "in research" of his experiences under the influence of narcotics. Just calling it as I see it.

His opinions?


Psychedelic Drugs to enhance your religious experience. I've got a better idea.

Try Jesus

I read yesterday that Guitarist Jeff Healey had died. He was just 41

Jeff died this past Sunday evening in a Toronto hospital, surrounded by his family and his fellow bandmate Colin Bray

Jeff Healey was an amazing man and a great musician and performer. He had struggled in a lifelong battle against cancer. Literally since age 1 when a rare form of cancer cost him his sight. Because of his blindness as a child Jeff taught himself to play guitar, laying the instrument across his lap. This led to a unique style. This earned him a reputation as a teenage musical prodigy.

He was loved by his peers and more than once shared the stage with George Harrison, B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Jeff Healey was a serious collector of music, a hobby I share. His personal collection was over 30,000 titles. The past few years he'd been interested in Jazz, but recently he and band had finished work on a new cd which was a return to his old style of rock and blues. It's scheduled for release on April 22nd.

He is survived by his wife, Christie, and two children.

So today my stereo is blasting a Jeff Healey day

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Anderson Senior Follies presents Senior Moments

It's early march again and time for the 19th Annual Senior Follies. Every year Kris and I take my parents to see this wonderful stage show done in the old time follies style. And entirely done by local Senior Adults. Song, dance, jokes and comedy skits. It's good old fashion fun.

If you missed it there are still a few show left March 7th, 8th, and 9th.

Tickets are on sale now at the Anderson University Rainey Center Box Office

864-231-2080 or 864-231-2027

General admission: $12

Post season Hoops for Anderson University began last night. The first rounds of the Conference Carolinas Tournament were played. For the Guys team against Queens in Charlotte. For the Lady Trojans at home against Lees-McRae.

The games were both played at 7pm and since it was at home we attended the Lady's contest.

The A.U. Boys have faced Queens three times in just over two weeks. And split the wins each winning at home. So we felt we had a chance. Still playing without home court advantage against a top ranked team would be tough. Interestingly neither team had a great night from the field. Queens shot 37 percent, while Anderson managed just 34 percent. And while they tried hard the Trojans came up short. The never could get their game going. A big difference was free throws where Queens was 33 for 37. Anderson was 14-for-23 from the line. The loss eliminates the guys from further play this season. But we have reason to be proud. This was the first winning season in 7 years for Anderson tripling the wins of last year. And we look great for the future with a young talented team. Go A.U. You guys stand tall and never quit.

The Lady Trojans played the first round as the host team facing Lees-MacRae. The one team who beat us early this year. There was never a single doubt who was in control tonight however. The Lady Trojans came out ready to avenge that one loss and show it for the fluke it was. By the midway point in the first half they held a commanding 20 point lead. It was never even close and once again all the players got quality floor time. Final score was 81 -59 as Anderson advances to host the second round on Thursday night facing Belmont Abbey. Tip Off is 7 pm
Come out and watch a quality NCAA basketball program ... it's a great show I assure you.

I am spraying every thing in the house with Lysol, in an attempt to stop the spread of whatever I've caught. I read the label and it says it kills the common Rinovirus.

So I am thinking why don't I just spray it up my nose and kill this bug at the source?

Actually don't do that.

Lysol is a great product, but inhalation, or ingestion in large quantities can lead to serious chemical poisoning. Always use it in a well ventilated area.

File this one as lunatic rambling from under a fevered brow

Monday, March 03, 2008

My loving wife is not a doctor.

But today she plays one. Like all guys I regress to six years old when I feel bad. And I feel bad today. Dr Sweetie says I have a cold. I do have most of the classic symptoms. Slight fever, cough, aches and pains, and general malaise and headache.

Acute viral nasopharyngitis, is the official term. That sounds more serious doesn't it? There are no vaccines are available for a cold however, I am told that once you have caught one of the many cold viruses, you become immune should never catch that particular strain again. I guess that is why they are all different.

I've done almost nothing today but sit and stare blankly and take naps. Most cold wisdom declares it will last around 7 days with treatment or about a week without. You can rest assured I am taking everything I can find to relieve symptoms.

I did eat some Chicken soup

Why do we say a BAD cold? Aren't they all bad?

My cold is a nasty critter.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I have several things I want to write about. Senior Follies, Sunday at NewSpring, the escalating situation between Columbia, Ecuador and Venezuela. And of course the fact that tomorrow is the first day of spring practice for the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team.


Tonight I am tired and I feel like a mule kicked me. I hope it is just a cold and not the flu.


Saturday, March 01, 2008



Week 13 Poll: February 26, 2008

USA TODAY/ESPN Top 25 women's basketball poll, with first-place votes noted to the side, total points based on 25 points for first place through one point for 25th.


Institution - First Place Votes

Previous Ranking




Delta State University (Miss.) - 26





Seattle Pacific University (Wash.)





University Of South Dakota - 1





Holy Family University (Pa.)





Drury University (Mo.)





University of North Dakota





University of West Georgia





Concordia University, St. Paul (Minn.)





University Of Alaska Anchorage





Arkansas Tech University





Stonehill College (Mass.)





Fort Lewis College (Colo.)





Indiana University Of Pennsylvania





Anderson University (S.C.)





Valdosta State University (Ga.)





West Texas A&M University





Washburn University (Kan.)





Hillsdale College (Mich.)





Franklin Pierce University (N.H.)





California State University, Chico





Tusculum College (Tenn.)





Emporia State University (Kan.)





Francis Marion University (S.C.)





California University Of Pennsylvania





West Liberty State College (W. Va.)