Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I hope my local friends all survived yesterdays storms with out damage. It got severely loud here, but nothing worse.

Several people have asked me about the header photo on this blog page. It was taken a couuple years ago at the Anderson Airport about 2 1/2 miles from my home. I was huddled there with all the other flyers waiting out the storm. It was an amazing display of God’s power.

Ever since I was a boy I have been fascinated with lightning. I fondly remember a few years ago overlooking the Grand Canyon at sunset. There are no words in my vocabulary to express the beauty of that event. While I was there, just as the final rays of light ducked behind the hills a magnificent thunder storm approached. God truly put on an astonishing fire works and light show, the best I've ever witnessed. Truly overwhelming.

Lighting facts:

At any given time there are 1800 t-storms occurring on the planet
Each year 16 million storms
3 billion strikes
In the US
100,000 storms annual
20 Million strikes annual

Lightning can:

Flash can be six to eight miles long
Heat up to 60,000 degrees (5 times the surface of the sun) carry 1 billion volts and between 20 and 30 thousand amps. A house uses about 200 amps

Can be lethal up to 60 feet on the ground and 600 feet in the water.

Lightning never strikes the same place twice
It often strikes the same place. The Empire state bldg is hit an average of 25 times a year.


Phika said...

Ooo so you mates got some storms? Good for you. We're getting an overall un-impressive thunderstorm. I like the ones where you can see the lightning strike and the thunder is like REALLY REALLY REALLY loud and around here it echoes off the apartment buildings. And I like the ones that shut off the electricity (which is easier to shut off here) and flood the little road down there.

Jane-Jane said...

fact...a friend of ours was hit last summer while coaching soccer (the teacher over in S'burgh that was on the news)

fact...lightening was one of two reasons dad would allow us to stop bailing hay on the farm. The other being broken equipment that could not be fixed.

fact...we got over an hour of rain at our house yesterday!!! Thank you Jesus!

fact...I don't like lightening

fact...I'm committed!

Jungle Mom said...

I love thunder and lightening. Tamps is a great place for lightening strikes.