Friday, July 25, 2008

Did you see us? We were sitting right in the middle of the front row. Jeopardy doesn't show the audience very often, but we did make it on camera just before the second commercial break.

Alex Trebek the host is a warm friendly man, who genuinely seems to enjoy talking with the audience. During each break and between shows ( they film several each day ) he came over and chatted and answered questions. Yeah he does seem as smart as he looks while hosting. And I've seldom met anyone as quick witted. Since Kristie and I were seated front and center we were able to talk face to face. He told us about the life of a game show host and his world. He even shared photos of his teenage children (Matthew and Emily) and had several of his dog Sonya. We stumbled onto a subject near to his heart. Thoroughbred race horses. He once owned a ranch and raised thoroughbred horses. During the late eighties I owned a share in a racing horse we found a common interest.

We also had a chance to meet and chat with last nights repeat winner. And his family. They were very nice people and explained a lot of the in and outs of being and winning on a game show.

If you missed us, you have one more chance. Tonight's show. Same time same channel. Look for us front row in the middle, grinning like we were on TV or something.


Jungle Mom said...

Sorry I missed it.!

Theophilus said...

That's cool you get to talk to him!