Friday, July 18, 2008

I am back home and recovering. Everything went perfectly at the hospital. And the doctor tells me I did fine and everything was great. It was a minor procedure, but anytime you are in the hospital you feel some nerves. Going in we were surrounded with prayers.

I knew things would be fine when in the O.R. we were all laughing and telling jokes. Then in a snap, I was asleep. What seemed to be 2 minutes later I was awakened. It'd had actually been about an hour. I was still on the table in O.R, but fully awake as if I had just been napping. After a short few minutes I was taken back to my room and thirty minutes later, cleared to go home. Surprisingly I was allowed to walk out under my own power.

I feel no ill effects at all. In fact I feel the best I have in ages. They have made amazing advances in anesthesia in the past few years. Still no driving for 24 hours. So I am filling my time by napping.


Jungle Mom said...

I did not realize you were going in the hospital! Sorry, I missed that but am praying you recover well, and quickly!

Charles said...

I did not say much about it to anyone beforehand. It was a minor thing, but I am a big baby when sick. I can honestly say I feel fine today 110% in fact.

Thanks for your concern and prayers.