Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Lady Trojans hosted the second round of playoff at A.U. tonight. Facing Belmont Abbey college. A team we had split a couple games with during the regular season. Before the game I was in the Trojan Room eating my weight in Chicken Strips and I commented we needed a quick 10 -12 point lead if hope to win this game. I got my wish. Belmont took the tip-off but missed the points and A.U. rebounded, and scored again and again. A 15 -0 Anderson run opened the action. Dee Dee scored 31 points tonight and Kim added 20 and 11 rebounds. What a night. Several other A.U. players had great nights too. The final score was 84-58 in a game which saw every single Trojan player get some game time. What a show. That's 26 in a row at home. This years seniors are now 107-21 over all. The Lady Trojans play at Pfeiffer Friday afternoon starting at 4 pm. They face Barton in the 3rd round. Go A.U.

I made a big mistake on my road to recovery today. When I awoke this morning I was feeling much better. Except for a headache that I incorrectly thought was a normal sinus type that I get sometimes. So I took a Claritin. I was wrong. It turned out to be a relapse day for my cold. Claritin was the wrong thing to take for cold symptoms. Now I have to wait 24 hours for it to run out before taking a cold medication. By mid afternoon I was miserable. Aches and pains, a very slight fever and tiny little cough. But I napped and shook it off with soup in time for the ball game. Grand Ma was right about soup. I'll be more careful tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The A.U. boys were overwhelmed in the first round of the playoff 's Monday night.

Now it is up to The Lady Trojans Basketball team who play Wednesday night at Anderson University at 7:00 pm. They face Belmont Abbey a team they split a pair of games with earlier in the year. But the Crusaders played Monday night and our girls had a couple days off to rest and get ready.

GO A.U. !!!!!

I expected to feel like this all day. But massive doses of cold medications and Airborne must have helped. I felt a lot better this morning. With the same percentage of improvement tomorrow I may be able to return to the gym and other normal routines.

Monday, February 26, 2007

I constantly underestimate God. Saturday night Baptism at NewSpring was 212 people. Two Hundred Twelve new Christ Followers. WOW talk about getting fired up. This photo is from Tony Morgan's page

Sunday was my day on camera # 1. But today it was alternating with number 2 for close-up shots. I am not complaining. Wide shots make it easier to keep up with the movements on stage. Joe Sangl spoke today and did a good job. Did you hear the thunder right on cue, during the first service? Joe came up between services and asked if we could do it again. Sorry Joe, that wasn't us. The band played "I Can't Drive 55" - Sammy Hagar. Smokin' hot .

Kristie and I had dinner at the cafe' after church and the rain held off just fine.

When we got home and relaxed ( no homegroup tonight ) I started feeling bad. I went to bed very early. Around 8 O'Clock and slept until just a few moments ago. Yep it is a cold.

Where did I hide the ComSuditrexifed?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Parents wanted to see Ashley play basketball so today was the final chance. Last game of the season at the YMCA for the Tigers. We got there too early but it paid off with good seating. Ashley and her team ripped the visiting team 44-24. Jake Jones, Jackson Bryant was hot and so was Monk. It was a good time. Both Ashley's Grandmothers came, along with Amy, Kristie my folks an Me ( fan # 1 ) Grandmother and Papa Fred came too. Jackson had a cheering section as well. Besides us he had his Mom and Dad, Monica and her two girls. In fact four of the seven couples in homegroup were there.

After the game we all went to Masters Wok. My family was in China when I child so Mom and Dad were right at home. Pass the Hot Mustard to Dad. Whew !!

Then it was shopping until I dropped. My mom still has what it takes, even with her recent health and surgery issues. Kristie went to every store close three times, Dad finally gave-up and went to the car to sleep. But I hung in there with mom still only half way through the first store. It was fun.

Baptism tonight at NewSpring. We are expecting over 175. Isn't God amazing?

Friday, February 23, 2007

A total eclipse of the moon will be visible in the Anderson area on March 3rd. The first one in several years.

If you've never seen one it's awesome. And for this one you don't have to stay up all night . Here is a schedule.

The beginning and ending of a lunar eclipse happens simultaneously for every viewer, unlike an eclipse of the Sun. The total phase of the eclipse begins at 5:44 p.m. EST (22:44 GMT) and ends at 6:58 p.m. EST (23:58 GMT).

It's Heavy Metal night at Anderson Airport. Riding by you'd think you were at GSP or somewhere like that. Anderson Regional Airport had a full ramp of basketball charters, cargo and business jets tonight at the same time.
First up was N44US a 10 seat KingAir 200 twin turboprop heading to Charleston, SC. Then Active Aero/USA JET had not one but two Falcon Jets here picking up freight N819AA and N827AA. Sister company USA Jet had a DC-9 -10 in from Tallahassee with the Clemson Girls team. This was the same aircraft, N195US, that starred in We Are Marshall this year but had lost it's temporary Southern Airlines paint and was back in the bright USA Jet red white and blue. Next was PaceAirlines on the tarmac with N251TR a Boeing 737-200 waiting the Duke University Boys team. Finally a corporate Gulfstream IV-SP jet N888CW showing it's colors also. The G-IV is about as big as the airliners.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Senior Night at Anderson University marks the end of regular home games at Abney Center Gym. This year it was even more special because this was long serving Athletic Director Bobby Beville's final night too. Bobby has accepted a position with the City Parks and Recreation department.

The Guys played first tonight, and after honoring the seniors # 3 John LeSueur and # 12 J.R. Howell the tip off came. A.U. set the pace early and stayed close all the way but the 3 point shooting by Saints was too much to overcome. Final score a close 68 - 72.

The girls honored three seniors tonight # 34 Kimberly Williams, # 15 Kim Hausman, and # 22 Deidra Langston. The game started with Anderson taking full control and Limestone just could not regain the lead. Anderson showed why they are a Nationally Ranked Team. Winning the last regular home game 79 - 61.

The Lady Trojans made the playoffs and play next wednesday the 28th home at A.U.

During the halftime of the girls game Anderson University honored Bobby Beville and retired his old baseball number ( 44 ). Bobby had as Baseball coach led the Trojans to a national championship in the 90's. President Whitaker also announced that at the request of Erskine College and with A.U. 's full hearted approval the Anderson / Erskine trophy cup will be renamed the Bobby Beville cup in his honor. A reception for Bobby followed the game.

A.U. was also honored tonight by hosting the official NCAA Basket Ball Mascot ...J.J. Jumper who preformed during breaks and gave away shirts and other items. I got a shirt and a book bag .... Me and J. J. We're tight.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

21 Days and counting until ..............

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Today was a packed full Sunday. And no I am NOT talking about just from eating with Kristie’s Grandmother and her family. ( HOME COOKIN’ OH MY ) Kristie’s cousin Wade Chitwood was preaching at Hartwell Church of God today and we all wanted to be there. You would never have known it was only his second sermon since he surrendered to the call to preach. Wade spoke on stepping out of the boat. Like Peter did when he stepped out then lost focus and sank. And why the others just sat there. Why we are always testing the waters but never fully acting. Wade's father Kristies uncle Jerry was Pastor of one of the largest and fastest growing Churches in Georgia, North Rome. And has for several years worked in the General Offices of the Church of God and is currently heading the Church offices in Charlotte, North Carolina. Needless to say, Papa Jerry was proud to be there.

After Lunch and a short visit with the family we returned to NewSpring for the “Hard Core” 4:15 service. Perry referred to the 4:15’ers as the “Hard Core” because we are in the south and the Daytona 500 was on. Interesting I saw several ties to Wade’s message and Perry’s. It was also communion tonight. “The Lord’s Supper” for those who talk like me.

Then homegroup. This was our first night in the new series on marriage for us and I admit I was not looking forward to “baring my soul”. But it was pretty good. I guess even my “perfect Marriage” can pick up a few hints from time to time. Thanks for the take home project of animal crackers Monica

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The very best in Southern Gospel music came to Anderson Saturday night. Greater Vision held a benefit concert at Whitefield Baptist Church near the Jockey Lot. I've known these guys esp Gerald since my days with a group, maybe 25 years or so. And I think they are without a doubt the best. They have been doing a lot of televised shows with Dr Charles Stanley so check them out and see if I am right. Local group Total Praise opened and was very good. And I won a free CD by answering the pre-show trivia question correctly. What is the number one most sung song in America? No it is not Amazing Grace (should be) it is Happy Birthday. The benefit was for a cause I strongly believe in and support. Haven of Rest.

It was good to see my old friend from Toastmasters, Bud Moon. Bud you did a great job as M.C.

Womens Basketball


(As of 02/14/2007)
Rank School W-L Points Prev
1 Florida Gulf Coast (20) 23-0 577 1
2 Missouri Western (2) 24-1 574 3
3 Washburn (1) 21-2 542 4
4 Southern Connecticut State (1) 23-1 535 5
5 Glenville State 23-2 498 6
6 North Dakota 24-3 487 2
7 Delta State 19-3 448 8
8 West Texas A&M 21-3 424 9
9 Emporia State 17-4 385 10
10 Augustana (S.D.) 23-4 374 13
11 Lewis 20-3 371 7
12 Holy Family 21-2 338 14
13 American International 20-4 306 15
14 UC San Diego 18-3 261 18
15 Grand Valley State 18-5 249 12
16 Chico State 15-4 226 11
17 Anderson (S.C.) 20-3 215 20
18 South Dakota 18-5 195 16
19 Clayton State 19-4 147 17
20 Florida Tech 19-4 144 24
21 Valdosta State 19-5 111 NR
22 Regis (Colo.) 18-5 82 19
23 Metro State 18-5 66 NR
24 Northern Kentucky 17-5 46 NR
25 Elizabeth City State 17-5 44 NR
OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES: Stonehill College (Mass.), Carson-Newman College (Tenn.), College of Saint Rose (N.Y.), Henderson State University (Ark.).
DROPPED OUT: Stonehill College (Mass.), Carson-Newman College (Tenn.), College of Saint Rose (N.Y.), Henderson State University (Ark.).

Friday, February 16, 2007

Lee and Company played at the Merritt Theater at A.U. tonight. Kristie and I met at the new Java City coffee shop got a White Chocolate Hot Chocolate and then walked over to the "Coffee House” to hear them play. Everyone was there. I saw Karla and L.B. and Justin and several more. It was good to hear from Daniel Harper tonight he opened the set with a two man unplugged show just him and drums. Daniel had a good time and it rubbed off on everyone. Then Lee and the band got up to play. They sounded good, well as good as they can given the distortion in the overdriven P.A. system. This was not a case of if this is too loud you're too old. Hey I had press section passes to Deep Purple at the California Jam, back when they ruled the Guinness Book as the world’s loudest band. It was not that at all. This was a case of over driving the P.A. and acoustical feed-back killing the sound. Still Lee, Jon, Gizz and Jeff turned in a fine performance. They just needed more work on the sound system, because they all have the skill level that they deserve to be heard clearly. Still I had a good time, and a nice night out with my wifey.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

We met Amy, Joel and the Monk at Little Pigs tonight. It was a good time a good choice of food and an overdue visit together. Seems like we have all been much to busy the last couple weeks.
Lee McDerment, Jon, Jeff and Gizz rock A.U. coffee house in Merritt tomorrow night. Daniel Harper opens at 8 pm

Be there.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day evening, was spent it with Kristie. We cooked up a special meal together and then curled-up on the new love seat to enjoy a movie I had been saving. Laws of Attraction with Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan. Yeah a Chick Flick, a romantic comedy, but it was actually pretty good. I love snappy dialogue and this movie had that. Oh and for Kris, it has Pierce Brosnan though Julianne Moore isn’t exactly hard on the eyes either. Two opposing divorce lawyers who wake-up married and now feel they must pretend to be in love to protect their careers or are they really crazy about one another. A lot of this movie was filmed in Ireland and has some beautiful cinema-tography.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pilots must have a physical by a FAA approved doctor every couple years in order to continue flying. I passed !! Dr Hunt assures me not only am I four pounds lighter than last time, that my heart rate and blood pressure was noticeably lower. Doubtless from my visits to the Rec Center gym. My eyes were slightly worse, but still within limits. This summer will be time for my semi-biannual eye exam. Maybe Dr Mattison will continue to give me good reports.

NOTE: Eat those carrots !!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Last Friday I was bemoaning the lack of nice quiet, quality dining in Anderson. I forgot all about one of my favorite food places. Tucker's. Kristie and I went there for dinner last night. It was our early celebration of Valentines. We got a great meal and the service was a ten. Tucker's is one of those places where the food is always fantastic and the atmosphere is nice. Plus we could actually hear all that we both had to say. Good food, great service, romantic lighting, a beautiful dining companion. Simply a great meal. I had the Prime Rib and it was cooked just right. Kristie ordered off the menu and got the Southwest Ranch Chicken something. It used to be a menu item, and they still make it. You’ve just gotta ask. We both agree Tucker's has Anderson’s BEST prepared salad. You need to go with the house dressing, a sweet warm honey ranch bacon mixture. And don’t forget the loaded baked potato.

After dinner and a very short stop at Big K for a picture frame we went to the movies. Night At The Museum. I wanted to see it on the big screen because of the effects. It was cute, a fun entertaining couple hours. A show loaded with big named stars and cameos. It was nice to see Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney on screen. They were co-stars for this flick and showed why the have been famous so many years.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Barton College sat atop the CVAC conference in division II basketball. Both the boys and the girl’s teams were in first place. The teams had faced earlier in the year Barton can away with a controversial sweep. Our guys lost and there was no surprise there. But in the lady’s game, things got a little ugly. At the very end of a tied game there was blocking foul called on A.U.’s Latrice Thomas. Two officials initially disagreed on the call. So it was then ruled on by the third. As Couch Jeff Dow argued the outcome they called a technical foul against him adding two more points. A protest was filed later with the officials. Then to top off the insult after the game their coach refused to shake hands with our coaches or players. Leaving a bad taste between the teams. Another source of conflict between the teams is that even with the loss Anderson’s Lady Trojans are nationally ranked and Barton is not. I am sure they feel slighted there. Tonight before the game Jeff went over as is his custom to shake the hand of the visiting coach, who after first looking away grudgingly reached up and shook his hand but never standing from her seat. To his credit Jeff smiled and was very gracious. Barton is a very good team. They played with spirit. But our girls set the tone for the game right from the start. Anderson University jumped out to a 15-2 lead in the first four and a half minutes and went on to post an 82-67 victory moving the Lady’s back into first place in the CVAC.

Going into the boy’s game it seemed based on the last meeting and all the stats we were hopelessly out matched. But the Trojans had other ideas. Our boys stayed with Barton all night even swapping the lead several times. But in triple overtime A.U. lost from too many fouls. Still I am sure our guys felt great after that type showing. Way to go.

Ashley, her mom and dad, Janet and Kevin, and Danny Nelson came to the game and helped cheer the Trojans on. Ashley got to go out and dance with the A.U. Squad once again and did a great job. Earlier in the day Kristie and I saw Ashley's basketball team roll over the other team. Go 'lil Tigers.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Today is my Father-in-law's birthday. Happy Birthday Roy. At his request we went to Harbor Inn for supper. He had his all time favorite thing, something he doesn't get often, fried catfish fillet. My mother-in-law got the combo platter with popcorn shrimp, whitefish and crab-cakes. A baked potato and hush-puppies. That was my choice also because I couldn't pass up the special. Kristie's grandmother got the catfish too, and Kristie since we were at a sea food place ordered the natural thing. Hamburger steak! Please !! Harbor Inn is not my favorite place, but I'll freely admit it was actually pretty good. And there was way more than I could eat and at a good price. But the open noise filled rooms make it hard to relax and talk. Am I odd in that when I go out I'd really enjoy it if we could actually talk together? Anderson could use a few more quality places. Nice quiet and dare I say..romantic. Something other than food bars,Steak and Racket Roadhouses, and the party look-like Apple Ruby Fat O' Chilly Bee Tuesdays that are everywhere along Clemson Blvd.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The wins were split tonight between Anderson University and the
Queens College. Our Lady Trojans were on the court first and
did their jobs. With several players in double digits A.U.
rolled to another win 79-68. The Lady Trojans are again
ranked back at number 20 in the country. WhooHoo GO A.U.
For the second game in a row Drew Keenan hit a last second shot
to tie the game at 22 before the half time break. Our guys
won the last game at Erskine and it was looking great tonight.
And Queens is a much better team to beat. But in the second
half the Royals had a 24 to 10 run that the Trojans just could
not over come. Final score was 49-59 but it was much closer
than that seems.
Joel and Ashley came tonight and Ashley was able to go out on
the floor with the Squad as a guest cheerleader. She did
better than great. Her mom was home with the flu. Get well
soon Amy.
Rosalie Anderson MacDowell Qualley better known as movie star Andie MacDowell was at the game tonight. She lives in Biltmore
Village Estates area of Asheville and her son Justin Qualley #
plays for the Queens College Royals. We all got photos and
autographs with Ms MacDowell who was very kind and gracious.
And very beautiful.
Don't you wish you'd been there

Yes that is Justin a few years ago

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Had to call in the plumber today. The old water heater has bitten the big one. Notice I did not say the HOT water heater. You don't need to HEAT hot water ... I had basically two choices. Go to Lowe's,or Home Depot ( I checked ) and buy one for $395 plus tax with a six year warranty. Hump it home and into the house. Empty the old one, cut the water lines. Splice the water lines, grunt and groan and sweat how to remove the old one. Clean the mess it left. Figure a way to muscle it onto my truck. Take it to the dump. Pay the disposal fee and heave it off the truck. Go to the drug store and buy $15 dollars worth of back rub ointment to relieve the pain. OR Call the Plumber and watch TV while he does all this for $470. Plus I have been wanting to up grade my drain lines for the heater and also revamp the washing machine drain lines. I called the plumber and $560 dollars later after only 3 TV court-room shows I have a new heater and an 8 year warranty. Plus I did not have to crawl under the house where the evil night monster sleeps during the day.

Tonight was First Wednesday. Perry taught on Signs. Seeing and hearing what God is saying.

You have go to see these signs


Thanks Ken

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Today I spent a little of my leftover Christmas " money " which was in the form of Best Buy gift cards. I picked-up the Robert Plant - Soundstage dvd. Yes I really did see Led Zeppelin.... Twice. Atlanta and The Forum in L.A. Oops I must have been only 4 at the time.
Robert Plant is one of Rock and Roll’s true royalty, and in my opinion, his solo career also truly shines. With Zeppelin Plant proved that he was an amazing vocalist and performer. As a solo artist he has proven to be one of rock’s true innovators. He covers a wide variety of material during this performance and the whole group's ability to adapt everything and make it cohesive, let alone different from the versions we all know note for note, speaks volumes.

The new band The Strange Sensation plays a set that features both brand new material from his Mighty Rearranger album, as well as dramatically revamped versions of his classic Led Zeppelin songs. The set opens with a stunning East Indian-spiced version of his the Zep Classic "No Quarter". At that point I realized this was going to be an amazing show. He continues with a soulful rock treatment of "Shine It All Around," The band morphed other Zeppelin numbers into completely different animals, while still holding onto the essence of songs like "Black Dog,". Where guitarist Justin Adams delivering a slowed-down funky groove over an arrangement that contained just a little country twang along with metal crunch to make it feel like "a runaway Louisiana Hayride heading over a cliff". They include a modernized yet still rockin’ rendition of "Whole Lotta Love." At age 56, I gotta admit, the man can still wail. The bonus performance footage includes some really amazing covers, such as Bob Dylan's "Girl From The North Country" and a heavy metal, psychedelic version of Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe," ( by Joe South ) which featured keyboards injecting an spaced out synthesizer line that was as menacing as it was disorienting. This DVD travels to new musical places and it’s amazing to see. Don’t miss out.

Monday, February 05, 2007

We traveled to Due West South Carolina tonight. Did you know you can't get there from anywhere? It is not quite that bad, but it is in the middle of no where. The second match-up of the season between the Trojans and the Flying Fleet was held in Belk Gym at Erskine College. They had remodeled some small thing there since last year, but it still ain't home. No matter Solid Gold turned out in force tonight and made us proud. And we were loud too. The A.U. girls jumped out to an early 12 pt lead and kept it all the way to win the game. 62-45 Our Lady Trojans are now firmly in the National Rankings and looking to climb a few notches this week.

The boys were next up and if you remember the last meeting was very close with a last second shot by Erskine to win. The boys battled back from behind with the good rebounding we've been needing to win 56-53 with just a few seconds left. "I'm extremely happy and really proud of my guys," said Anderson head coach Jason Taylor. "They have continued to work and play hard.

We are all very proud too. Our guys deserve some W's

Good game guys !!! Good game Ladys !!!