Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today ( so far ) by the numbers

24 Red lights between my house and the post office round trip.

20 The number that caught me today. Oh well some days I do better

12 Items in my post office box

2 The number that were NOT junk mail

23 Minutes to drive there, normal day. One way

31 Todays drive

2 cups of coffee

8 days for a car part to arrive from Tx. Obviously by bicycle.

3.679 Price of gas today...Yippee... it's down some.

25 number of laps around the track at the gym.

6 Minutes reading news. The city where my dad lives bought a strip club, and closed it down

1 interesting signs along my route this morning. Can someone tell me what a pizza wing is?


Jane-Jane said...

can't help you with the pizza wing.

gas at P**mpers at 85&81 was down to $3.619 on Monday. I'm hoping it is down more tomorrow when I go to town.

LOVE that another strip club is shut down. One club at a time, many lives at one time :))))

Nonohoicha said...

I cant help you with the pizza wing either. Sorry.