Thursday, July 03, 2008

The countries oldest pilot has died. John M. Miller was 102, nearly as old as aviation itself.

John Miller born Dec. 15, 1905, witnessed some aviation histories most exciting events. And he was a part of several too. When he was four, he saw his first airplane. Glenn Curtiss landed in a field across from his. Johnny was there when Charles Lindbergh took off across the Atlantic to Paris. Amelia Earhart was one of his friends.

His last words were to his nephew at the bedside. “I guess my flying days are over,”

Johnny flew for United and Eastern Airlines. Later he was a test pilot for Kellett Autogiro Company. He pioneered the flying of airmail from the roof Philadelphia post office using an autogiro. Three planes flown by Miller are in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington. John Miller held three world records in aviation including one which stood for seventy-two years. Coast to coast in an autogiro

John Miller was a health advocate. He never smoked or drank and he maintained the same weight and blood pressure as when he was 18. For exercise, he took brisk walks up and down hills.

"Flying is a youth preservative, if you live through it." J.M. Miller, 9/3/2002


Phika said...

Wow. That would be so cool to live through so much history!

Jungle Mom said...

Amazing life.