Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mom and Dad came over last night to spend their July expiring movie coupons. Dad had said he wanted to see "Get Smart". So we all piled in the car and hit the cinema. They both loved the movie and we all laughed out loud.

Last year I think the funniest movie was "Wild Hogs"

"Get Smart"
is the funniest movie this year so far. And it keeps getting funnier and funnier as it goes on. It contains a great back story of Max and his desire to become a field agent.

For me it will be an instant classic. Most adults will really love this movie because they grew up with the TV show. And it is very classy with several tributes in the credits. It's also filled with salutes, inside jokes and references to the series through out the film. Still you can enjoy it even without knowledge of the old series. I think mostly any ages can enjoy it as well. Except for small children who probably won't get about half the jokes, so there is no point in them watching it. It is rated PG-13

I think this is probably Steve Carrel’s best movie yet. He is a master of making you laugh with his face expressions. Get Smart features extreme laughter to anyone who watches it. In the theater everyone was truly cracking up.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who might be willing to die from a laughing coma.

After the movie we all “Frogged our Sides” at Dockside. Yummy


Phika said...

Steve Carrel's the best lol...he played Hammie in Over the Hedge it was HILARIOUS....I need to see Evan Almighty...

Charles said...

I just watched Over the Hedge first time last night. Good movie. Hammie was funny.

I REALLY hope you get to see Evan Almighty. It's so funny. And the lessons about family and God's love it taught were amazing.