Monday, July 14, 2008

Thirty -five minutes I'll never get back

A quick rant. I know you all feel the same pain.

We shop for some things at WalMart. Not because we like it there. We detest it. But we buy some things there because of price and the fact that it is all located in the same store. But trust me, we hate going.

Late last week while spending our entire paycheck on trivial things like canned goods, light bulbs, aspirin, paper towels, Kleenex and so on I picked up an air filter for my little truck. Shopping for auto parts requires looking up the correct item in a large book depending on the make and model of your automobile. So I searched and found the item I needed and tossed it into the buggy.

When I arrived home and tried to install the filter it was the wrong part. So I went back to the store to recheck my reference and to exchange the item. Nope I did not make a mistake looking up the part number. The book is wrong. I guess that happens sometimes.

But when I tried to return the filter I had to wait in line. And wait, and wait and wait some more. It took thirty-five minutes waiting in the line to return and get credit for a $10.95 unused part. And I was only the forth person in line.

WALLY WORLD.... you need to do something here. And while you are at it. How about asking the clerks to at least smile and say hello, may we help you. All I got was a snarl to my hi, I need to return this.

I just Thirty-five wasted minutes of my life because of the books error.


Jane-Jane said...

I found myself in a long line at stuff mart last week. started talking to the man in front of me. turns out he has a good friend that has been trying to get him to NS. so now a guy named Tim at NS has me too praying for his friend named Orlando. I try to look at lines as Gods way of saying talk to people! But I often find myself in the frustrated camp.

Charles said...

Good lesson

When we ask God for patience does he make us patient, or does he send us more opportunities to be patient?

I did smile at the baby in line ahead of me.

Phika said...

Come to Kopyeka it's even worse! things are broken, people cut in lines, cashiers are rude, everything in walmart squished in a store as big as a semi truck! HARHARHAR!
and don't forget the fancy guy in the suit who stands in front of the door checking people's receipts.