Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Opposite of Progress ?


Maybe it's time to clean house and start over

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just before 3 am this morning my wife's Grandmother received her promotion to glory.

Ruth Chitwood
was a wonderful lady, a saint on earth. She was kind and gentle and soft spoken. I never saw her angry nor did I ever hear her say anything against anyone. A humble child of God who lived every day as an example. Her love and concern spread to all she knew. The entire family were always assured that when "Maw Ma" prayed for you, God heard. She wasn't my true earthly Grandmother but ever since I've started dating Kristie I have claimed her as mine too. I guess you would say she was my Grandma-in-law. And it wasn't just me. All her in-laws, the spouses of her grandchildren and great grand children felt the same way. She was a lady everyone loved. My dad one time told me after I informed him we'd invited her along on a joint family trip to the mountains, " that's fine with me.. she's great to have around". The ultimate compliment.
Her last actions a couple days ago on her deathbed were for friends and family she felt still needed Jesus. She left us a list of souls to pray for.

Maw maw you left such a legacy You taught all of us so many things. You taught us to live a life of filled with God's love. A life filled with compassion, concern and dignity. And in the past two weeks you taught us how to die the same way. Maw Ma you showed us how to prepare to see Jesus.

We are going to miss you here but have peace in our hearts knowing to be absent from this world for you is to be present with God.

We love you

Rejoicing has started.