Friday, July 22, 2011


Hi there webbies My name is Lulu from Honolulu... I just flew in to help wish a friend of a friend a happy B*day. I really hope he likes me. I fixed myself up real nice for this my first main land gig.

Lets see I gots my

  • grass skirt
  • flower in lovely hair ( denoting my dating status )
  • several flower Leis
  • my "special" flower covered flip flops
  • and my snazzy shades ( that tropical sun is brutal )
  • red lipstick for that special look

Seems like I am ready. I am looking forward to this. They tell me he is a manly sorta man, just like Lulu likes, sugar.

Well it's show time I will try to post more photos later when I get back and get my film developed sweetie.

Next time you are in the islands just ask for sweet Lulu. I'd just love showing you all the real sights.

hang loose!!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Last night at NewSpring