Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I got tagged

Six Quirky Things About Me

Phika tagged me

Here are the rules:
1) Link to the person who tagged me.
2) Mention the rules.
3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself.
4) Tag 6 other blogger's by linking to them.
5) Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.
And for some reason there aren't 6 rules.

Six Quirky Things about Me

WOW this is tough. Not because of a problem finding 6 things, but because of finding 6 zillion things. Which ones to post? Sorry I was so slow.

OK here goes;

  • I pretty much never watch television. Unless it is a DVD or VHS playing our TV is never on. We don't have a dish or cable; we don't even have an outside antenna hooked up. I do however have huge stereo that I play for hours daily and a massive music collection...pick a style.

  • Unlike most people I HATE the first night on fresh sheets. I like that broken-in feel on the second night best.

  • We don't have kids so I gladly fulfill that role. I have a big box full of Burger King and Mickey D's toys. When we go shopping the second department I hit is toys. Right after the electronics video and music areas.

  • I am a collector of collections. That may be classified as a sickness however not a quirk. I need to hold a yard sale for "my junk room"

  • I am a pilot. Yet I have a (morbid) fascination with aircraft accidents. I believe you can learn from the mistakes and failings of others. I love reading the details of an incident and learning about the chain of events that caused it. My library of reports numbers over 2 thousand so far. (another collection).

  • I sometimes have an odd sense of humor. The other day, I became hysterical with laughter after hearing a woman answering her cell phone. I am not sure why.

Ok I am tagging

Jane Jane
and you if you are reading this.


Jane-Jane said...

I will attempt to get to the tag today...but want to be horizontal as much as possible so that I can go to small group tonight.

Thank you for your prayers. In the north we didn't have the spiders that you guys have down here in the south...however I have learned that you MUST be very careful.

Jack was sleeping, so I took many precautions in making sure that I didn't need back up help. I have not stayed off of it this morning, so it has not gotten any better. My plan is to be down until three... we'll see how that works for me! The bite was on my little toe, and I can still see my ankle bones clear as day, and there is not discoloration, and I have no fever, and my breathing is not labored. Thanks for your concern and takes a village to keep this kid going!

Phika said...

I love all your quirks.
They are fun.


Your quirks are so much fun.

*looks around*

Thank you for your fun quirks!


Sorry playing a fun game

But your quirks are still funny :D

Jungle Mom said...

I should mail you some incidents of plain accidents in the Amazon. Some are amazing, some are quite sad, but i do understand this interest as one who fears flying but had to do it anyway, I wanted to be prepared for whatever. Especially after our friends went off the airstrip into the river. Had to wait to open the doors and swim up to the surface. Oh, and with an infant.

Charles said...

Phika... I am wondering what game?

Jungle Mom. I would love that. It'd be cool.

Jane. Hope you are getting better.

Jungle Mom said...

plain??? Plane.

Charles said...

That's ok you've see my writing.

I am thinking of starting a business and calling it "Typo's R Us "