Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another catch-up post :

On Friday dad had another appointment with his regular neurologist. The doctor was happy with the progress of dads recovery. Dad just started on solid food and is regaining his strength daily. Dr Pitt stated he would like to transfer dad to an aggressive rehab center soon. With his continuing improvements and as the brain swelling reduces this may happen shortly.

Great news.

A visit to dads doctors takes me about eight hours including travel time. So that about filled the day.

On Saturday after the rain ended and things dried out I began the task of cutting and cleaning-up the damage area from the tree in my yard. This was a much bigger job than I expected and I was exhausted by nightfall.

On Sunday we had a special event at my church. NewSpring hosted the Christian musical group DecembeRadio who played all four services in Anderson and were broadcast to our Greenville location. I was part of the production team for that special event and worked all four services. The entire day required about a 15 hour commitment. But I loved it and would not have missed it for anything. I'll post my tells and photos of the day later.

Monday was spent recovering from Friday, Saturday and Sunday, along with catching up on my much neglected job. Thankfully I make a great boss, but I am underpaid. ( I'm self employed ) After Kristie got home I resumed the tree clean-up. Operating a chain saw while home alone is not something I wanted to do so I only had an hour or two of light.

Today I drove to my mothers house to help with a few odd jobs around the house and to help her at the insurance and medicare offices. It is beginning to look like dad will be fully recovered and home before the paperwork mountain is climbed. Forms after forms still to be completed.

Tonight I have another aviation safety class to attend in Greenville. I am using a record amount of gas just at a time when there are supply issues all around me. I passed several stations today that were closed because of the fuel shortage.

BTW I am still working on the tree clean-up. Maybe I'll get it cleaned up before the first snow <>

Monday, September 29, 2008

I have been reading in the news that the government is planning a bailout of the nations lenders.

That is a bailout costing hundreds of billions of dollars. I seem to recall that the United States has not had a spending surplus for many, many years. Our country spends much more than it takes in creating an annual budget deficit. That means we don't have any extra money that isn't already earmarked.

So where are we getting the money we are using for this economic bailout ?

We will have to borrow it.

Yes we borrow the money to save the people who lend us money.

Is this a weird shell game or what ?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Campaign planned against hunger and litter...

I just read this headline in my local paper. We all know how a fast food wrapper or empty cigarette pack tossed out the window of a car can cause children to go hungry.

“Area residents have shown that they care about their neighbors,” a news release stated. “Clean streets and well-fed residents are issues that must be addressed.”

Oh please ... I can rest easy now knowing that not only will I have enough to eat, but that I'll never have to pick-up an empty beer can from the ditch near my house.

Happy Days are here again.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it.... ?

What about if a tree falls in your yard and you don't see it?

About 4pm this afternoon I heard a cracking sound. Kinda like a string of firecrackers in the distance. I looked out and and our Bradford Pear tree had split and the half facing the house fell.

It missed the house and caused no other damage. But it left a big hole in the side we see. Oh well

Eighteen years it survived hurricane winds and southern thunderstorms. But today it only took a gust of 17 knots out of the northeast. Guess I'll need the chainsaw.

Fire wood for sale...cheap !!
University of Georgia football fan are a little saddened today.

Long time voice of the Dogs Larry Munson is retiring.

Larry is a living legend, and not just in the hearts of Georgia fans. It's the end of an era. Munson with his unique and very partisan play-by-play style has been calling the games for 43 years. It seems longer.

Larry Munson who turns 86 next week is stepping away from the microphone for good.

"What do you say when a legend steps down?" Georgia coach Mark Richt asked .

What indeed? He'll be missed
Here is Rant that I am sure will cause controversy.

First let me start by saying I think all people deserve equal access to public places. Those with disabilities should be able to come and go, work, shop, travel and visit every place others can. I am NOT opposed to the mandated solutions imposed to aid that freedom.

But can't we use common sense?

This morning I visited a small business here in my town. A store. Outside the building there were fourteen parking places. Six were reserved for handicapped persons. That's 43% of the parking spots. None were in use and the remaining eight were filled. I had no where on the site to park. I could use the exercise but honestly, 43% of the places were reserved and unused. I doubt that 43 out of every hundred drivers has a handicapped parking permit.

Where is the common sense?

Later I stopped at the Post Office. Gone was the table everyone used for years to sort their mail and to fill out forms. It had been replaced by a unit more friendly to wheel chairs. That's fine except that the writing surface is now between my knees and my waist. I had to stoop to use it at all. Is it too much to ask for a split level surface?

Where is the common sense?

Finally I drove to the bank. At the remote drive-in teller station the instructions on the left side of the car were in English, Spanish and Braille. How can blind ( sorry ..sight impaired ) persons drive in the first place? Am I crazy ? Seems to me you should be able to see in order to drive.

Where is the common sense?

I am in favor of using all the tools to aid, two members of my family have mobility issues and these type things are a true blessing, but have we gone overboard?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DAD UPDATE: Word came to me that for the first time since his fall dad had a real meal today. He ate some carrots, potatoes and even some small chunks of chicken. This is a major milestone in dad’s recovery.

Note: Due to a technical issue it appears that my previous two posts did not show-up here until this afternoon. It should be back on track now.

Monday, September 22, 2008

It was good to get back to meting with our friends in homegroup.
We all had taken the summer off and I had missed meeting.
Kris and I are leading this new incarnation and Sunday evening was mostly catching up time though we did have a short devotional time.
Part of our new year was spent looking at the options and direction God would have us go.
Our prayer is that we keep an open ear to what God is teaching us and an open heart that is willing to follow his leadership.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

For the first time this season Kristie and I were able to enjoy both the Clemson and University of Georgia football games. Clemson was not on a station where we could watch the game but we enjoyed just hearing the radio broadcast. Ashley and her team were making an appearance during the game and she was shown on the big screen on the scoreboard several times. Go Monk.

We taped and watched the UGA game Saturday. Kristie’s grandmother is celebrating her Eighty-fifth birthday and that called for a party. The whole family gathered along with friends in Toccoa to wish her at least 85 more. We got home well after kick-off so Kris and I watched the game via tape.

The Dogs played their most distant road game in recent memory traveling all the way to Tempe, Arizona to face the Sun Devils. If you follow American college football you already know they are a quality team. But the Bull-Dogs were up to the challenge remaining undefeated this year. It was a great game but I think I enjoyed the segment about Uga’s (Bulldog mascot) travels with the team and how he has a near “rock star” celebrity everywhere he goes.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kristie and I enjoyed our dinner out last night with our friends Patrick and Amy. Seems like we hardly ever get together with them. That's a shame because we always have a great time together.

We met them at Master Wok. One of our regular places. As always I brought half of my order home, and then ate it within two hours. Curry Chicken ( Gang Pa ) in the fridge, just calls out to me. I wish they made it with "khanom jeen". But the brown rice they use is quite good.

Yum !

Friday, September 19, 2008

This is a total repost... I would have missed it this year but for my friend. Thanks

Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

That means today is our chance to say Arrrr and wear snappy outfits like Capt. Jack. So today it's time to show you inner swashbuckler

The whole idea of Talk Like A Pirate Day started as a joke between friends in the 90's. Then Dave Barry got involved with a story and it took off from there. Add in the success of the Pirate movies and here we are. With an International Talk Like a Pirate Day (TLAPD).

Ahoy mates, hoist the m'sail and set a watch....there be Pirates in these waters. Arrrrr!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday was a big day for dad. It was his first return visit to the Hospital in Augusta. The head of the Neurosurgery department has taken on dad as a patient and wanted to do a follow-up to access the recovery and to do repeat scans to be certain the brain swelling and bleeding was clearing. He was very positive about both his general health and his recovery level. The scan results will show for sure but the doctor seemed to believe the brain injury was healing normally.

We were concerned how the long trip ( 2 + hours each way) would effect dad, but he seemed to do better than the rest of us. He was alert, laughing and full of funny comments. It was by far the best I've seen him. The transport company sent a driver and a nurse, as did the rehab center where dad is. Of course mom, my sister and myself were there too. With that crew dad appeared to be a rock star upon entering the hospital. It was a hoot.

Here is a short rant. I filled my car before the trip yesterday morning at over $4 a gallon. Passing by the same station last night upon return the price had dropped fifty cents a gallon. Fifty cents in eight hours. I am thrilled to see it go down for a change. And that is a huge adjustment, I just wish it had happened before I topped of my tank, I would have saved a chunk of change.

Oh well.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Looks like I will have to postpone my flight today.

It's raining again.

I don't mind at all.

We Need it.

I heard yesterday in news out of London that Richard Wright, keyboardist and founding member of Pink Floyd had died. He was 65 and had been quietly fighting a battle with cancer.

Rick Wright was self-taught as a child and wrote some of the bands key songs. Despite being a member of one of the most successful bands in the world he shunned the spotlight even on stage.

Richard was a quiet man and kept a low profile within the music business and had recently been working on an upcoming solo project scheduled for release late this year.

He was married and the father of two adult children and younger son, Ben.

David Gilmour his band mate, said, “( Rick was ) a gentle, unassuming and private but his soulful voice and playing were vital, magical components of our most recognized Pink Floyd sound. No-one can replace Richard Wright - he was my musical partner and my friend.”

Monday, September 15, 2008

I was running the lawn mower today. It takes about three and a half hours to cut my grass. Three and a half hours gives you a lot of time to reflect on things.

One of the things I was thinking was how I wished my yard was basically square with rounded corners. It would be so much easier to cut and maybe I could be done quicker too.

Wouldn’t it be great if life was that way? Big and square with soft rounded corners. No trees nor sidewalks to trim around, no obstacles to avoid.

Life would be easier that way, but would it be good?

I am reminded of that old saying “that which does not kill us serves only to make us stronger”.

Maybe it’s those very obstacles that help us learn the lessons we need to survive and have a sense of satisfaction.

It’s the shape of my lawn it gives it character and makes it unique. It is the same thing in life. I think we need some slightly hard times and I think it is how we get around those obstacles that make us who we are.

Well enough of that. I have cooled off some now. It’s time for me to go back out and commune with nature some more by stooping in the flowerbed and fighting the battle of the weeds.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

On August 22nd I was talking about the rushing of Halloween by modern retailers. It’s much worse than I thought. I was in another store yesterday afternoon and they were putting out Christmas items.

Christmas Items !!!

Give me a break. It’s the first half of September. Remember when they at least waited until after Thanksgiving?

Hey why wait, why not start getting ready for the 4th of July cookouts right now...

I’ll start my shopping on December 23rd as always thanks.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I had never seen one around here before.
A Velvet ant was crossing my driveway yesterday afternoon.

Actually a Velvet Ant isn’t an ant at all. It’s a wasp. It is cover in a bright red and black hairy fur that looks just like velvet. The are a unique species of wasp not often seen in the Upstate. Mutillidae or velvet ants, are from a large family of wasps which resemble giant red ants and are known for their extremely painful sting. And like all other wasps, they can sting multiple times.

Strange critter.

If you see one give it a wide berth. You’ll both be happy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

There is a new post in my other Blog "Talking To Myself"
This strange device showed up in our driveway this weekend.

I hope it hangs around a while


The old car still looked pretty good, but it had reached it's useful limit. Kristie and I hated to take the plunge, but the pricing was wonderful and the 10 year warranty can't be beaten.

We got it in the same color so as to confuse and confound the neighbors.

Is it working?


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My back yard just three minutes ago.

Baby deer just love persimmons.

Truth in Cartoon form ?

Monday, September 08, 2008

If you live in my area maybe you saw the double rainbow Friday evening. Kristie and I had just picked up the car from the shop and we stopped in a WalMart. Outside in the parking lot we saw two complete rainbows, carving colorful twin arches across the late evening sky. People all over the shopping center were stopping to look. It was a beautiful and inspiring sight. Best of all when we finished our shopping and came back out the sun had gone down and a light rain was falling. We need rain so badly. I am thankful for that unexpected blessing.

Lord when I look at the Rainbow it reminds me of your
promise to all of your creatures some of whom are of
different features

Lord when I look at your Rainbow and see how it's colors
are bright, it reminds me to do what is right
Your Rainbow I have never seen at night, this reminds me
to stay in the light

Lord when I look at your Rainbow it reminds me of your grief
because of our unbelief
Your Rainbow have no pot of gold, but your wonderful story
of love it has told

Lord when I Look at your Rainbow it reminds that you
promised to never again destroy the World with a flood

Vincent G. Mead

Saw my blog buddy and fellow NewSpringer Jane yesterday at the church. We briefly chatted about current events in our lives, before the service started. She shared a prayer request with me. Her Uncle ( her fathers brother ) was in the hospital and the outlook was not good.

Since we talked Sunday morning, he got promoted from this life. While I know Jane and her family are rejoicing that he is now in heaven, I am sure the next few days will be hard for the family.

Please remember them as your pray and add a prayer for Jane as she travels to be with them.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Shades of Willy Wonka.

I read where a flight attendant with Air France won a trip into space.

She bought the Kit Kat candy bar and after glancing at the contest details tossed it into the trash. After a couple hours she got to thinking why not try her luck. Digging the wrapper out of her trashcan she indeed found the winning code inside.

Nestle candy in France has confirmed she truly won a flight in the four-seat, tiny aircraft built by Rocketplane, a company that builds aircraft intended to provide cheap flights into space.
She will receive four days of astronaut training in Oklahoma City in the United States before boarding the Rocketplane XP aircraft which will reach an altitude of 100 km (60 miles) and allow a five-minute experience of weightlessness.
I could go for that myself

Friday, September 05, 2008

A few years ago at a dirt car track the grounds crew forgot to wet down the track. As you would expect, after the start the cars raised a considerable and growing dust cloud. The going was getting tough with the drivers just barely able to see anything.

Turns out the race leader was an old hand at racing and he picked out a few land marks to help guide him into the turns. On the main straight he used the end of the grandstands, for turn two he spotted a light pole. Racing down the back straight he again used the grandstands as his marker.
But turn four was a problem. After a few times around he noticed an odd red car parked next to the track. His troubles were over the problem of when to turn solved.

Or so he thought. The experienced driver was running his fastest lap of the race when all of a sudden ..THUMP...CRASH

When the dust settled he found himself sitting in the parking lot with two other smashed race cars behind him, all having failed to make the turn.

The former race leader asked the other drivers, " I know why I am here, the odd red car moved. But what about you two guys"

The both looked at him a shrugged, " Well you seemed to know where you were going, so we just followed you."

The moral to this is : Always do your best. You never know who is following, watching every thing you do.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

All decked out after my return to the skies
Last night I was getting a shirt from one of my dresser drawers. When I closed it the vibrations caused my old hand carved Japanese box to fall, spilling the contents all over the floor. I've had this ornate box since I was a boy. It holds small treasures such as childhood tie clips, cuff links, kiddie pilot wings and guitar picks and so on. It sits next to my more modern box and honestly I hadn't opened it in years.

One of the treasures that spilled out was a copy of a "last will" I wrote at age ten. I even typed it in my version of official style. I don't remember doing it nor do I remember the motivation at the time. But it was well thought out yet simple.

I stated in it that at my services I wanted my zippered bible to be placed with me. My huge air force of model planes were to go to my father. As did my shortwave radio. Most of my books were to go to mom. My sister got my toys, but I wonder what use she'd have for cap guns. That summed it up except for my skateboard. I left it to my friend who lived just down the street.

Too bad things are so much more complicated now.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Well August 2008 will be remembered. It has been nothing if not busy and frustrating.

We started the month with not one but two of our cars in the shop. At the same time. That really started mid July. We haven't had all the cars home at the same time for about two months now. All together they add up to maybe half a clunker. It's time for change so .... A shoppin' we will go.

August 2nd was Dads accident. That has altered everything in our world. In the middle of that Kristie had some testing done at the hospital, but thankfully things there are looking good. Kristie's mom had surgery done to remove a tumor. It was not cancerous. Still she needed someone around to help out there. She has recovered well ahead of the schedule and is doing fantastic. Another prayer answered.

All in all we are some of the most blessed people in the world. We are tired and stressed, but that'll heal. God has been using the good times as well as the bad time for his work in and around us.

That has been so amazing to see.

Hey I get to go flying tomorrow. If I remember how. Well my partner will be with me.
I have complained here before about the lack of quality, pleasant restaurants in this area. Most places have the party atmosphere, including loud music and worse televisions blaring.

WHY? — do they put televisions in restaurants? I am really not interested in one of the now days insane programs while I enjoy my steak. Am I the only person who enjoys the company and conversations of his dining companions?


It’s not good for the digestion.

Recently on of my favorite places Ruby Tuesday remodeled their interiors for a more sophisticated ambiance, the TVs (all except one at the bar) disappeared.

YES!! Now I can have a relaxed, pleasant dinner — complete with face-to-face, human conversation.

Imagine that.

Now don’t get me started again on cell phones during dinner.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dad update:

For the most part dad is continuing to improve. He is standing and taking a few steps with a walker during his physical therapy. He is alert and his mind is becoming more and more clear. This is both good and bad. Because now is a dangerous time for him. Dad feels good and wants to get up by himself but is far from ready to do so unassisted. He seems to try this mostly late at night when he is half alert. The chances that he could fall doing that are great. And no, one can watch him every moment. We just have to trust God will protect him from himself right now.

I am sorry I am so behind on the blog. My sister and I are still sharing the "duty days". So I am away from the web a lot.

We do appreciate your prayers and concerns. Thank you all