Thursday, August 28, 2008

BOOM! ! Sizzle Sizzle !

I was spending the night at my mothers house and we could hear distant thunder. Most things were unplugged and we were getting ready for bed, winding down from a long day visiting my dad.

Suddenly just as I walked by the dining room table there was a LOUD bang, the lights went out and something hit me on the leg. I could smell smoke, just a whiff, of that acrid smoke like when electrical things are burning. I heard stuff falling and what sounded like glass breaking. It all happened in half a heartbeat. We had been struck by lightning.

After checking on mom ( she was fine ) and finding a flashlight I surveyed the damage as best I could. Wall hangings had fallen and all the recessed lighting had the covers knocked loose. The phones were out too. But the most serious was when I saw the wall switches were smoked and the plate covering them was gone. Well most of it was anyway. It had blown it apart and pieces had flown 10 feet across the room. Part of that is what hit me. Further survey yielded several more with similar damage. I cut the breakers to the effected areas and since it was after 10 we went to bed.

The power came back on after several hours and the next morning I did a closer inspection. The hit destroyed at least six switches. The phone was still out, and the answering machine was totally fried. Most interestingly the electrical plug for the deep freeze down stairs was blown out of it's socket completely. Yet it was otherwise undamaged. Outside a gutter down spout was knocked down, but I suspect the heavy downpour did that. I begin the repairs today.

Thankfully neither of us was hurt and the damage was minor. We dodged a bullet. But when it happened I assure you, our heart rates soared.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am NOT a good morning person. It is not good to ask me for decisions or even to engage me in a conversation before my coffee and maybe then only after 30 to 45 minutes. I have been around people who drove me crazy talking too much. We all have. But even I never went this far over a chatty Cathy or a talky Tom.

But then I never met this woman’s friend.

After her now former friend I presume came for a visit and talked 30 hours straight, A woman in Germany called the police to “help rescue” her.

WOW having you arrested for talking. Now that’s what friends are for.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Today he took seven steps. That is the first time he'd been on his feet in 23 days. And today he ate a small cookie with the help of his speech therapist. That was his first solid food too. Next we have to teach him to swallow liquid unassisted.

Dad still has a long way to go, but I see amazing progress being made.

Thanks to every one for your continuing prayers.

What is that strange sound?

It's it's ...raining

Thank you Lord for sending "Fay" this way in this form.
Last night we were singing with the Angels.

At church we heard an awesome, and inspiring message about how God is always in control. How he is there "When Life Hurts Most".

In John 16:33 Jesus promised that in him we will have peace. When we are immersed in Christ.

1) God love us ... no matter what
2)God maintains control
3) God can use everything, even the worst, for eternal good.
God paints on a canvas bigger than we can see or understand sometimes.

The message was especially applicable to my world right now.

It seems like our normal world has fallen apart and sometimes I wonder if it'll ever return to status quo. Broken cars, lawn mowers, growing aches and pains ( aging I guess), Kristie's mothers surgery, my dads injury and his SLOW recovery. The aging of our parents, several deaths amongst our families and friends recently.

The things every one faces from time to time. And if you are not.. you will soon.

You will have trouble, but remember "Our God Reigns". ( John 16:33 )

Last night at NewSpring we had an alter call, for people to come and pray. People were touched, lives were changed forever. And we sang praises. Along with the angels in heaven who rejoice each time a soul is saved.

Thank you Lord for reminding me daily that you are in control. Thank you for the peace only you can supply. And thank you for leading me to a church of true Christ followers, and for letting me be a part of the amazing things you are doing.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Delta Flight "ABC", Melbourne tower, advise go-around. Runway is closed due to catfish obstruction.

Huh ??

A Delta Airlines flight had to delay it's landing and circle the field Last Wednesday because catfish, yes catfish were strolling across the runway. You read that right I said catfish, walking across a runway. The walking catfish (Clarias batrachus) which can use their pectoral fins to propel themselves in an upright position, were a result of floodwaters caused by Tropical Storm Fay and ended up on the runway.

Airport crews also found to two tortoises, a snake and ...surprise an alligator lurking on the pavement as well.

After they were removed the plane landed without further incident.

In all my flying I have encountered cars, and work crews, rabbits, deer , turkeys and once a child on a bicycle. But never in my wildest dreams would I expect to see a fish strolling across the runway.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Random Thoughts:

I was at the mall this morning and I saw not one but two stores that had already put out Halloween stuff. Am I mistaken or is that more than two months away yet?

Remember when Trick or Treat was fun? And Safe? I remember one time I went to so many houses my bag broke open from the weight. I substituted a grocery bag and kept going. One year I even went out twice. Once as good ole' Uncle Fester from the Addams Family, and then later as a giant glow in the dark blue "Thunder Bird". I remember in Maine there was about two feet of snow one year. Those were the days.

One the way home I tuned in the radio, which for me is rare. There was a car commercial that stated wouldn't a new 2009
[ whatever] look good in your garage?

Who cares? No one sees it in my garage. I want a car that looks good at the red light !

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Updates :

Dad is very slowly recovering. He still can't eat or drink, but he is becoming more daily alert and is able to sit up in a chair.

Kristie's mom is recovering from her surgery well ahead of schedule.

And Kristie got a good report from her tests last week.

The Fiero parts have arrived and are being installed today.. Yipee !!

Thanks for your prayers
As I see it there are two problems.
  1. We are turning into a nation of couch potatoes
  2. Since we are all live where it is not safe to go outside and walk we need Gyms.

Even our pets need exercise. I saw this in the paper last week.

Tah dah !!
A Dog Treadmill.

What a country.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Does it prove that life is hard by the fact that no-body gets out of it alive?

Do they have reserved car parking spaces for non-disabled people at the special olympics?

Why do they call it a television set when you only get one?

Why do you always get a shock when you see somebody you know on
the television?

Why do we call ourselves the human race? Is somebody going to win?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It has been interesting, and sometime trying spending 24 hours a day with my mom. For both of us, I am sure. I love my mother, but it has been more than thirty years since I lived with her. Now don’t misunderstand, Mom is a near saint. But we each have our own ideas and habits. No surprise there, it would be the same with any two people confined to a small space.

If the circumstances were different, less stressful, this would be such a great experience. But worry about my father removes most of the fun. My time together with mom has been hard, yet fun in some ways. I am re-learning so much about her world. The type details you miss living apart. Things you just can’t see within visits.

Another lesson God is teaching me.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am not a patient man. I admit that. I always need to be in the fastest line at the check-out, and when the light turns green, it means GO!!! Put down your cell phone and drive. Move it, get out of the way.

OK I know that is something to improve and I am a work in progress.

Hospitals are a place of concentrated waiting. We wait for the nurse, we wait for the doctor to stop by on his rounds, we wait and wait and wait. They even have a room just for that task. The Waiting Room.

We all understand that God is the great Physician, but he is also the greatest teacher.

I’ve referenced this before; it’s made an impression on me. In the movie, “Evan Almighty” there is a scene where the wife talks about asking for patience. The lesson is being taught that if we ask God for more patience, will he just automatically grant us more patience, or does God instead give us more chances to work on being patient?

I tend to believe it is the latter. Sharing a small waiting room for days with a number of strangers, all under similar stress, calls for patience. Waiting for those doctors to stop in and update you requires patience. Awaiting the nurse to silence the alarms blaring in the room of your loved one, now that takes real patience.

God has given me plenty of opportunities to work on my patience this past two weeks. I hope I am learning.

Friday, August 15, 2008

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on."
--Robert Frost,
Pulitzer Prize-winning poet

This is especially relevant to me right now. I finally got home for a short rest.

My dad has been transferred from the Hospital three hours from me to a Rehab center about 10 minutes from where my sister and her family lives. Dad made the trip fine and after seeing him settled in there I drove the hour and a half on home. On arrival there I discovered that in my absence things pretty much remained status quo. Other than the light in the garage that Kristie was unable to replace things were fine and pretty much as I left them.

Thanks to all who are praying for Dad's recovery. He still has a long hard journey but at least the recovery has started.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Late Update.

My dad is being transfered to a rehab center tomorrow. It is closer to home, in Athens. My sister lives about 10 minutes away so mom can get some home style rest.
My father has been in the hospital over 11 days now. The first five were spent in the Shock-Trauma ICU. That's within the neurological department.
For the past six days dad has been in a room, still within the neurological wing. In his fall dad suffered some bleeding and swelling on his brain. Compounded with several facial fractures. Dad is out of danger right now and is making some progress, but it is SLOW. He mostly sleeps, rousting from time to time for a moment or two. The doctor says this is normal and are pleased. They have stressed a full recovery is possible, but that the timeline is unknown. Dad can speak in a rough voice and he knows who we are. And praise God he still wants to sing. Just a couple minutes ago we were singing up a storm.

The waiting is hard. And we are far from home which adds to the stress.

My parents are both in their mid 70's and while mom is not truly up to the task, she has insisted on staying very close. It was a battle to get her to agree to go to a hotel once the transferred him to a private room. So it has become my job to "take care" of mom too. And that is fine. I don't mind, that's my privilege. But sometimes it is a challenge.

Please continue to pray for dad's recovery, and as you do remember to include my mom as you pray

Saturday, August 09, 2008


After his fall dad was transferred to the Shock-Trauma ICU unit in Augusta. He has several facial fractures around his eye along with internal bleeding/swelling around his brain. At the time of his transfer, several hours after the accident his situation looked bad. However after scans, test and exams by several doctors a miracle was confirmed. The brain bleeding/swelling had diminished and the eight facial fractures are not going to require surgery either. In fact once healed dad should look the same as before. With no noticeable scaring.

On Thursday night ( day 5 ) dad was transferred from ICU to a regular room still within the neuro wing. He has been sleeping a lot but when aroused is responsive and knows what is going on around him. His speech is thick and gruff, but we feel that is because of the medication he is taking. The biggest continuing issue is his ability to swallow. Physically he seems to be able to, yet has been unable to eat or take medication orally. If this does not improve soon, a feeding tube will have to be inserted into his stomach. Please remember to pray for this specifically as we all hope to avoid that.

My mother who is 74 has been with him the entire time. Only in the past few days consenting to go to a hotel for rest. So she needs our prayer as well. My sister and I are platooning with her for now. We are tired but holding up well.

A million thanks to everyone for your messages of love and prayerful support.

And to my blog world friends. I miss my daily blog fix. I subscribe to a blog reader. It tracks the ones I have not read and saves them for me. I WILL get to them all as soon as things return a little closer to normal.

Monday, August 04, 2008

A quick prayer request turned into both a request and a praise report.

My father who is 76, had a serious accident ( a fall ) at his home on Saturday evening. There was facial damage and it appeared eye damage as well as bleeding/ swelling on his brain. He was transferred from the local hospital to the University Medical Center in Augusta. At the time it looked somewhat grim.

But after being stabilised, scanned and seen by 5 specialist and countless interns it appears he is not going to require surgery. The brain swelling and bleeding is better and the several facial fractures are much less sever than first thought. Plus there appears to be no eye damage. Right now other than looking like he lost a round to Mike Tyson and being totally confused from the injury and the medication, dad seems to be out of the woods.

Praise God. Even before I could formally ask for your prayers, they have been answered.

Still dad has a long painful recovery to endure and my mother will have a hard time with him I am sure. My sister and I will be platooning at the hospital and later at home as he recovers. Please remember all of us as we travel the several hour drive to and from the hospital, as well as for my dad and mother as we cope with his full recovery.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people."

--Will Rogers,
American comedian, humorist

Well I should have no problem here.