Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I have a friend who is training to run in the Ironman Triathlon. You know the marathon where you ride a bike for 112 miles, swim in the ocean for 2.5 miles, then top it off with a full 26 mile marathon run. All in the same day. It takes 9-11 hours.


The closest I'll ever get to doing that is wearing my Timex Iron Man watch.

My buddy is a nice enough guy, but I am convinced his mama dropped him somewhere along the line. On something HARD.

My idea of a real person marathon would be an uninterupted hour eating my wife's fabulous "Trissy chicken". Followed by a funny movie and returning to the table for an hours worth of
Raspberry-Chocolate Truffle Cheese cake. Rubbing my belly a while then napping for two hours. Finally capping it off by repeating the process one more time before retiring for the night.

Now THAT is a MARATHON I could get behind.

Good Luck with your T
riathlon my (nameless) sicko friend. I'm rooting for you as I relax here in the A/C.


Phika said...

you make me laugh
it is sicko

Jane-Jane said...

let me know when you are doing your marathon, cause I like your's MUCH better. Is "sicko" anyone I know? I know one particular person seems to have stepped up her exercising a BIG notch lately. I like to exercise, even tho I am NOT consistent. We do have some very exercise motivated folks that are around us.

have a GREAT day!