Friday, July 18, 2008

Dying is now against the law !!

This could be a great place to retire. There is a village in southwest France where it has become a violation of law to die.

The mayor has promised residents to expect severe punishment if they die, because there is no room left in the overcrowded cemetery to bury them.

And it is not just a crazy mayor. The city council passed an ordinance saying just that. After the meeting Mayor Gerard Lalanne told the 260 residents of Sarpourenx that "all persons not having a plot in the cemetery and wishing to be buried in Sarpourenx are forbidden from dying in the parish."

He then added: "Offenders will be severely punished."

I can see the tourist posters now. Come here and DON'T DIE.

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Theophilus said...

That's funny!!!!
Geez, people, make a new cemetery!