Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kristie and I took Ashley to see Happy Feet tonight. It's a story of an Emperor Penguin, who just can't sing. Now this is a problem, cause all Emperor Penguins must sing a song so their mate and family can find them. They sing to stand out in the sea of penguins. Mumble figures since he can't sing he'll dance. And dance he does. But dancing doesn't sit well with the elders , who ultimately cast him out of the community. Away from home for the first time, Mumble meets a group of penguins "the Adelie Amigos." Led by Ramon, the Adelies just love Mumble's cool dance moves they all become friends. They seek the advice of Lovelace the Guru, a crazy-feathered Rockhopper penguin who will answer any of life's questions for the price of a pebble. Then together with Lovelace and the Amigos, Mumble sets out across vast landscapes and, proves that by believing in yourself, you can make all the difference in the world. Cool Movie

Before the show we went to Chic-fil -A for a bite. "Chic No Pic" for Kristie and me. Child's Nuggets for Ashley. Monk loves it there.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The CU B*Ball team flew from Anderson tonight heading to
Minneapolis, MN via Kokomo Indiana. The flew in style on a
Do-328-300 jet N406FJ.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Helped dad fix his basement sheetrock today. Once we were done I
stayed and we watched the Dukes of Hazzard movie. It was a
hoot, even Mom loved it.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

No homegroup tonight so we had Amy & Joel and of course Miss
Ashley over for dinner. Kristie made breakfast casserole and
then she and the monk made Monkey Bread for dessert.
After dinner while we all talked and caught up, the munchkin
watched Elf.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Clemson Lost to Carolina... Could it be any worse? A missed
Field goal was the margin. Could it be any worse? Yes.. But
it wasn't UGA beat Georgia Tech for the 9,000 the time in a
row. YES GO DAWGS !!!!!!

This morning Kristie did something new. Her first Marathon. She went along with Amy Heard and Amy Cox on a 5K. Way to go Sweetheart. I promise to do the next one. ;-)
Monica and Sheila ran also.

Friday, November 24, 2006

This afternoon was the Chitwood family Thanksgiving gathering.
The whole clan comes to Kristie's grandmothers house and brings
food. This time we had and that leaves out at least others
who live away or could make it. There was enough food to feed
the whole Mongol Horde , which is exactly how I acted
filling my plate

We went to moms for dinner on Thanksgiving day. Janet, Kayle
and Kevo were all there. Kristie and Janet made the dinner.
Mom could not resist being involved despite the doctors orders.
We finally ran her out of the kitchen, but she continued to
supervise from the living room. Despite of all that could
have gone wrong, the meal was great. Turkey, Dressing and all
the extras.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Today is Thanksgiving. I have so many things to be thankful for.
Here are my top five.

  1. I am thankful to God because he is everything.
  2. For my wife.
  3. My Family
  4. My friends
  5. For all I have.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Homegroup met at Mama Penn's tonight. It was a night of fellowship and a time to tell one another things we were thankful for. We got together in the backroom and had a lot of fun. There was laughing and joking all around and even a few misty eyes as we each in turn expressed some of the blessings in our lives.

Then after we ate we all drove over to Ben and Mahalie's for some of Tod's mothers homemade apple pies and a little ice cream.

Happy thanksgiving
I posted Wednesday night about NewSpring. My comment that I
wondered if we were building big enough got me thinking. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have so very much to be thankful for. Interestingly, most of it is related to NewSpring and
reminds me how much my church ties into my life.
Growing up in church doesn't always mean you are walking arm in arm with Gods will for your life. From time to time I've tried to "take the wheel" and point things in the direction I thought was best. Isn't it great how God is patient and how he was waiting there when I realized what a mess I was making of things. One of the ways I think that is best to remind me to let God be in control and to help me to walk closer to him is to be active in church. I am glad I found a church that believes and practices what God says. Not watered down or modified in any way. I am glad I found a church that teaches one simple thing. " LOVE GOD " A church that pulls no punches when it comes to his word. A church where I can be comfortable worshiping yet challenged every day.

I thank God for NewSpring, and for the people who are not afraid to step out of that comfort zone and do what God said. I am thankful God led me there and surrounded me with people like this. God is doing some amazing things through and around NewSpring. I am so happy I am part of that. And can't wait to see what is next. I just pray that everyday all of us will seek God's input in whatever we do. And I hope we do not fall into that trap of sitting in our comfort zones and planning to suit us. I pray we never confine God to a box. Are we thinking large enough with our plans at NewSpring? I hope NOT !! I've seen us go from the low hundreds every week to 8500 and growing.
It did not take long. God's moving is so obvious. Are we building big enough. NO !! I don't think so. Because if we are then we've push God out of the picture. With him in control NOTHING is impossible. I hope that by the time our team is finished with the planning on our new additions, we will have grown so far past it we have to scale up many times just to break even with last year. We are doubling so often. We will continue at an overwhelming rate. Overwhelming from mans point of view. But not God's . Every effort for God will continue to be returned 10 fold to us and to this community. We are changing the Upstate and the world is waiting. Thank you God for a church that is staying focused on you. I pray we always will be. I can't wait!

We had a good weekend. I worked camera Sunday and had to miss homegroup. It was Italian night too. I hate I missed that one. But I had a great time on camera at NewSpring.
Monday we went to a dinner at church. It was about the new building program plans. I am amazed at what is happening at NewSpring but wonder if we are building big enough. Had great food, prime rib, chicken and loaded taters. Eddie and Monica were at our table which was nice.
Last night was the soccer awards banquet. Go Tigers !! It was held in the back room at Fuddruckers.
It was good to see all the kids one more time. Several will be on Ashley's B*ball team. Including Jackson.
After the banquet we went over to Amy & Joel's for a short visit.

Friday, November 17, 2006

This blog is a little long and the system would not let me publish the photos it deserved. So I am going to publish this as part one of three.

If you could make the next James Bond movie, who would you cast as Bond? After seeing Daniel Craig in Casino Royale I am going to say, I agree. He was the right choice. After only 2 minutes on screen, he IS James Bond. A lot has been written about an unknown, a rough around the edges man, a blonde of all things. About how he could not be Bond. WRONG !! Daniel has the chops and the acting to take 007 somewhere he hasn't been in a long time. Serious Bond. Gone are the gadgets. The flying rocket shoes, the submarine cars, the space based laser destroying a 4000 acre, three hundred million dollar lair. Gone are the megalomaniac madmen bent on ruling the earth, the invisible cars, the seemingly unbeatable villain. In their place is a Bond who is learning, and falling in love.

..... continued in part two below:

Part two of three

A Bond who makes mistakes and bleeds when he falls. A Bond who has a past but never totally reveals it. This is what the series needed. A new look and a new more modern, more real, believable approach.

Quick plot: James Bond's first mission, where he must stop a banker from winning a casino tournament and using the prize money to fund terrorist activities.

I went to the first showing today ( opening day ) and back again later in the evening. Yes I guess I am one of those geeky guys who love 007. I loved this flick. It was raw and gritty. Much like the Timothy Dalton Bond of License To Kill. Only more so. Eva Green is good also as Vesper Lynd. And Mads Mikkelsen was wonderful as Le Chiffre. A real villain with realistic goals. I hope to see Mads in more flicks soon.

........Continued in part three below:

Third of three parts:

Filmed with the same flair as all Bond films with exotic locals and beautiful people this movie stand up to any other Bond films as well as to other recent "spy type" movies like the Bourne trilogy. There was a good crowd at the first showing and a great crowd tonight. This Bond look like it may do well. They have enough faith that filming has already began on the next one. Can't wait.

I did not write much this week, because not a lot has happened. The Car is out of the shop, but the truck is in. New clutch needed. May get it back Monday. If I can afford it. Amy was offered and has accepted a new job. I'll have more on that later I think. They are in the mountains this weekend, but should be home in time for homegroup. I will not likely see them myself cause I am working production this Sunday. We met them for supper last night in of all places Statons. It was good, but I can still smell it in my clothing.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Did you see myDawgs today? Oh OH OH !! Woof Woof!! Can you believe it. After the unusual year and the extreme times, here are my Dawgs facing rivals Auburn who while ranked at number 5 are beginning to sniff a little of that National Championship air. So what do they do? Only put up a show of power in scoring 37 points that stunned the Tigers ( War Eagles ?? ) and sent them "back to their mothers" , as my niece Katlyn says. Final score in an amazing, keep this game tape upset. 37-15. GOOOOO DAWGS !!
Clemson won. I watched the Tigers while taping the Georgia game. About wore the writing off my remote button. The Clemson game was a good one if you really like football. Clemson won beating N.C. State 20 to 14. I am so glad to see this weekend turn out very much better than last week. Now a week off for both my teams. One more good game to get a quality bowl.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Homegroup Trivia Night at NewSpring. We decided to go. Had a good time. It was held upstairs in the membership class room. We had some of our group members there. Alvin and Sheila, Amy & Joel, Kristie and me. To help round us out we had a couple from another group also. Goldie and Deb. I think. None of us had ever met them but they were very nice. She was an accountant too. Working at Green and Company. We did pretty well for our first time. 5th place out of twelve teams. It was a lot of fun. I'll go again. There was coffee, soft drinks, pie, cake, cheese cake, cookies and so on. I did not eat anything because Kristie and I had just come from the cafe' at A.U. Where we stuffed ourselves. Well I stuffed myself, she did a much better job eating like a normal human. Me I eat everything I can see.

Afterwards we ran over to Bloom to pick up a few things. And who do you think we saw? Amy & Joel. I missed little Monk. Trivia night was no kids so she stayed with Nana Heard.

Tomorrow Clemson and Georgia are on TV. I'll watch one and tape one. Go Tigers - Go Dawgs .

Later Carolina plays Florida on TV also. I may watch at that one.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Anderson University Lady Trojans Basketball team played an exhibition game last night with the Clemson Lady Tigers. It was their third division 1 ACC game in five days. While no one really expected A.U. to win the lady's gave them a great game. Clemson never really could let-up but in the end just wore the A.U. girls down with so many players . You know a division 2B school facing a division 1 ACC school is a little like facing a charging rhino, but our girls did us proud. Clemson, Wake and Duke all will have to now admit we have a great Basketball team at A. U. Coach Jeff Dow and his staff are doing a fine job Oh the A.U. crowd was good despite the lack of serious advertising and the very bad rainy night.
I was going to fly today, but I had a message late last night from R.K that the plane was broken. I called him and found that Joy was going to try to get it to the shop at Clemson ( with Sam's approval ) to have a brake fluid leak checked. I finally got in touch with Joy and she was glad I could take the plane over. After a mad dash to get ready I was flying to Clemson. Well they fixed it . It took four and a half hours. The left brake was leaking at the fitting, so Randy tried to reset it. That did not work so he filed it off and tried again. It cracked so he filed it again, it cracked. By the forth try they ended up changing the brake line all together. Then to top it they would not let us pay. Sam, Russell B and I agree we should at least pay the shop something, so we are going to insist.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Talk about going out with a bang. The final soccer game of the season was tonight. Our little Tigers put on a show. It was cold but that did not seem to bother them like the last time. They had energy and worked together like a team. Final score they won. 9-5 . WOW I have never seen so many goals. That wraps up the season and their record is 8 wins 2 losses. Not bad. I will miss the kids, but Ashley has now signed up for basketball. As always Ashley had a big following. Her Mom & Dad and Both sets of grandparents, April and two cousins of Mr Heard who were visiting from Texas And naturally Kristie and Me...Fan # 1.
Took the Grand Am to the shop today. The A/C had compressor had ceased-up. We did not fix it. Yet!!! It is going to cost over $750 and it is still going to be an old worn out car. Kris and I must think about it and decided if we want to risk throwing good money after bad. Or if it would be better to bite the bullet and find a newer car.
The 'Lil ZOO' go to the shop tomorrow. The clutch pedal is not returning all the way to the top like it should. Bad spring or bracket I hope.
Tomorrow is election day. Voting at the new school. Then tomorrow night the Lady Trojans B*ball team play an exhibition game at Clemson in LittleJohn. This will be the second time they faced off. And our girls almost beat them last year. Goooo A.U.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Update; Mom came home Saturday afternoon. She's doing fine. Kristie and I are going to dash down and take her dinner after first service, then dash back for homegroups.

This is my beautiful and amazing wife. I love you sweetie !

First it was Hart County, then Clemson, then U of Ga. Guess you could say this weekends football of interest tanked. On Friday night Hart County played the most anticipated game of the year. Stephens County the traditional rivals who were also still undefeated in regional play. Hart County was highly ranked in the state and was picked to win. But only slightly. Stephens who has won five of the last six and three in a row had other ideas. When it was over Hart County was handed a defeat. 17-34.
Next Up, Clemson. We went to the game today. Ashley was a junior Tiger Twirler for the day. She got to go out on the field and do her thing. She is so cute. It was a long day, starting with meetings and practice for the kids at 8:30. And cold for the adults left outside in the shade. But we shivered our way through it. Amy, Joel and Mrs Heard, along with Kristie and me. After watching a few minutes we drove to our tail gate spot. Right in the new West End Zone lot. April, Jeffrey and Grandmother met us there. Amy and Ashley marched with the Tiger Band before the game. One other high point was seeing Mrs Tommy Bowden. We also saw Perry and Lucretia . I kidded with Perry that he wore purple warm-up after his blog Friday said he'd wear orange.
Clemson lost a back and forth game in the last second to a Maryland field goal. final score 12-13.
I had my Ipod on for a lot of the Georgia game and they too last in the last few minutes. After the Dogs leading most of the way Kentucky scored and won in the last seconds 20-24.
Next week...Has to be better. With one more victory, Georgia will become the 11th program in Division I-A with 700 all-time wins. The Bulldogs have played 1,131 total games since 1892, the sixth most in Division I-A.

The sports bright spot of the week was Monk's soccer win back on Monday.
See you at NewSpring tomorrow.

BTW the photo of Ashley is from last years event. It was a lot warmer

Friday, November 03, 2006

Tonight is volunteer night at NewSpring. What a great time. When we got there they had the staff outside cheering us as we arrived. Made us feel like celebrities. Inside they had beautiful lighting and two food lines. Pretty tasty roast beef rolls, and chicken fingers, salads and Mac & cheese. Then it was inside for the band, prizes and some great stories about the volunteers. Perry did a wonderful job expressing how important we all are to God's work. Talk about charging Hell with a water pistol. After it was back to the lobby for cake and coffee. Great night. Thanks NewSpring Staff we love you.
The A/C in the Grand Am is acting like it wants to cease up and stop turning. I parked it until Monday when it goes to the shop. Then on Friday night I noticed my clutch pedal is not springing back all the way when pressed. Guess the truck goes to the shop Tuesday. When it rains it pours.
A quick note. Mom did fine in her surgery and expects to come home saturday. Thank you, those who are praying.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Flags Of Our Fathers". I went to see this tonight with Dan, Joel and Danny. We all agreed it was a good film. A story that should be told. Parts of the movie are gritty, but never overdone. It's a well done film showing war as it really is. Ugly, frantic, confusing, frustrating and very sad. And worst of all filled with special interest. Paul Haggis ( Due South and the coming 007 Casino Royale ) wrote the screenplay and did a good job. It stayed true to the book. The music is haunting as done by Clint Eastwood , as well as his son Kyle. Be sure you stay for the credits where they show some actual photos of the times and people so don't leave when the lights go up.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mom came through her hip replacement surgery just fine. It was fast. But since they got started late she was still struggling to awaken when we all had to leave. Todd the pastor from Liberty was there early but had to go to get ready fro Wednesday night services. He called back to check on her three times however. Janet came in as soon as she could get away from work, as did Aunt Sue, Uncle Talmadge and Aunt Eloise. Dad was staying overnight. Thanks for the prayers everyone.

It is about an hour and a half drive to Saint Mary's from home. Along very dark back woods roads. I worried about deer all the way last night, and never saw a single one. But wouldn't you know it? Sixty feet before me driveway there they were. Six or Seven jumped right out. It is the close. I left skid marks right in front of my yard light. All that driving and a near miss right at home.