Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We just returned from the funeral home over in Georgia where we were visiting the family of one of Kristie's best friends Teresa. "Risser's" father passed away last night and visitation was tonight. There was a large crowd. Baron was well loved, around the community. We stood in line just to speak to the family for over an hour and fifteen minutes.

While we were there I was thinking how Baron ( the deceased ) had been right there at same place just two nights ago, visiting along with the rest of us on Monday. Now it's Wednesday night and we are visiting him.

I know it sounds cliché but we are never promised tomorrow. I have always believed that, but tonight's events really brought that to the forefront of my thoughts.

As the sayings go, the only things certain in life, are death and taxes. Tomorrow may never come.

What have you been putting off? Who do you need to make amends with? Have you told your husband, wife and kids how much you love them. Maybe spending more time together would be a good idea. Why don't you call your mom or dad and just simply thank them for everything they mean to you? There are thousands of things like that we need to remember.

We all know people who are hurting. Take a moment and remember them in your prayers tonight, then do something special for them tomorrow. I am sure we all know people who are lost. It might be a friend, a co-worker or maybe someone you just met. Tell them about Jesus. Show them Gods love through your life. Invite them to church and offer to pick them up. It'll only take a moment. It could last forever.

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