Thursday, June 26, 2008

Now that’s hungry.

A couple weeks ago a local lake was making the news. But it’s not the type of publicity that draws a lot of tourist. Several people have spotted an alligator. It now appears that there is more than one lurking in the waters of Broadway Lake. Not that unusual in the far southern coastal areas of South Carolina, but unheard of here in the foothills area of the upstate.

Residences of the area are concerned. “I mean the water’s dangerous enough without a gator,” said one mother. Children and pets play in and around the water, especially in the cooler evening hours. Just about the times when the gators ranging from 3 to 5 feet long have been sighted. But are there bigger ones?
It gets better or worse depending on your view point ( and distance inland from the shoreline. )

A couple nights after the gators were first sighted a custom-designed boat dock has mysteriously disappeared.

It’s not known if there is a connection but the $2,500 structure could not be found even after searching the entire lake.

Maybe the gator ate it.

One thing for sure Old Wally Gator is going to get bigger either way.

Park Rangers will be attempting to trap the alligators.

The worried mom is quoted as saying, “…sounds like a good plan to her”
So far, after a week long search neither gator nor dock has been found

Must be one big gator



Phika said...

Trying to picture an alligator eating a dock.
Not working.

Charles said...

Yeah but it would make a great "BAD" movie