Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Prayer Request update.

background story

He's arrived in Germany and is stable. And was able to speak with the family on the phone. The shrapnel has been removed but due to concerns he is being airlifted to California for more treatment.

Please continue to remember this in your prayers.

I am a member of the Prayer team at NewSpring and I just received this Praise Report !!!:

  • Holly - my son, Bryce, accepted Christ at Summer Blockbuster!

Blockbuster was amazing.

Monday, July 30, 2007

We have a friend who is in Iraq.

He is in the Marines and is in a very dangerous area. He truly needs our prayers. Just a couple weeks ago while on patrol he was hit by rifle fire. The shot bruised him pretty good and left him very sore but alive. The shot hit hard enough to burst his water bottle ( actually a CamelBak ) that was under his armor. In fact at first he thought the wetness was his blood. Thank God for the protection and for the body armor he was wearing. It prevented what should have been a fatal shot. His story is so interesting that it was printed in the Navy Times.

Now just a short time later we just got word his Jeep ( Hummer or some other vehicle ) was hit by a bomb, shell or mine, we don't know yet. He was injured but not life threating we have been told. However they are airlifting him to Germany to the Army hospital there for more treatment.

PLEASE add him and all the troops to you prayer list.

The danger is REAL there folks.
Great Price Alert !!

If you can use a small capacity flash drive I found a bunch of Imation 512 mb flash drives with handy clip at Target in Anderson. $ 5. 74 each in three colors Black, Red and and a light Blue

I use these smaller ones to store music for my car so I bought several.

They are on an end cap near the film.

Product details:
  • Clips securely to your bag, briefcase, backpack, or belt loop
  • Detachable water-resistant case
  • Rubberized exterior protects drive from damage
  • External write protect switch
  • Includes three write-on labels
  • Password protection software included (not compatible with Mac OS)
  • Compact flash drive fits easily in your USB port
  • Five-year limited warranty

Size (LxWxH): 75mm x 29mm x 10mm

Sunday, July 29, 2007

This weekend Kris and I rented a couple movies. We hadn't done that in a long time. So long in fact our membership had lapsed. But we got reentered into the system.

I had seen the preview for "The Holiday" on my Nacho dvd. It looked interesting. It was. In fact I will not be content with watching it once. It was a keeper. I will buy a copy asap. "The Holiday" stars Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Eli Wallach, Ed Burns and Jack Black. It's a romantic comedy about two women, one rural England, one from LA, who exchange homes for a couple weeks vacation.

A keeper.

The second movie we rented was the "Pursuit of Happyness".

It's based on the true story of a man struggling to get ahead in life and to over come unbelievable odds. We managed to miss this one at the theaters and had wanted to see it. Will Smith did a wonderful job as did his real life son Jaden. This is a movie to encourage you when you think you can't go on.

Yes Happyness is misspelled. That is explained in the movie.

Check it out.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kristie always says my birthday celebrations never end. Well it seems to me she is receiving the same treatment.

Last night was party number 4 of at least 6 in her honor.
And that is just the one's I know of.

This one was was with the family at her parents home and included dinner.
Pork chops, taters, Lima beans, home made biscuits, and homemade chocolate pie with meringue on top.

Nothing more to say, except I am still full.

Friday, July 27, 2007

We finally were able to get Ashley to the movies last night. Ratatouille was pretty good. Ashley said she liked it and I heard her laugh out loud at several points. But to be honest I believe the story was not filled with enough slap stick for younger kids. There were no moments that were unsuitable, but I think the story line was aimed more at older kids and adults. I mean how many children truly know what Foie gras is? I suspect they would choose a Happy Meal every time over say... The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York

No matter there were plenty of fun moments. After all who doesn't like a computer animated cartoons featuring a Rat as the puppet master of a chief in a kitchen? BTW the attention to detail made this animation truly great. And the talk of all the food made me hungry for a
5 star meal. As much as I enjoy the all you can eat nights at Sizzler, I remember eating at Martel's ( my personal culinary hero ) years ago and thinking Quality always trumps Quantity.

We had a good time and afterward ate and played until we dropped at Chic-fil-A . Ashley's choice in dining. Have you ever tried the salad with Raspberry dressing? yummy!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our Homegroup has another addition. A boy was born to Ben and Mahalie today. No name picked yet. ( Guys act quickly, Alvin and I are favoring Billy Bob )

This is the groups second baby in a week. This makes two boys. A regular population explosion going on for us NewSpringer Spaniels.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I think it turned out well enough in the end.

Though it was almost a disaster.

Kristie said that in light of her work schedule she'd rather stay at home for her birthday dinner and grill steaks. ( Bless her, what a great-godly woman. )

About halfway through the cooking I was going to move the grill, just a little, maybe two feet so I could see it better from the shade. After all it was One Hundred fifty-eight out there. When I reached over and started to move it the wheel BROKE OFF . We have a fairly nice 6-7 year old mid priced gas grill with two wheels on one end. The wheels are made of hard plastic.
Guess what happens to plastic after time. Dry rot. The wheel, which looked fine just shattered and crumbled. And the grill started falling. Remember the fire was hot. I was lucky that the wooden shelf on the end was strong. I grabbed the end and held up the grill while pondering what to do. I was home alone at the time. Luckly the MacGyver in me kicked in. I saw metal soup can that catches the drippings and yanked it off the hanger and used that to prop the grill up temporarily while I searched for a safer solution. In my great pile of stuff in the garage ( a guy thing ) I found a block of wood just the right size.

And the steaks turned out fantastic.

Gotta figure out a new set of wheels now.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On this day just a short few years ago my beautiful, amazing wife was born.

I truly believe she was made for me by God.

There no words that could even come close to describe what she means to me nor is there any way I can express my love to her fully.

So I'll just sum it up by saying Happy Birthday to my dream woman, best friend, and partner.

My life would not be complete without you.

I love you with all my heart.

You are a Smokin' HOT babe.

Monday, July 23, 2007

We were trying to get Ashley to the movies with us tonight to see Ratatouille . Maybe later this week. So I think my sweetie and I will just relax and maybe watch a video together tonight.

Tomorrow is a SPECIAL day...stay tuned.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My wife has not had a lot of time on her hands lately. Her work recently has been overwhelming. But she loves to cook as do I. Today she returned to the kitchen and reminded me how amazing she is. She is an artist when preparing a meal. Roast, with new potatoes and carrots. and all the trimmings. Right down to the chocolate fudge covered peanut butter brownies covered in Ice Cream and whipped cream.
I thought I cooked pretty good, but I am humbled.

She actually cooked two full meals. A Pizza tot casserole for Amy, Joel and Monk. They just got home from the hospital with little Blake who will have to wait a while longer before he eats the brownies. He's just 4 days old after all. But I think he KNEW they were good.

She once again proved that in the kitchen she is the master and I am still a student. YUM !!!

We went to the 4:15. After working cam the past couple Sundays and the whole week of Blockbuster I felt a little lost to just be sitting in the services. But it was good. Gary Lamb from Atlanta spoke and reminded us again how unusual our church is.

Teresa, Samantha and Andrew came to the 4:15 as well. And Kevo tagged along with Samantha.

Surprise !!

We all stood outside nearly an hour just talking. Then it was home for a replay of lunch then early to bed for us.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Case Closed !
Mystery solved.
Here is what happened.

Sheriff Gil is missing. Only we know he went to the mines in search of answers. Henry, Kitty, Sally and John, head off that way looking for Sheriff Gil and maybe along the way to solve the other mysteries. In the mine they find a tub of real Sarsaparilla. They then understand that someone has been making Sarsaparilla and tricking them. Henry finds a pair of boots to replace his that were damaged unaware they are special made to create " Sarsaparillasquatch" tracks. They run around following the tracks he himself made and run right into the Sarsaparillasquatch. But it is clear that it is just Stiff dressed in a costume. They hold Stiff and question him, but Sally is taken and tied-up by Tom Troublesome. Sheriff Gil saves her and captures Tom. About that same time the others stumble upon them. Caught red-handed Tom Troublesome admits his wrong doing, and repents, asking for forgiveness. He agrees to repay all the money he stole and to change his evil ways. In the end Tumbleweed Tom Troublesome even changes his name to Montana Mike and lives the rest of his life for God.

The Summer Blockbuster was a total success. We averaged over 1000 kids a night. The final numbers will be out in a few days. But that is near 6,000 chances to change lives. To create as Pudge put it in his blog :
  • A lifelong MEMORY for them!
  • That MEMORY being 3 fold: God loves me, Jesus wants to be my friend and the church is a place that’s fun and where people care about me!
  • If kids get that MEMORY ingrained in them for 6 years (K-grade 5)…WOW, that difference alone is MONUMENTAL!

Friday, July 20, 2007

My vacation time in Sarsaparilla City is drawing to a close. Tonight is the final night. It's been exciting.

We've had explosions. The jail was blown up. Yes Stiff McHenry, one of the Fuzzy Tooth gang, was sprung via an exploding birthday cake with creamy white frosting. It nearly killed Henry Happy. And somehow Ms Kitty's famous Sarsaparilla recipe is missing. And the town has no more real Sarsaparilla. The bad guy, Tumbleweed Tom Troublesome, controls the Sarsaparilla mines and is planning to take over the town and set new rules. He is trying to drive off the citizens and scare them out by playing on their fears of the dreadful Sarsaparillasquatch. He claims to have fought the creature and obtained a supply of
" gen-u-wine" Sarsaparilla. Now he hopes to drive Kitty Kalhoon out of business by opening his own Saloon and serving real Sarsaparilla, which interestingly taste just like Kitty's old recipe.

Can Sheriff Gil solve this series of crimes and save the day? Will Mayor Worrisome and the town forgive them and can the town recover? Are Sally and John Steadfast getting together?

What is the Mystery Train everyone hears but no one sees?

Whatever happens, please Please Don't drink any of Bart's new Healthsparilla drink. It's made from broccoli juice, green tea, soda water, and coffee. The taste is aweful enough to make you wonder if he is trying to kill you.

Oh Everybody STILL Dances a Lot.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Breaking News

I am an UNCLE !!!!

Again ( 5th time )

Little Blake was born today at 6 lbs 6 oz. Mother and Baby are doing fine.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I've been spending my nights this week in Sarsaparilla City. It's Summer Blockbuster time at NewSpring and I am having as much fun as the 9,456,235 kids are. Well ok we don't have quiet 9 million children but they are a massive crowd.
The Secret of Sarsaparilla City day one is complete. Let's see now what been going on:

  1. New Sheriff hired
  2. I found out why Sarsaparilla is so good.
  3. Ms Kitty was kidnapped and tied up in elevator shaft in the old mine.
  4. She was rescued in the nick of time
  5. And there is in invisible Mystery Train passing by from time to time

If you thought "who Shot J.R. " was a good cliff hanger, you will love this

I can hardly wait until tonight.

Monday, July 16, 2007

50 Most Influential Churches in America

the list

Look who slipped in at number 21 ... Awesome !!
Yesterday was a blast. On Saturday night when Kristie and I got home from our flying adventures I had a message waiting on voice mail. Could I fill in running camera at church in the morning services? I love hanging with the production team so sure I could. Funny after the second service I had this feeling I should remind them I would be at church again that night, and anytime I was needed ...etc. Just as I got there Ken
( AvClub ) was hanging up the phone. The call was from a team member who could not make it. So I found myself filling in on camera 4 for the evening. I never ran camera four before. It is the only mobile camera we have and it is right down front. I was slightly nervous. But the team were kind and helpful and I got through it. It was so much fun. I really hope to train a little more and to run it again soon.
Joel was my grip and without him I could not have done it I am sure. Thanks my friend.
So I got to hear Steven Furtick ( our guest speaker ) four times. He is great so I enjoyed all four services. I've been reading his blog for a while now and he is on fire and leading a growing church that rocks.
We ran into Dennis and Brenda at Firehouse Sub after church. They are such a hoot. Funny stories and tales of jokes on campus and about city officials. Dennis is City councilman and runs the physical plant at the University. He and his wife are just an all around fun couple.
We were also rubbing elbows with the stars too. Burton 'Bubba' Gilliam ( Blazing Saddles, Fletch ) and Johnny Mann two time Grammy winner were there along with their families. Both are still active in movies and music. Seems they live here in Anderson, now and commute back to Nashville and Hollywood.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our friends Paula and Jeremy have Jeremy's younger brother Jason visiting from Puerto Rico the past few weeks. Jason has never flow in a true small plane. Back home he has flow in a nine seat twin of a local commuter airline, but never a single engine general aviation plane. And since he is only visiting the area and here just for few more days we wanted to get him up for a birds-eye view of the Upstate. It was cloudy and there were a few very light scattered showers around but it was otherwise a perfect time. It was nice and smooth ( no storms ) and cooler too.

We had a great time seeing the local area and around Clemson, Pendleton and we were even able to spot and photograph the construction of their new home.

Later this afternoon Kristie and I flew to Winder to the Spitfire Deli. If you read my blog you already know how I rave about Celia and her food.

Spit Fire Deli Post

We had to dodge a few harder showers and the new weather radar feature on the plane was fantastic. Winder doesn't report weather and as we got closer it was obvious they were having a hard shower at the airport. So we diverted to a nearby small rural air field to wait about 20 minutes for the cloud to pass.

As always Ian and Celia hit a grand slam with the food and we returned to Anderson stuffed and very happy.

No supper was needed as we watched a little Pink Panther action on DVD and relaxed.

Had a message waiting so I am filling in on camera tomorrow morning so I guess I need to get some sleep here in a few minutes.

"Good night all "

I managed to avoid walking under a ladder with my umbrella open while holding a black cat. Nothing evil or even slightly odd happened to me yesterday. In fact it was a nice day. The only excitement around me was the old mill catching on fire. It is several miles away but we spotted the heavy smoke around 10:45 - 11:00.

Although her Audits and extra long hours are far from over Kris and her office reached the first milestone. So she took most of the day off. Even still she had over 55 hours this week. We used the time off to relax and since it was cool to sit on the back deck and watch the smoke rise from the mill fire.

Actually she relaxed somewhat but with her laptop reviewing something from the office. Still a chase lounge chair on the deck beats the office. I caught-up on a few household choirs then joined her.

Amy, Joel and Ashley finally made it here for dinner and the long scheduled making of monkey bread. Little Monk, love helping Kristie with that and has been asking for a night for weeks. Finally everyone was well and all the schedules met. It was a nice time and so very very long over due.

Has anyone remember the old movie "Saturday the 14th" ?

Today is the real day to fear.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Today is friday the 13th.

A day full of danger and fear. Ok it's just a silly superstition. It's a funny source of amusement more than anything else. We all make jokes about Friday the 13th and kiddingly instruct everyone to use greater caution.
Still there are some who allow their fears to prevent them from engaging in activities, people who suffer from the phoebia Triskaidekaphobia or fear of the number thirteen.
Why is Friday regarded as bad luck — some theories link it to Christian events such as the Crucifixion.

Friday was alluded to as bad as far back as the late 14th century in the Canterbury Tales("And on a Friday fell all this is chance"), but most references generally start around the mid-17th century:

* "Now Friday came, you old wives say, Of all the week's the unluckiest day." (1656)

* Beginning a sea voyage: "Sailors are many of them superstitious . . . A voyage begun [on a Friday] is sure to be an unfortunate one." (1823)

* Getting married: "As to Friday, a couple married on that day are doomed to a cat-and-dog life." (1879)

* Starting a new job: "Servants who go into their situations on Friday, never go to stay." (1923)

The reason behind the number thirteen is similarly obscure. There are many different sources, the most common stemming from, the Last Supper, at which Judas Iscariot was said to have been the thirteenth guest to sit at the table.

* "The old story runs, that the last individual of the thirteen who takes a seat has the greatest chance of being the 'doomed one'." (1839)

By the late 19th century the superstition surrounding thirteen had become even more general, with people going out of their ways to avoid anything designated by the number thirteen, such as hotel rooms.

Once again this was avoided by renumbering of rooms in hotels, and misnumbering the floors above the 12th floor in multi-story buildings so that the 13th floor became the 14th floors.

I do not believe in Luck good or bad in the traditional way. I do believe in random events that can be shaped by actions of self and others ( in that we make our own luck )

I hope you have a great day today and get a kick out the jokes.

But please don't think it serious.

BOSTON and Brad's family expects to announce the details of a tribute concert within the next few days.

BOSTON is headlining and will play a short set planning to perform six or seven songs at the Aug 19th show.

Other Artist will be :
Michael Sweet (Stryper)
Mickey Thomas (Jefferson Starship)
Sammy Hagar

Also invited are :
Barry Goudreau
Fran Sheehan
Fran Cosmo
All former members of BOSTON who will join the group on stage for the last song, "Don't Look Back," which will be sung by Fran.

Boston Web site

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A couple days ago I finally went to see Oceans Thirteen. I was disappointed. Ok so I had read the reviews and expected it to be a pale shadow of the first one. With a few exceptions it was disappointing even after my lowered expectations. One big problem with Ocean's Thirteen is that the plot itself isn't believable. For the most part the acting was poorly done, like on remote control. And I did not like the editing. It jumps from scene to scene in a jarring manor. And there are just too many characters!
So many things could have been done just slightly different and saved the thing. But worst of all was the misuse and/or under use of Ellen Barkin She is such a great presence and was forced into such a small poorly written part.
I think the movie was forced and overly complicated for no reason other than to be complicated. Also I was never felt threatened by Al Pacino's Willy Banks, and nether were the Oceans gang. He was like a comic book gangster. And Elliott Gould's accent was ...B.A.D. bad! He's better than that. All in all I think this was just a filler for everyone involved. A wallet filler for some. I wonder just where the $100,000000 went?

Save your money

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Help Wanted: Twelve virtual "astronauts"

The selected candidates will precipitate in a simulated trip to Mars. Although the positions require a full time commitment this is to be considered a part time job. Successful candidates will be paid 158 dollars pr day. It job will last for 520 days.
Candidates will spend the 17 months in an isolation tank on Earth comprise a series of interlocked modules. They will face simulated emergencies, daily work routines and experiments, as well as boredom and, no doubt, personal friction from confinement in just 550 cubic metres (19,250 cubic feet), the equivalent of nine truck containers.
The test will be conducted in near total isolation. Once the doors are closed tight, the volunteers will be cut off from all contact with the outside world except by a delayed radio link. Communications with the simulated mission control and loved-ones will take up to 40 minutes, the time that a radio signal takes to cross the void between Earth and a spaceship on Mars.
Food will comprise mainly the packaged stuff of the kind eaten aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

The Job is expected to begin in late 2008 or early 2009.

Men and women who think they have the right stuff can download the application form

Lets see... Get paid $ 81 grand to live in a large ultra high-tech mobile home, no bosses, In-laws, Out-laws, nor telemarketers calling just as I sit down to eat my FREE meals. No junk mail offers, no spam offers. And the down side is??

Sign me up !!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jane challenged me to write about my first few cars.

My first car wasn't really mine, totally. A young airman who worked under my dad in the flight simulator crew ran into some serious trouble and spent some time in the brig. It involved a girl and being AWOL for a couple weeks. He also owed a lot of money so he signed over his car to my dad who was his supervisor and sponsor, in order to keep from losing it permanently. It was a really hot Celica. Dad told me not to become attached because in a couple months we were going to "sell " it back, but I could drive it around. My dad had a way of teaching lessons so he set up a token "payment plan" and I had to pay for the insurance and up keep too. In those days a Celica was fast and very cool and sports car like. I thought all the " payments " I put into the car were gone but dad gave them back to me when the guy got out , payed his debts and reclaimed it. I used the returned money as a down payment on my second car. ( cool lesson huh )

On my second car I went insane. It was a 1969 Torino Cobra. The biggest fully blown racing engine that was legal made this monster amazing ( 428 ). I kept it two weeks. I was afraid of it. Way to powerful and way hard to handle. I never could keep from burning tires and fish tailing it. But it was uhh wow.. bad. Richard Petty raced one these in NASCAR and liked the monster. But it humbled me.

Next came a 69 Camero SS 350. Still very cool and fast, but much more practical. ( and quieter mom said ) I drove it four or five months and saw 100 plus several times. ( kids really need VW's ) I sold it to my friend right before we moved and within two days he rolled it three times. You just don't jerk a car to dodge a rabbit at 110 mph. He nor his passenger were seriously hurt. The car was.

My first post California car was a '70 Mustang. 1969 and 1970 saw slightly bigger, beefed-up Mustangs. About the size of the Camero with slightly better performance. My first car I ever really fell in love with. I kept it until 2004. It was my sweetie for 28 years. It went from AM radio to 8-track to MP3 with me. Yes it had a big V8 too, and was faster and far lighter than the Camero. A Mustang collector now has my babe. Shined up like new and sitting in a climate controlled room on display.

Currently I am up to driving vehicle number 19 or 20. My lil Zoo. It's not a demon of speed but I love my little pick-up. And it gets 892 miles pr gallon ( kidding..remember Joe Isuzu? ) .

Your turn. Tell us about your cars.
Got mom and dad over to see Evan Almighty. They loved it. We stopped by Chic-Fil-A on the way to the show. It is easy to see why they are the best fast food place around. Clean, fast and polite. And Tasty. Love their Shakes.
Unfortunately Kristie had her auditors in house so she had to join us last minute at the theater. But we all got a little visit in afterwards.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Things are still hectic here at my house. Kris is working insane hours, and I am farther behind than ever. We planned on having the Monk and her mom and dad over Friday night, to make monkey bread. She asks about it every time she sees us. But Ashley got sick and the doctor had her home in bed. We are going to try again this Friday. Time's running out. Blake is due in a couple weeks. Being honest it was for the best to put it off. I hate Ashley being sick, but we needed a night off.
We did hit Ruby Tuesdays and I made a hog of myself at the salad bar. Took the burger home for later. Yum !
On Saturday we went to Mom and Dad's in Georgia. Mom's older brother, Harvey was visiting. On the way we stopped off in Hartwell to pick-up Kristie's dad. His family in Toccoa were having a get together also and the doctor has not yet released him to drive. Kristie dropped me at my parents and took him on up to the dinner. They came in to visit a short while on the way back when they picked me up. BTW mom had fixed the best BBQ ribs. MMMMmm.
Sunday I was working camera in the morning services and as always had a great time. I am truly thankful for my church.
After church Kristie and I went to Mishima and brought half of it home. Don't worry I'll eat it before you blink. Then we both fell asleep on the couch. Around 6:30 we got up and had a very lite snack then we watched Bean the Movie. It was on our minds after seeing previews for the new one. After we watched a couple episodes of the Mr Bean series. At 9:30 I looked Kris in the eye and said " Let's go to bed... I am tired" She agreed and we were fast asleep by 9:40. We are such an exciting couple.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Evan Almighty

This past Saturday after we all had a good meal at Master's Wok we hit AmStar... I'm sorry the Grand. Why bother with a name change?

Evan Almighty is a follow-up film from Bruce Almighty. To be honest even without Jim Carey, I liked it better than Bruce Almighty which was good. Evan has a good message, it was very funny, Wanda Sykes, Evan's asst. was hilarious (literally, every word out of that woman's mouth is hysterical).
I will admit that I was torn over going to see this movie. I was concerned the film would mock Christianity. Instead it was uplifting. I enjoyed myself from beginning to end. I would recommend this movie to anyone of any age. Bruce Almighty, while funny and having a good message was filled with overacting and sexual innuendos. Not so with this movie. It was wholesome and I did in fact walk out with a HUGE smile on my face. We need to stop making Christianity so boring, and laugh a little more. Because I'm sure that God gets a nice little chuckle Himself watching us. In fact I expect it happens often.

Go see it. It may not win an Oscar, but it'll put a smile to your face and keep you entertained for an hour and a half.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

My beautiful bride and I enjoyed some down time on the 4th. We purposely made no plans other than to fly Wednesday night and watch some fireworks.

We got up just after dark and it was like flying over a war zone. Fireworks everywhere. The controller kiddingly told me I'd better fly high as we taxied out. After I got airborne he asked me how it looked. Glorious !! We circled the Anderson area a couple times mostly near the airport, and saw hundreds. Then we turned toward Clemson, and Seneca where there were professional display underway. It's a view of the 4th unlike most people see. Beautiful. Kinda like mushrooms popping under your feet.

God Bless America. Happy 231st birthday

Scott rocked today you can read it HERE .
Whoo Hoo !! My 300th POST

I never expected to be here this long. I expected it to last maybe a couple of weeks before I lost interest But this is my 300th post.

I thought that maybe I'd write once every blue moon. Turns out I am posting almost every day. And I am having a great time doing it.

Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for your comments.

Actually I am something over 300 if you add in the few from my other
Tuesday came too soon. Kevin and I struggled to awaken before noon. We had stayed up until 3 am watching movies and talking the night away. But Tuesday was the day. We had called my dad, Kevin's granddad (aka " GP ") to see if he wanted to fly with us to take Kevin home. We hopped in the plane and flew down to Franklin County airport, where we picked "GP" up. Then we flew on down to meet Kevin's mom. There were rain showers all around so we had to zig and zag a little to avoid the big ones but still flew through a few light showers. Actually it was great. Safe and the plane was dusty anyway. We arrived right on time. ( oops sorry that never happened before ) And we all had a fantastic lunch at the Spirfire Deli right there at the airport.
After a very good and filling lunch ( I needed hand trucks ) dad and I flew back to his airport and sat around on the airport porch swing for a while just talking. I had so much fun.
Then I flew on home and through another light shower near Hartwell to complete the plane washing.

When I landed and was putting the plane in the hanger the winch became stuck. It took me almost an hour to free and rewind the cable, but it is working now.

Kristie and I enjoyed the evening just sitting together and relaxing to some soft Jazz. Everyone should have a George Benson cd ready.
Monday morning it was raining hard so it was easy to sleep in a little. Kevin and I had been up until the wee hours watching movies anyway. I got up around 8:00 but let him sleep in until he woke at around 10:00. In the midst of the rain storm we decided to go to the gym. So we slowly drove there only to find we could not use it. So we headed to Wally World for supplies for supper. Kevin loves our tacos and he like making stuff too so we cooked together. We also spent several hours listening to cd's. Kevin is becoming very good on guitar and he played along on a lot of stuff.
I can see an amazing improvement over the past few months. He's getting very good.
We also watched a bunch of music DVD's. I think he was most impressed with Dream Theater and G3 live. But he was also blown away by Gary Moore. I guess good music played by amazing talents has no age limits.

We watched a couple more movies and just generally had a great time soaking up the time.
On Sunday we went to the 4:15 services. Kristie was working the media center, and had to arrive early, which gave Kevo and I time to hang around A-control and show him some of the stuff. It also gave us time for Pizza. After the partial tour and just hanging Kevin informed me if they would let him he just get a sleeping bag and sleep there. His quote was " a dream room " . It is a cool place.

Perry out did himself with one of his best ever sermons on Spiritual Warfare. It's another keeper ( as are all of them ) Janet called Monday night and told me she was loving it too from the web cast. I am so glad.

A message from Russell Brown was waiting us when we returned from church. Seems the storms late in the afternoon had damaged some planes at the airport. He needed me to check it out. So we grabbed the camera and raced over to find only one plane seriously damaged by a microburst. It had hit the plane broken the tie-down chains and flipped it over totaling it out. A few others were shaken around a bit but not damaged seriously. Our plane and hanger was not touched at all. But we did get a bunch of amazing photos of the plane being lifted by a crane and turned back over and of the fire fighters working to contain the fuel it spilled. I'll post some when they get developed.

Sunday night after we got home from the airport Kevin and I were talking about current movies and he said he wanted to see Ocean's Thirteen, but had not yet seen Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's 12. So that is how we spent the night. Up until the wee hours watching both. Now we are ready.
The weekends done, the fireworks shot and I am falling back into my routine.

The past few days have been full. It all started with a visit by my sister and her son. Kevo and Janet came Friday for the concert, and spent the night.

Speaking of the concert wasn't it fun? We had a crowd with us. Ashley and her friend Merritt. Karen and Curtis, 6 or 7 friends and co-workers of Curtis, Teresa, Samantha, and one of their friends ( everyone called him "mule" .. he was a big one ) Kevin, and Janet and Kristie and me.

On Saturday after Janet, Kevin got up and going I made everyone a huge breakfast lunch combo. We hung out, listened to music and caught up on stories and then watched Nacho. Wish I could spend more time with my sis. Janet headed home late afternoon but Kevo stayed with Kristie and me for a few days.

On Saturday night we invited Teresa and Samantha back over to dinner and to go to the movies. Seems that at the concert Samantha and Kevin found some attraction so we all figured to play matchmaker.

It turned out we all agreed to Master Wok and then AmStar. We picked Evan Almighty. And had a great time. Evan is a fantastic movie and I will blog a little more about it shortly.

After the movie we headed back to the house but sent the " kids " ( Kevin & Samantha ) by the store to get ice cream. We wondered if they could find the house since they both live out of state, or if they would even try? lol But they soon returned full of giggles ( good sign ) and carrying two gallons of cream. When added to the personal stash that gave us 6 flavors. We ate cream and sat around talking for hours. Teresa is Kristie's life long best buddy, and trust me they NEVER are at a loss for words.

to be continued ...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

I have a house guest this weekend. So posting will be delayed.

Did you go to the concert? It was great.