Thursday, July 17, 2008

Remember the famous Adventurer and Aviator Steve Fossett who went missing last year?

If you remember he went missing after taking off from a private airport in a two-seat Bellanca Decathlon. A massive search-and-rescue effort was launched... unfortunately, those efforts failed to yield any sign of the multimillionaire aviator... and an Illinois judge declared Fossett
legally deceased February 15

Well the Nevada Governor Wants $687,000 from the estate.

Say What?


They are billing the widow, Peggy Fossett for the cost of the unsuccessful search to offset budget shortfalls.

The are actually sending a bill to the widow for the search.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

'So Sorry For Your Loss... Will That Be Visa Or MasterCard?'

Interestingly just a few days earlier state Emergency Management Director Frank Siracusa, noted,
"We do not charge the rich or the poor. You get lost, and we look for you. It is a service your taxpayer dollars pay for."

II think this sets a dangerous precedent. 'Sorry can’t rescue you until you pay.'


Phika said...

that's all i got to say

Phika said...

I tagged you!

Jane-Jane said...

I think that's a little crazy. now in the event of a known offender causing damage/expenses (like setting a forest fire, or a hoax that sets the law enforcement into motion) now THAT I think people should be held accountable for the cost. But an accident...nope. sorry, no visa or master card needed.

RYC...thanks for the deer repellent.I have heard of similar concoctions. and since we don't get much rain, I shouldn't have to use it often. :(
I am thankful that it is only a deer, and not bear like in the campground north of Seneca. Those guys are scary...not just damaging.