Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last night I resumed where I left off last winter, attending small eclectic concerts. Thomas Dolby was in Greenville last night. I am sure you remember him from his 80's mega hit "She Blinded Me with Science" If you don't you are either under 20 or you lived a music blocking igloo totally devoid of radio or tv since that time.

While I like that song and all it's quirkiness, it is his main body of work I really like. Thomas Dolby was truly on the cutting edge of synth/computer driven music. Actually he still is. I went to the show expecting it to be an mixture of oddly ambient music filled with strange obscure sound clips and driving rhythms programed into a somehow pleasing mosaic thought. In some ways it was indeed that. But what surprised me was how accessible and melody driven his music was. And diverse. Many of his tunes had influences of Imogen Heap, Bono, The Fixx, Mister Mister, Pink Floyd and New Orleans Bluesand maybe even a little Jónsi sprinkled over the entire mix. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise considering the wide range of artist he has worked with. Thomas is an amazing composer / musician I truly was excited to hear and see him live.

When you get time google Thomas Dolby's time machine. There is something interesting there for just about anyone.