Thursday, February 03, 2011

I love music. All kinds of music, rock, jazz, blues, soul, gospel, quartet, CCM, even a little country. But I guess we tend to favor the tunes and groups we grew-up with most.

Back in high school my friends enjoyed classic rock group like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and others. Around that time I began to notice an English guitar player with long reddish straight hair bobbed over the eyes in bangs. Boy could this guy play. Some of his earliest work was compared to Hendrix, and though I guess I can hear some sonic similarities, I think he developed a blues-hard rock style of his own. Robin Trower shared a educational background much like the other highly successful English bands of that era, art and music. And he had success in previous groups which was quickly duplicated as a solo artist. Quiet a few of his records have gone Gold

As his career progressed the music changed some, but never too far afield. His songs reflect life and it's normal issues, there are even several Christian themed songs in his mix. Like most of the great groups from that time I've collected his work. I've been privileged to see and hear a lot of those classic masters of rock but for one reason or another I never got to see Robin Trower live in person.

That changed last night. I finally got to be at one of his shows. He played in Greenville about 30 miles from my home in a small venue that was prefect. A couple of friends and I headed over in time to have dinner before the show. Actually we ate at the venue. They have an excellent cafe on site.

The opening act was fine playing a solo unplugged set of lively songs to a respectful crowd. One of the nice things about attending these type shows now is that the crowd is a little older and are there because they are actually music fans They attend because they love the artist and know every note ever played on every song. It's not just an excuse for a party like some shows these days. Another thing I LOVE is that the bands which stood the test of time, can actually play their instruments and still make great music using their decades of experience.

I had a fantastic time Robin and his band played a solid set of old and newer songs that lasted more than an hour and forty-five minutes, solid music, no time was wasted between songs. They just rocked.

Here is the set list for you real Trower fan out there.

Confessin' Midnight
Lady Love
Somebodys Callin'
Distant Places Of The Heart
Twice Removed From Yesterday
Life Of Clay
Day Of The Eagle
Bridge Of Sighs
Shame The Devil
The Turning
Too Rolling Stoned
Little Bit Of Sympathy

Rise Up Like The Sun
Not Inside Outside

If you get a chance to see them this tour take it, be there you will enjoy yourself at a clean clear well performed concert.

Thanks Robin Trower and band and Robin thanks for taking the time to autograph your new cd for me