Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Now here is a job I could do.

Flybe airlines of England signed a deal with the city of Norwich to carry 15,000 passengers into the city within a year. If they did they would earn a cash bonus from the city of 280 thousand pounds ($ 550,000)

Last week one week from the anniversary date they were falling short. So they hired temps and paid them to ride the plane. It cost the airline about 6,000 pounds. But they exceeded the minimum number so they got the bonus. Lets see spend around $ 15,000 to earn over a half million. Good business move.

Paying someone to ride a jet for a day. Yeah that is a job I could handle.
Kristie and I vacationed in Norwich and the surrounding area a couple years ago. It is a beautiful place.
Sign me up for next year.

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