Friday, July 11, 2008

On this past Tuesday Kristie got up and left for very early. She does that during audit time. I was still sleeping soundly when she departed. I finally awakened, stumbled to the kitchen, and not being a morning person barely saw a note which I struggled to read through sleepy eyes. After my coffee I could better make out its contents.
We had photos ready to be picked up from the photo lab. And would I stop by to get them while out and about.

I forgot.

So the scene was repeated again on Wednesday.

I forgot.

Well today I was up before she left for the office. “Please stop by and get the photo’s”, she asked

Going to the store three times in one week to pick-up photos, yet coming home without them twice is sad.

Looks like I have Brain Lock.


Phika said...

So...brain lock means like when you go to the kitchen and then talk to somebody and then go back to wherever then say oh I forgot to get that thing and then go back to the kitchen and open a bunch of cupboards and then think I have no idea what I'm doing here...?

Jane-Jane said...

so you do this too!?! I'll have to tell Jack....he thinks I'm the only one that suffers with this issue.

I had brain block on Thursday to the point of forgetting to have my coffee in the morning. Left the house around 9:15, got almost to my destination to hang with the ABRO kids...and realized why I was having a hard time waking up.

maybe we should have perry or jake lay hands on us and pray over our brians! And our spouses as they have to deal with us.

Jungle Mom said...

Oh boy! You are related to my husband.