Thursday, May 31, 2007

Reminder: Once in a blue moon tonight.

Save me some cake

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kristie's office closed out their year end today. Now her fun really starts. Because of some unusual events she has already been working a lot of over time hours for the past several months. Now it gets worse. It's annual audit time and the several factors mentioned above will add to it times three.

In contrast today was a very welcome slow day for me for once. Unless running the vacuum, duster and mop are your idea of excitement. I am doing a lot of cooking right now too. But that is fine because I love cooking.
I am trying to pitch in where I can. Naturally as a guy I don't see the things that need to be done with the same eye she does. But I am trying. And my sweetie is cutting me a lot of slack. Do me a favor if you drop by. Smile and try to pretend the brick-a-brak I placed wrong after dusting looks good arranged that way.

I did use some of the extra early evening hours to go up in the plane. I spent about 30 minutes cruising around the local area. I was using the new GPS as an excuse. Gotta learn it real time , right.?
Chapter two of the continuing saga is up

You can find it here

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Once in a Blue Moon". How often have you heard that phrase? Have you ever used it? Do you know where it started ?

Thursday night Once in a Blue Moon happens. It's where you have a full twice in the same month. It's an uncommon, though not truly rare occurrence. In fact, it occurs, on average, about every 32 months. And in the year 1999, it occurred twice in a span of just three months!

Other space related news.

Astronomers have discovered 28 new planets outside of our solar system, increasing the total known extrasolar planets to 236. Maybe the world of Trek is nearing.
My fellow blogger Pudge on his site Just Pudge had presented the idea of writing a story based on a plot outline.

Here is my version as the
first chapter .

Monday, May 28, 2007

8 unknown about me.

I love the movie Elizabethtown. There is a great line in it where the flight attendant says, " Trust Me, people are never as mysterious as the think they are."

Eight facts I have not written about my be hard to find. Or be very obscure, but since I was

1.I was trapped in a mountain cabin for four days because of a snow storm.

2.I can climb a coconut tree and open a coconut in under 5 minutes ( or could anyway )

3. Most of you know I am a pilot and have a small plane. But few of you are aware that I have broken the sound barrier in a jet at the AirForce Academy ( I was not the pilot ) . Also I have flown more than 100 hours in a B-52 simulator in full combat simulations. And have logged more than 80 hours in a Boeing Jet simulator. My dad was in simulators while in the Air Force. I once owned a C-47/DC-3 training simulator. It was about the size of a dodge van. Yes it worked.
4.I was arrested and spent a night in jail for " drag racing in a cemetary " The charges were dropped. We really were innocent. I think it was a joke on me , looking back.

5.I was threatened by a bear, bitten by a rattlesnake, and nearly killed by lightning within a two hour span once.

6.I am afraid of heights. But flying in a plane never bothers me. I do force myself to go up tall buildings like the the Sears Tower, and walk the Golden Gate Bridge and things of that nature as a test.

7.As a child we spent years living in locations without tv. We don't have cable, or dish, or even an antenna right now. I watch almost no broadcast tv to this day.

8.This one is not so secret. I want to move to the SouthEast coast of Alaska, buy Blake Island and build a home.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Just a couple weeks over eighteen years ago, I got a phone call one night. "What are you doing?" my sister started the same way she has started thousands of calls before and since. " Nothing much" I replied. The she says, actually I am here in Athens having my baby. " WHAT " I almost yelled. Yes I am in delivery room, I started my labor and they are getting me ready. My sister and I have never had a short phone conversation, and we continued to talk almost until the actual delivery. We hung-up and I jumped into the car to hurrying to meet my first nephew.

Kevin's high school graduation was Saturday in Athens at the University of Georgia arena.

They hold the local high school ceremonies there all on the same day. Kevin's OCHS was first at 9:45.

Kristie and I got up at 6 am to make the trip. After all it only happens once. And Kevo was an honors grad at that. I have no illusions. On that count he did not take after me. I was NHS ( National HillBilly Society )

After the graduation and countless photographs we all headed back to his house where all his Aunts, Uncles, their families, grandparents, and a group of his friends gathered for a big cook-out.

Kevin was the perfect guest of honor spending time equally with everyone. But what he had told me and his mom he really wanted to do most was for me and him to slip out and go see Pirates. It is a tradition for us. The first movie he and I ever went to together when he was a small child was Muppet Treasure Island. A Pirate movie. And naturally we have seen the Pirate's of the Caribbean flicks together several times each.

One of Kevin best friends out lasted most everyone else so late in the afternoon when most of the family had gone home the three of us indeed slipped off to see Captain Jack. Honestly, I am honored that two teenaged boys would let them selves be seen with Kevin's aged old uncle. And seen we were. Of the near 250 people in the theater I think 200 of them must have been his friends. Everyone was running up and wishing happy graduation. And one very cute girl, almost knocked Kevin down in her rush to hug him. ( maybe he takes after me in that...yeah sure )

Congrats Kevo,

Man you are one cool nephew and I hope we can spend a lot of time together this summer. You do know how to get to the airport at Winder don't you?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Would you be willing to travel to the ends of the earth and beyond for a friend? Pirates 3 opened today. And it seemed the entire cast from the first two movies were there. At the end of part two they were about to mount a rescue of Capt. Jack.

This is not a review...maybe later.... this movie deserves to be seen several times. I expect to see it again tomorrow with my nephew Kevo .... it's a tradition, and I hope to see it yet again Tuesday with Dan and Danny as we talked about at Spiderman. ( CALL ME )


A good movie will hook you within the first five minutes. Pirates 3 does that big time. In fact the first 15 minutes in Singapore were worth my ticket price.

Pirates has an interesting plot with a lot of twists and turns. I was never sure of who was with who. Every one has their own agenda. Rescuing Jack for most was a means to an end.

I figured out tiny plot pieces along the way and thought I had the whole thing figured out. I was wrong. It has just the right blend of tension and comedy sometimes within the same scene. I love the part where the British officer asks if Jack had a master Plan or just make it all up at the moment.

The effects were good and the locations were breath taking. And the interplay between characters was great. And the competition between all the pirate captains especially between Jack and Barbosa was well done. Watch for the scene with the telescopes. It almost had me sitting on the floor laughing.

The story line between Will and Elizabeth was interesting. Elizabeth never wore a dress that I remember.

Keith Richards was not what I had expected. But his brief time on screen was actually very good. He is Jacks father and I believed it. Older, rougher, and maybe wiser. Not as quirky as Jack yet strange in his own way.

The credits ran at least 8 -10 minutes and the number of names was massive.

Danny, you, Kristie and all my CPA buddies will be interested to know there were only 6 or so accountants listed ... I may have missed more. The credits were truly Massive .

Lee McDermont was listed as a stunt man. He's not fooling me with the"O" . Now I know what Lee is doing when he is away from NewSpring. Napoleon Dynamite indeed

Like all the Pirate flicks. Stay and Watch the credits..... There is a whole other scene after the are done and though the house was full only four of us saw the final part.

Yes they left it very very open for another Pirates in fact the pretty much hinted of the title.

I just got back from my appointment with Captain Jack. I've got to be somewhere so I have to run, but I will write more this evening.

This year is the 24th anniversary of the series and last week Canadian TV hosted a special. I am looking for a copy. Maybe YouTube in a few days Why is 24th so big? 24= 2-4 an inside show joke. ( the photo on the above right is from the special )

Bob & Doug McKenzie were created as a skit for the Canadian tv show "SCTV". Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis. The original intent was to protest government regulations calling for identifiable Canadian .

The Great White North”, staring Bob & Doug made them instant national heroes. They played stereotypical Canadian dim wits. Their dialogue was spiced with things like, “Eh?”, “Hoser”, and “Take off!” They guzzled beer, loved donuts and of course ate pounds of back bacon. They became so popular that “The Great White North remained in the SCTV lineup of skits until the end . Thomas and Moranis were eventually made members of the Order of Canada for their contribution to Canadian culture. They’ve been likened to Laurel and Hardy by the many.

They also produce two albums. In 1981, on a $5000 budget, Thomas & Moranis recorded “Great White North the album. Moranis insisted that a song be included. “Take Off” (featuring Geddy Lee of Rush) got plenty of radio play, and album sales soared. The album even made the Billboard top ten in The U.S.

In 1983 they starred in a film, “Strange Brew”along with Oscar winner Max Von Sydow. It became an overnight cult classic, and rumors of a sequel have floated around the Internet for years.

Okay, hosers, guess you’ll have to wait and see, eh?”

“Take off eh?”

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wanna buy a town?

Sibley, North Dakota is a city in Barnes County, North Dakota in the United States. The population was 46 at the 2000 census. Sibley was founded in 1959.

Sibley is located at 47°12′53″N, 97°57′55″W (47.214858, -97.965218) about 75 Miles Northwest of Fargo, ND
And it's for sale !! All in favor ?

Town For Sale

I am going to rename it. Suggestions?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jane posted this on her blog a little over a month ago and the last two paragraphes got me thinking.

Last spring while we were in Colorado a pair of Finches built a nest on top of our porch column. Normally I just knock down the beginnings of a nest, but since I was away, they finished and laid eggs. The four eggs hatched. I named the baby birds, Manny, Moe, Jack, and Vinny. Every day I watched from the window as they grew. They are still living in my tree, all four Finch Brothers.
So cool.
Gods creations are amazing.
New Post here

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Frampton Comes Alive II just came out on DVD. I had the cd since the 1995 release, but this is a treat. Recorded 20 years after the Frampton Comes Alive record set the world afire with Frampton Fever. It is not monumental like the first one in that it didn't change the way the industry looked at live records, but it is just as good of a performance. Recorded at the Filmore West in San Francisco ( same venue as # 1 ) if anything it finds Frampton and the band playing even better. Maybe too tight, but it is good.

I have the Live at Detroit DVD also. I think I may actually like the slightly more laid-back style on it but it is hard to say. They are both great. Now if they can just find and remaster a video of Comes Alive ( # 1) .
It's time had passed.
Today I removed the last vestige of my pre-Anderson days. I sold the old Escort. I had bought it new as a company car way way back in 1985 when I had the old business empire. All of us drove it. Mostly between offices hauling papers. And around town on high priority missions such getting the mail, running to the bank and most importantly, fetching lunch. After I sold most of my business, closed the shop and moved here it became a personal run around town car. It served me well, but I kept it past it's time. I stopped driving it a couple years ago and it was just sitting and growing old.
A young guy who looked 20 years old came by and offered to buy it. I told him it's history, and that it had not been cranked in about two years. He was good with that as he just wanted it for parts. 30 minutes later he was back with a couple friends and a trailer. So it is his now and my driveway has more room than before.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Eighty years ago a man set out in a single seat plane across the Atlantic Ocean. The flight took Charles Lindbergh 33 hours, 30 minutes and 29.8 seconds. Today on Delta it takes 7hrs 10min. His plane the Spirit of St Louis was a small single engine plane, weighing only 2,150 lbs empty. I had a 223 hp engine and 450 gallons of gas, giving a range of 4100 miles. It was a single seat plane that cruised at around 100 miles pr hour. The plane had no radio and carried only a sextent, stopwatch and a compass. Oh and the plane... had no windshield, in fact no view out of the front at all. Gas tanks were there. So Lindy had to look out the side.

A movie was made back in 1957 staring Jimmy Stewart. It was a great classic picture and very authentic. If you can find it it would be worth a look.
Pastors who have influenced me.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Busy Sunday for us. Last night ( sat ) Kristie and I did not get in until 2 am. We had attended the Steven Delopoulos show in Greenville. This morning came quickly. It's Homecoming at Kristie's old family church. And better still one of our favorite, most beloved former pastors and personal friend Rev Wayne Durden was going to be there to preach. We struggled past the groggy-sleepy eyes and got down to Hartwell in time for morning services. Hartwell Church is Holy Ghost filled place. They conduct the services old style. Quiet the contrast in style from NewSpring. I love both. Brother Wayne preached some things that have been on my mind lately. It's funny how God works that. I had not seen or talked to him in maybe a year. He lives way down in middle Georgia. But God placed a message on his heart, that was the same one I had been thinking of several days now. About how much would you do to see Jesus of he were in town for a " show " Would you camp out for tickets, would you fight the crowds for a front row seat.

I'll post more of my thoughts on that shortly.

After preaching we went to the social hall for dinner. I am here as a witness, little ole' Church of God ladies can sure enough cook. And the Pie's ..Oh My

We got home just in time for thirty minutes nap then we dressed, this time forget the coat and tie ( thank you Jesus and NewSpring ). In fact as a contrast I was dressed just right in a pair of olive drab shorts a T and flip flops. And a whole lot more comfortable.

Perry spoke on who is Jesus?

When we got home tonight, Kris and I just about fell to the couch and vegged out. I did find the strength to play my new Steven Delopoulos "Live at the BlueBird" cd. Love it.
Right after we were finished .......Well not right after, because NewSpring served Sullivans Cheesecake. ( previous post )
But right after that, Kristie and I hurried over to the Carpenter's Cellar in Greenville.
There was a street concert in town featuring Kevin Costner's band a couple of blocks away and they had several streets blocked off. And a huge crowd. But after driving half way to Simpsonville we made our way around the crowd to arrive at the Carpenter's Cellar. We were there to see Steven Delopoulos of Burlap to Cashmere. He was playing a surprise gig there with only three days notice. I had committed to work camera at church and was wondering if I'd get there before he took the stage. We had time to spare as it turned out. Steven was getting a late start, because the early bands ran long. So while I stood in the MOB ( from the street fest going on two blocks away )holding our place in line, Kristie went in to the Pizza place upstairs. We had a great chicken something toasted sub-type sandwich thing. But it was good. . Steven finally came on after a warm-up from Judd and Maggie at around 10:45. If you like guitar. If you like acoustic, finger picking Flamenco style playing then you should have been there. Steven was the writer and lead singer and one of the super guitar-picker talents of Burlap to Cashmere. He played more than an hour and played more notes than most players play in a year. His vocal style would fit right in with Harry Chapin and at times a young James Taylor. Except his songs are much more in depth. Steven, who jokingly told the crowd for this tour he will be known as "Jim Bo" ( inside Joke with the opener I think ) had with him his RARE very hard to find "Live at the BlueBird Cafe" cd. I jump on that before the sound check was even over. Unfortunately he did not have any copies of his "Me, Died Blue " cd so I'll have to hit the Zondervan book store Monday. I already have both the B2C cd's and Jim Bo's ep "Work To Be Done". And his new cd "StraightJacket" comes out in a couple weeks.

It was 2 am by the time Kristie and I got home, but I had a ball. Le's see you here again real soon, Jim Bo.

Last night Perry and the staff at NewSpring presented the future plans and the vision of our church to the group.
I have had some dreams both when I was asleep and when I was awake about the future of our church, and the things I have seen so far convince me that my dreams are not wild at all.
Working with the production team lets me be around some the most creative people on the earth and things I see amaze me. God is honoring us with blessings too big for men to understand. As a camera operator, and as a member I am in awe of God and what's happening at NewSpring. Some times I forget I am running camera, and just go into the service, and worship.
I am NOT go to post Spoilers here, but I will say. Hang on...It is coming faster, getting bigger and better and God is in control ...
I am so glad and so so very thankful I am here to see this and be a part of a working of God.

Friday, May 18, 2007

It has been a LONG hard week. We were both tired but Kristie and I wanted something new. So we tried out Tanner's

Back at the Soiree we had stopped at their booth and I had my first taste of Chicken Lips. I had them again. MMMmm good.
Kristie had the Rotisserie Chicken Melt. An open faced sandwich piled three inches high with chicken, BBQ sauce, bacon, and cheese. She had mac & cheese as a side. And a slice of Cheesecake.

Try them some time.
It's been 40 days since Easter. Look and see what happened

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Steven Delopoulos of Burlap to Cashmere is going to play in Greenville at the Carpenter's Cellar this Saturday night. Burlap to Cashmere was a quirky yet inspired mix made up of folk music combined with full on amazing flamenco guitar, Cuban-american rhythms, with a dash of old world Greek Bazouki well truth is they are difficult to pigeonhole.

Steven Delopoulos as a solo artist will be right at home at the Cellar which is a small Christian coffee house club.

I have both B2C cd's and just got Steven's new EP. Based on that it'll be one of the best nights of music you'll ever hear.

Starts at 9 pm at the Carpenter's Cellar in Greenville.
123, S. Main St.
Greenville, SC 29601

Late last week I watched the British
gangster flick L4yer Cake. I watched it again tonight.

The name L4YER CAKE ( Layer Cake in the U.S. ) refers to the differing levels or layers of society. Especially in the crime world with and it's many plot layers.

The lead role of ___ ( we never learn his name ) is played by Daniel Craig) of Casino Royale ( 007 ) fame. In this movie you can see why Eon Productions who owns the 007 series picked Daniel as Bond for the re-booted Series. He is smooth, smart, and cool. Daniel plays an old school criminal who is far from traditional criminal stereotype. He is witty, educated, middle class, and very articulate. And he wants to retire early. However, his contact, sends him to rescue his friends daughter, who has fled her rehabilitation center with her drug addicted boyfriend.

In reality_____ ( Craig ) is being sent (unbeknownst to him) to kidnap the girl in an attempt to double cross and retrieve £13,000,000 the contact believes the girl's father cheated him out of and has trapped in a Swiss bank account.

Along the way Craig's character is mistakenly linked to a bungled drug king's rip off and must now solve that crime before they kill him.

The plot is full of twists and turns. There are a lot of characters in this story and it took more than one viewing to understand it fully. But it is a great film and has an interesting ending or

( Spoiler )

endings. There may be a part two in the works. Daniel Craig recently stated in an interview that if the new novel is adapted into a film, he'd be interested in reprising his role.
( End Spoiler )


the movie has some adult language and graphic violence, on the same scale as say the GodFather series. Still you will not want to watch it when children are present.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

When I started blogging I thought it would be something I would stick to for a few weeks at the most.

Now after eight months and more than 255 posts, I find that I love it.

Some times I have a lot more to say than comfortably fits into one blog.

Or something I read, write, or think just needs expanding or sharing.

So I am starting this second blog as just that. A supplement to my regular blog. It may stand alone but I will link between the two as needed.

You can find the NEW supplemental blog here .

I love a good cup of coffee. Several months ago I bought a two cup drip coffee maker. I know it costs more to make small batches. If for no other reason, than I use more filters. But I throw away less waste brew so it think it kinda evens out. And with only creating two cups at a time I never have to face skunky coffee.

Somehow today my cup of pure bliss was shattered by chunky Java. That last sip from the second cup was tainted by grounds. The filter had slipped. I suspect operator error, caused by my blurry early morning state. Uggh !! Spitting grounds ...yuk !!

Don't you just hate "chunky coffee" ?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I got this list of questions from my friend Jane who posted them on her blog BTW you should repost these yourself and then check out her site That way we can all get to know each other more.

What were you doing 25 years ago?

Living in Georgia, working hard so that one day I wouldn't have to. Trouble is I forgot to live my life at the time.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

How much things change, How little really changed. I was doing pretty much the same as now, only with more youthful energy.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

I just had returned from Canada where we trudged around in knee deep snow from a late season blizzard.

Five snacks you enjoy?

1. ice cream
2. Key Lime Pie
3. Atomic Fireball Jaw Breakers
4. carrots
5. Anything with peanut butter ( even celery )

Five songs that you know all the lyrics:

1. Most all the big Hymns ( hundreds )
2. Stairway to Heaven
3. about 9,000 other hits
4. every song I ever wrote, however bad.
5. most anything I've heard twice or more ( just happens )

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

1. disappear briefly except to my friends
2. tithe
3. help family
4. help others
5. splurge on my bride
6. honestly not much would change personally

What you would do with the second million:

1. still working on that one

Five bad habits:

1. procrastination
2. being lazy
3. web surfin' too much
4. eating everything I can
5. skipping the gym lately

Five things you like doing:

1. NewSpring
2. bloggin'
3. flying
4. blasting the cob webs away with my stereo
5. eating, sleepin' and wasting time ( see bad habits )

Five things you would never wear again:

1. PLAID Pants
2. speedo ( well if I had my high school bod... maybe )
3. guys will wear pretty much anything
4 " "
5. " "

Five favorite toys:

1. stereo
2. 'puter
3. plane
4. mp3
5. recliner and pillow
6. my collection of three stooges videos
7. the 'reset' button ( wish life had one )

So now it is time to tell me about YOU! Help me to see the world through your rose colored glasses!

Monday, May 14, 2007

We went to see the "mini-Sox " Saturday with our homegroup. The Greenville Drive baseball team is a minor league team of the Boston Red Sox. They have a nice ball park and it is modeled after Fenway Park in Boston. Right down to having a "mini" Green Monster. It is a good way to spend an evening and at 6-8 bucks a cheap night out too.

We were planning to picnic at River Falls park but it came up a thundercloud just as we got there. So we tailgated in the parking garage. It cleared quickly and we made to the game without delay.
Is there anything you can't buy on E-Bay? I just read where a man bought a British Sea Harrier "Jump Jet" for $19,975.

Neil Banwell, 39, of Wedmore, Somerset, was the winning bidder for a 1979 Sea Harrier c/n ZX494 . The 46-foot long aircraft comes complete with two 30mm
cannons, but minus its Pegasus engine and computer systems. Even the original ejector seat is still in place, though the explosive charge had been removed.

He bought the jet from an aircraft dealer in Suffolk, who had purchased it after the Falklands war, which is marking its 25th anniversary right now.

The Sea Harrier was built in 1979, and reportedly led the first attack in the Falklands and was flown by the commanding officer, according to the UK Mirror. On the historic flight on May 1, 1982 the jet was flown by Black Leader Lt Cmdr Andy Auld, dropping cluster bombs on Port
Stanley airfield.
LOOK OUT ..... I am bidding on the next one.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Let me tell you about mom. My mother was ( always mom to us ) was the second of four kids. She was born Frances Katrina on Aug 11th but because her brother could not say Katrina, she became known as Tena. Mom spent most of her youth growing up in and around the orange groves of central Florida where her family made their living. She had two brothers and a sister and was blessed with a loving family. Mom's family worked hard but had time for fun too. The hundreds of lakes around the area assured plenty of great fishing and there was always time for a little swimming. But caution was required and one always needed to be on watch for alligators. My mom and her older brother like to tell the story about how they caught a baby gator, raised him under the porch of their house and walked him on a leash, rode on him when he was older and even took him on swimming trips with them. (I had this story corroborated by several independent parties)
Church was always a huge part of mom's life. The lived within sight of their church, just across the tracks about a 1/4 mile away. She met my dad there. He was a young G.I. from N.E. Georgia stationed at the Air Force base across town. Dad was drawn to that church by the Quartet music group and radio program they had. Dad joined that group and about that same time so did mom. They sang together every week live on the radio and sometimes elsewhere. They even recorded a record. Mom and dad got married and started a family. Being an Air Force wife meant mom had to leave her family and go with dad where ever he was sent. I had not started school by the time we were sent to Denver. The nearest we ever lived to her home again was Fort Worth, Texas. But we made plenty of trips across the nation to visit.
One of my mother's biggest challenges was when dad got sent to Guam. And she had to pack us kids and travel 9497 miles over 4 days including 42 hours in the air..alone. This was pre-gameboy and pre-movie propeller driven flights. We lived in Jungles, and deserts. In Places where the temp soared to 115 and dropped to -35 filled with shoulder deep snow. Places where we knew no one. A situation that never lasted long. She became the neighborhood mom. A cub scout mom and the "cool " mom to everyone. The neighborhood kids stayed at our house most days.
Over the years mom worked outside the home in a few jobs. Especially after my sister and I got older. She worked for California Baptist College and later after dad returned to civilian life in the county courthouse near where they still live. Mom spent years working for a developer and running the private utility company they had. Later she retired after years working for a local dentist as a book keeper.
Mom stayed active in church too. And kept on singing. She sang in a missionary quartet group with dad while we were overseas. And after he retired from the service they sang with a gospel music group, traveling around in a bus for 27 years. It became a way of life for me, dad and her.
My mom is retired now. But still does things with church, and the community. She "den mothers" the third generation of our clan to travel and sing in churches.
My mom taught me about 500 million things, but mostly she taught me to love God, family and others in that order. My mother and father live about 30 minutes away and I don't spend the time with them I should, but I Cherish ever moment together, and I praise God every day for a mother (and father ) like I got. A mother who loves no matter what.
I love you too mom. Thanks.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Ok, yesterday and today have been just the normal routine.
Except for today I met some of my friends for lunch. Ted and I
were going to try out the new spot at Lakeside, Kacey or
whatever. They must be doing something right. The parking lot
was full and so was the building. We took a look and thought
maybe later.... So we drove all the way down to the Starr
highway, and ate at the 81 cafe. Terry, Bev, Scott, and Daniel
all work close by so I phoned them and we all hooked. Rea came
with Ted also. All of us getting together was long over due.