Tuesday, June 24, 2008

There have been a lot of extra hours at work for Kristie over the past few weeks. Her audit starts in full swing this week which made this past weekend the calm before the storm. It was nice to have the whole time together with no scheduled events other than church.

Friday night we planned a rare weekend date night. Normally our weekends stay pretty filled, and we enjoy our nights out more when the crowds are thinner. But tonight was wonderful. We had a great dinner at a fairly new place on this side of town. Dockside on Pearman Dairy Road.

There is no way I can fully describe the meal. I ordered a burger plate. Not any old burger but an amazing hand patted, charcoal grilled one and a half pound serious burger. And what appeared to be a full bag of fries. I didn't even eat half. Hurray for doggy bags. I've eaten there twice before. We were prepared with a small ice chest. Seriously !

After the meal it was off to the movies. I liked the old TV series and have really been looking forward to "Get Smart" the movie. It's been four days and my sides are still sore from laughing. Great movie. I am heading back to see it again today. Look for a review.

After the movie we headed back to Dockside to share a massive blueberry cobbler with ice cream. The staff remembered us from earlier and seemed both pleased and amused to see us back for more. They brought out the dessert order you would not believe the size. I kid you not when I say the bowl was the size of a hubcap. It was filled with fantastic cobbler and topped with six scoops of ice cream. Though it was near three hours and neither of us ate even half of our dinner, we ALMOST could not finish it all. I said almost. It's not good to eat until you are sick, but someone had to do it. I think of mom's admonishment when I was a child. To clean my plate. I did, but driving straight home to crash on the couch seemed the best idea.


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