Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In my fridge is a massive omelet. Kristie and her friends met again last night for their "girls Night Out". This time at IHOP.

Kristie ordered the huge Colorado Omelet which is about the size of Michael Jordan's shoe. (yuck image) Filled with 5 types of meat and 4 cheeses, peppers and mushrooms . This monster must be made with at least a half dozen eggs. And it comes with a stack of pancakes. Well long story short, Kristie ate the pancakes and now I get the Omelet. I guess it's a heart attack on a plate.


There goes another jet over the house. That makes six biz jets landing at our little airport in the past couple hours. After I eat I think I'll ride over there and see what's up. Hey while I am there this would be a good time to remove the headliner from the plane for cleaning and refinishing.

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Thriver said...

"I guess it's a heart attack on a plate." HEHEHE