Thursday, May 15, 2008


Our first full day in California was Sunday. The school had arranged classes for that afternoon; however they were letting out by 5pm. The two ladies from A.U. as well as Kristie and me are church going people. In fact Beth, one of the ladies goes to our church. We all wanted to visit a very large, “Mega” church that is much like our NewSpring. In fact it is the second or third largest church in the country. Saddleback Church in Lake Forest is amazing. It is probably 100 acres, many buildings, landscaped grounds and twenty-two thousand members. Yes I said 22,000.

It was very beautiful and they do things a lot like we do at NewSpring (7800). The service itself was wonderful. The speaker was very good. The Pastor Rick Warren (Purpose Driven Life) was out of town so we did not get to hear him preach. We enjoyed the visit very much, but without bragging (too much) I have to say. Out sound system is worlds better, our production and technical values are ever bit their equal and we operate with a 99% volunteer staff. (I am on the production team) But where we really have it is in our good old southern hospitality. People there were nice but not overly so. At NewSpring you can hardly get you feet out of your car before 25 people welcome you and just say hi. I am so proud of that when I bring a first timer. It’s a southern thing I think.

Saddleback has an amazing ministry going on and people are seeing lives changed. And they do so many things we can learn from. I read their blogs and sermon notes and enjoy them daily.


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Thriver said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! Never been to a mega church. Looks nice
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