Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I didn't expect my dash over to the airport to last nearly twelve hours. There will be an airshow here at Anderson on Wednesday. The main act is the Snowbirds team from the Canadian Air Force. The first two planes of the team arrived earlier than I expected. That is what I dashed away for.

I got to the field and took a couple photos of the advance team on the ramp and one of the pilots told me the main body of Tutor jets would arrive in about an hour. So I figured I'd go by the hanger while I waited and look at our progress. We are replacing the fuel bladder ( tank ) in the port wing of our plane. It is a big job.

When I got to the hanger my partner in the plane, Sam was there. Sam is a licensed aircraft mechanic also, so I stayed to help him with the tank.

The nine remaining Snowbirds arrived in a diamond formation and made several passes over the field. Then they flew around the area getting a feel for the landmark for tomorrows big event. It was great. Like having my own private close-up airshow. I got a lot of photos which I'll share shortly.

After the arrival excitement passed we got back to work on the plane. Eleven hours and 53 minutes later I got home. My loving, understanding wife was already in bed, but not asleep.

Airshow tomorrow ( Wednesday ) See you there around 3 pm.

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Thriver said...

that's great! I never get to go to airshows. :-( cant wait to see more pics