Friday, May 09, 2008

We finally got to see the Monk play baseball last evening. The season is already half over and most of the time we were out of town. This year they are playing coaches pitch. Up to now it was really "T"-ball. The level of play has truly gone up a notch. The kids look more interested and serious. It's fun watching 8 year olds play ball. You can really tell which ones have watched professional games on TV. They imitate what they see. It is so funny to see them pounding the home plate or swinging two bats in the on-deck circle.

Ashley is one of three girls still playing in the league this year. Most of the others have dropped out. Although she went zero for two last night at the plate she is more than holding her own and leading her team in runs scored. There are just a few more game left to play. I'll try to make them all.

Today is confederate memorial day. I wonder if there are going to be any reenactments at some of the local battlegrounds? It's interesting to me that in these days of political correctness congress doesn't dare mention the civil war today, but they take the holiday never the less. I have no agenda in saying that. It's just a statement of facts.

Mothers day is Sunday. I will be very busy, completely involved in the special services at our church ( NewSpring ) As Jane Alluded to in her blog. there is a BIG surprise coming, and everyone will want to be there.

Because of that I am having my mother over for her "Mother's day" dinner tomorrow night. So I need to run. I am cooking what I hope is a feast worthy of my mom. I need to go do a little pre-preparation.

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Thriver said...

I went to my cousins' baseball/softball games last summer and sometimes we'd wander around and see the little kids playing. :-D There was a little catcher and his gear was too big for him. adorable