Sunday, May 04, 2008

If you see in the news over the next few days of a perfectly good house collapsing and trapping a couple inside that would be me.

The Carpenter bees have arrived. They are everywhere. Buzzin' about, drilling neat little round holes in every wooden surface. My deck rails were the first target of choice. I'd been told they would not chew into pressure treated wood. I guess the rail proved that wrong. Now they have attacked the window facing around the kitchen window. Yesterday I turned the water hose on one and I could just hear him in my mind as he went down. Little alarms going off "Mayday Mayday we're going in" . But as soon as he got out of the water stream he was back to normal.

I swatted several in the past couple days and plugged the holes. But they return within minutes. Spray doesn't work.

Hey maybe I could make a pact with the fire ants to provide protection.


Thriver said...

lol and what would you call that pact? Fire Protection Pact of Cinco de Mayo?

Charles said...

A name is a good idea.

I'm thinking

¿Encienda el pacto de la protección de la hormiga de Cinco de Mayo?

(Fire Ant protection Pact of the 5th of May)