Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Wheel of Fortune

Day four was Kristie’s first full day off without classes. Several weeks before the trip, I sent away for Tickets to the filming (taping) of a few TV shows. Today we had tickets to see Wheel of Fortune. Sony pictures studios are in Culver City near Los Angeles. We had to arrive early to ensure our seats. It seems the tickets only get you in the gate. And limited seating rewards those who turn out early. After we got in we were seated in the back corner. (luck of the draw ) But shortly before filming an usher came over and motioned to us to follow him. He led us right down front row center. I think they try to balance the audience out and pick happy smiling faces for the front row.

They record a weeks worth of shows each filming day. The hosts (Pat and Vanna) changing clothing between each show. During that time the producer and announcer comes up to the audience and tells stories, jokes around and gives away silly little prizes. Hat’s and T-shirts were the best.

The announcer, Charlie O'Donnell, noticed Kristie’s shirt said Anderson University and struck-up a conversation with us. He told us all about his 40 something year history in TV. How he started with Dick Clark on American Bandstand and so on. Then he had us tell him about South Carolina saying he’d only been there once in his life. And that was several years ago when Wheel was on the road in Charleston. And he said all he saw was the hotel and the attached convention center where they filmed.

Pat and Vanna also came out and spoke once or twice for a moment or two. BTW no camera's or cell phones were allowed inside, so we didn't get any pictures.

It was a lot of fun, but our arms got tired from 21/2 hours of solid clapping. I am sure we were on camera several times in each episode. Our airdates are coming soon. ** UPDATE It's tonight **

Now that we are STARS, we’ll gladly sign autographs.


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