Monday, May 26, 2008

We went to see Ashley play baseball this evening. Once again she had a crowd to cheer her and her team on. They won 10 to 9. After a slow start early in the season they have battled back to third place of nine teams. Tonight's win makes five in a row. In their league they only are playing four innings, ( 8 yr old) so the Monk only got two times at bat. She fouled out the first time, but her second trip to the plate she connected with a screamer of a line drive right over the pitchers head. A double driving in two. Go Monk !

After the game Kristie and I stopped by Zaxby's. We love their grilled "Zalads" The place was not too crowded and very pleasant. While we were eating a family came in sitting next to us. After receiving their food their little girl offered a blessing that warmed my heart. She looked to be about four or five, hair all braided and full of smiles. Her prayer went somethng like this. " God is great, God is good.......By his hand we are fed.... " then she concluded by saying, " Thanks for Mommy, Daddy and Victor ." who I assumed was the brother sitting next to her. She closed with a louder "AMEN!" Then she leaned back raised both of her hands and fairly shouted, " Chicken Strips, Thank You Jesus ! "

Sincerity and joy... Sometimes there can be lessons learned from the prayer of a child.

I think Her parents are doing something right


Thriver said...

*gasp* ZAXBY'S!! I love their chicken strips even though I don't really like meat! AH!
Aww I love when kids pray cute like that. Except I remember if I ever did something like that I'd think I was doing something normal and grown-uppy and then I get laughed at...humph

Jungle Mom said...

I am headed to California next week for my son's wedding. But to Lake Tahoe. Never ate at a zaxby's.