Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last week during Kristie’s regular night out with her friends, I went to see “Iron Man”. Last night we finally found a time to see a film together. Our “Date Nights” often include a movie and it was her turn to pick.

When we were in California we repeatedly saw trailers for the romantic comedy “Made of Honor”.

On the surface it looks like a typical chick flick, a remake of “My Best Friends Wedding”, but it was more than that. Yes it was a story about a guy afraid of commitment waiting until it was almost too late. When he realizes the girl of dreams, his perfect partner is right in front of him, he learns she has become engaged. And worse she asks him, as her best friend to become her Maid of Honor. So Tom (the hero) with some deviously funny help from his friends uses that assignment as a tool to ‘win her back’ so to speak.

It’s really a pretty good date movie. The women will love it yet there is enough quirky humor to keep guys interested. Yes, it's totally predictable. But I found the main characters to be likeable
and the cinematography around
Scotland was breath taking. And it was funny. When you see it if you don't laugh out loud it's because you are determined not to laugh. Laughing hard during many scenes, and I even found myself thinking like his buddies, coming up with ideas on how to reach their goal of "stealing the girl."

Overall - it was funny, entertaining, my wife loved it
and for a "chick flick" it was very enjoyable. No need to sneak a listen to your iPod on this one!

Next up for us. Indy Jones

Sydney Pollack in his final role as Tom's Father.


Thriver said...

:) Glad you're having fun

Jungle Mom said...

Actually, its a grand baby coming to visit from Paraguay!