Saturday, May 17, 2008

My old flying buddy Russell got married today. He has been dating Kim for between two and three years now. She seems to be a great lady.

The wedding was held outside on the shore of Lake Murry. Russell's Parents have a wonderful home there and the setting was beautiful. A large crowd of family and friends gathered for both the ceremony as well as a pig BBQ. The weather was absolutely perfect.

The site is about two hours and forty-five minutes from my house so we had to hit the road early. But Kristie and I took advantage of our new automotive GPS and drove along the back roads and highways taking our time and enjoying the views.

On the way down while driving on the short 8 mile stretch of freeway we heard an odd sound and both of us looked in the mirror just in time to see one of our wheel covers cross the lanes behind us. I actually saw it cross the median and the lanes on the other side before going who knows where. This is a very busy freeway yet in the middle of nowhere so the chance of ever finding it or retrieving it safely is nil. Oh well! Junk Yard / Hubcap Heaven here I come.

Anyway even with that event we had a nice day capped off with a yummy milkshake for the road while coming home.

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