Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last night was the Monks final baseball game. Of all the teams out there they faced the Twins, who were in first place and had only lost once all year. They played well, but were just not up to the challenge. The Twins infield played well above the 8 year old level. They played like 13-14 year olds. Ashley had a nice double and a couple RBI’s along with a sacrifice with another RBI earlier. Her team seemed about equal at the plate, but that fielding made the difference. Final score was 10-14. After the game we all went to Master Wok to eat. She wasn’t to down about the loss, instead she was more focused and excited about her upcoming Saturday morning Baton recital.
Kristie and I got home and sat down together, put in a cartoon video of Droopy Dog started to relax. Yes a cartoon. I have yet to grow-up too much for cartoons. After only one episode we looked at each other and said, “I’ll call it a night if you will.” We went to bed early, around 10pm.
I awoke around midnight very restless. I was tossing about, got up and down several times, you know the drill. I finally went back to sleep after 2:30. Was it because I went to bed too early, or was it the Kung Pao Shrimp and Lobster?
Around 4 am we were awaken once again. It’s been a tough night. This time we could hear a regular beep sound coming from somewhere in the distance outside. Just a short beep, about every 45 seconds. We both agreed it must be an alarm on the irrigation equipment in the field up the road, and tried to go back to sleep. After about 45 minutes I heard my cell phone turn itself off because of low battery. I had forgotten to plug it in. I’ll give you 25 guesses as to what the beeping really was.

What a night

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