Monday, May 12, 2008


Our flight from Atlanta to Orange County was nice but long. Delta has updated their seats on the Boeing 757 fleet and I am convinced it did indeed give a tad more leg room. They also included satellite TV and movies on demand in each seatback. That was a nice touch, but I really don’t care anything about most TV shows especially daytime TV. And I wasn’t interested in the pay-pr -view movies. Interestingly the free movies were not working …hmmmm !

The display did have a map function that showed the flight track along with speed, altitude and outside conditions. So I watched that most flights. They had a great selection of music and with the new system you could pick and build a playlist. I spent a few minutes doing that, but it seemed that every time a cabin P.A. was made the system reset to the top of the list. And they made way to may announcements. Almost no one serves food on flight anymore, but they had overpriced junk food items for sale. And they had to make long useless announcements about that about every twenty minutes. So I finally just plugged in my Mp3 player, inflated my neck pillow and chilled to the view out the window and on the flight tracker.

The first half of this trip was for a school Kristie and a few other key Anderson University staff needed to complete their campus wide software conversion. Changing computer systems campus wide is massive. That’s why we were off on another trip so soon after our Maine vacation just six months ago. Though we had been in Southern California just a few years ago, I had lived in the area so long I knew thousand of things to do and see. So I tagged along ( on my dime ) and we extended her stay the extra days to make another vacation. But I won’t say a cheap vacation. Things are going sky high out there as they are most everywhere.

Several A.U. staff members were on this trip and two ladies from another office were actually on our flights. I had met them both before, and since I knew the area Kristie and I became their unofficial hosts. They stayed at a hotel down the street from ours but since we rented a car I became the private driver for the three of them during the school. It was a blast showing them around. Neither one had ever traveled much so they were filled with wide-eyed wonder, at the alien world we had landed in. It was a hoot !


Thriver said...

Ooh sounds fun. I never get to go on the good flights. :-( I could've watched Home Improvement on the flight across the atlantic...if we were going the other way.
have fun
and thanks for the soup

Jungle Mom said...

We have planes like that to Brasil. Did it have the built in head rests and pop up foot test? Those are great on long flights.
sounds like you did a good job as guide.

Charles said...

Well the plane may have had those foot rests in 1st class, but not in the back where the real folk ride.

Actually we had foot rests...the floor.

My blow-up neck pillow solves the head rest issue.