Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Saturday celebration in honor of Mom was fantastic. She and Dad came over around 3 pm and after a short visit, we headed off. Our original plan was to grill out. But something she said about craving a great salad at the airshow the other day inspired us to change-up and take her to Ruby Tuesday. They have one honking BIG salad bar and it is the best in terms of quality ( and cleanliness ) in town. Plus they have great food. Kristie and I like going there and a lot of the times we'll order an entree, add the salad bar, eat that like a pack of ravenous wolves and end up taking most of the main food home.

After a great early dinner there, we got home and settled back to enjoy a movie mom had wanted to see. A wonderful idea since Kristie had made her unbelievable ( low fat ) Banana Dream Supreme pie for us to devour.

When the flick ended we tore-into some of that pie, and mom opened her card and gift. Next over a cup of my new Kenyan coffee we all shared the vacation photos.

Sitting on the sofa, sippin' java and remembering the "old days" capped of a great mothers day.

I am so lucky. I got a fantastic mom.

I you all had a Happy Mothers Day .


Thriver said...

We didn't do much for Mother's Day. Mostly cuz nobody celebrates it here. They have women's day. So we got mom a bush...yah...actually it was lilacs. But it looked big enough to be a bush. :-) glad you had a good time!

Charles said...

Women's Day. Interesting, I'd love to hear about that.