Thursday, October 02, 2008

A hiker has found the wreckage of Steve Fossett’s plane. He’s been missing for more than a year after he took off on a routine flight on Sept. 3, 2007. The sheriff’s office has confirmed the plane was Fossett’s. It appears he flew head-on into the mountain side, near Mammoth Lakes, California Most of the plane a small two seat Bellanca was destroyed upon impact. The main portion of the wreckage was found around 9,700 up the side of a 10,000 foot plus peak. The crash was a nonsurvivable.

The Transportation Safety Board will use a team to recover the wreckage as an aid to try to determine the reason for the crash. The investigation could take several weeks or maybe even months.

I will be following the investigation as it progresses and will be very interested in the final report.


Jungle Mom said...

Sad. Do you know if the weather was bad?
We lost dear friends in a plane crash in the Amazon. Crashed into Mt. Mawaka. I have not posted on it as it hurts. The worse sound ever was when we flew over the crash site weeks later and could still hear the beacon ( not sure what it is called in English).

Charles said...

Yes the weather reports were of large thunder clouds all that morning.

When did your friends accident occur?

Yes it is a beacon in U.S. Aviation terms too. Downed aircraft beacon.

Jungle Mom said...

It was in March of '98.