Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Village re-elects dead mayor

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - The residents of a Romanian village knowingly voted in a dead man as their mayor in Sunday's municipal election, preferring him to his living opponent.

This headline jumped out at me a few days ago. Did you watch the debates? Who will you vote for? Are you, like me voting not so much FOR someone as voting AGAINST someone else?

I am thinking what we really need is a leader who is with vision. Some who has moral values and practical sense. We need some who is realistic and shoots from the hip. A leader who pulls no punches and does what is right, not what is popular or pleases a fringe group.

But who?

A couple nights ago PBS broadcast a two and a half hour program profiling the very man we need in Washington.

Ronald Reagan.

But he's gone you say! Well if a village can elect a deceased mayor then why can't we do the same for the most powerful office in our nation?

Even in his condition he'd surely do a better job than most of our current crop of choices. We need a man who will ask himself daily..."What would Reagan do?"


Tacogirl said...

"Even in his condition he'd surely do a better job than most of our current crop of choices."
This amused me. xD

Anyways. There probably is a difference between Ukrainian Russian and Russian Russian. I mean, Ukrainian is a totally different language. But I guess Ukrainians might speak Russian different than Russians do. Odessans have their own special Russian, they say. So do um...Lvovans? Some city that starts with an L.......


Well bye!

Jungle Mom said...

The Romanians voted in a dead man...maybe we should all write in REAGAN!