Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I have suffered a setback in my never ending quest for a quiet relaxed place to dine around town.

Thanks to a recent vote the prohibition on Sunday alcohol sales in restaurants has been lifted. The ends of these so called “Booze Laws” mean the end of pleasant peaceful lunches on Sunday after church.

I am sure the retail industry believes this as a plus seeing the $ dollar signs as they are eyeing the Sunday afternoon football crowd. But it is a tragic loss for me. No longer will we have a chance for a quiet meal without the unpleasant din from the bar crowd and the TV’s.


Tacogirl said...

this is all I have to say

Jane-Jane said...

won't affect me that much since I spend most of my time on Sundays at the church. what drives me crazy is that tvs are EVERYWHERE! post office, doctors office... how long till they are in the banks.
oh wait, most likely won't be there, they don't want you to realizing how bad the economy is and how poor they manage your money that they are borrowing.

Jane-Jane said...

however, it might make the 4:15 nursery time go quicker/easier if I had a little wine in me :) that IS a joke!!!

Charles said...

EVER notice that the banks have the biggest buildings in any large town?

They only manage the "public" money poorly. But that won't matter. The "GUVMENT" will save them if they goof up.

Charles said...

Rremember Hosana 4:1

Maybe a little " New Wine" of the Spirit. (Isa 55:1)


Maybe we need to settle for a cappuccino from Awake in the lobby... YES