Monday, October 13, 2008

Frustration; n. [L. frustratio: cf. OF. frustration.]
Date: circa 1555

1: the state or an instance of dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs

On Thursday it was a broken retaining clip on my lawn mower. Frustration !! I fashioned a temporary replacement and started the mower once again. Actually I had to adjust the replacement part and tweak it several times. Starting again, maybe now I can make progress. It ran maybe 10 feet. This time it was a slipped connector. Frustration !! After struggling to replace the rod and after several scraped knuckles I cranked the mower again. It had now been going on three hours and I had 10 feet mowed. I mowed about 2 minutes when silence..... examination revealed a pinched fuel line. Frustration !! That one was my fault. I had replaced it with a twist in my haste after the previous repair. Fixing that was simple and I again yanked the started rope and jumped on. After mowing twenty more minutes the mower stopped. Out of gas. I hadn't refilled it because of the engine being hot. No problem except I had none in the can. Frustration !! So rather than clean-up and drive to the station to buy more I stopped. It was almost supper time anyway.

Today I finally am able to get back to the of cutting my lawn. I fueled the mower and rolled it into the grass to start it up. Yanking on the rope until I was red in the face. It usually starts right away. Frustration !! Checking it out I noticed a bent spring on the choke control. My long nosed pliers soon had that restored to a working configuration. Again yanking the rope and to my sweet relief the engine fired right up. But this time it once again would not go into gear. This time it was a related problem to the broken clip of last Thursday. The clutch spring was broken. Frustration !! After an hour of bending and reattaching the old one Again I started the mower. Ah ha is working. I start mowing in earnest finally. I was about 75% finished with the job when ... The blade drive belt assembly broke. Yep I missing clip ( another one )

YIKES Frustration !! again

You know my old Snapper was first owned by a crewman on Christopher Columbus' ship the Santa Maria and I think it left the factory new and shiny around the middle 14th century. I have a growing list of parts I need. I was hopping it would hang in there until the season was over before I started the rebuild. Guess not.

Frustration !!

Oh when I came in just now to blog .... the light blew out in my office.

Frustration !!

The good news, I get grilled Pork Chops tonight. Frustrations solved.

Isn't it funny the way the little thing frustrate us? I am learning not to sweat the little things.

I heard in the news that Billy Graham got to return home from the hospital. And that Clemson had fired football coach Tommy Bowden.

I don't think the two events are related.



Tacogirl said...

Sorry about your frustration!
Makes for a funny blog post though. :D

Jane-Jane said...

now, now, Bowden did not get "fired", he stepped aside ;) there is a difference, isn't there? win, or you will loss your job. isn't that motivation talk by sports leaders?!?

Jungle Mom said...

LOL! Hope things go a bit better today!