Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It was a soccer night for us. Monk's team, the Thunder are playing much more seriously than last years team. It is amazing the level of intensity just being one year older creates. For most of the first half it looked to be a low scoring contest and the ball just went back and forth with not even one serious goal attempt. But just before the end of the second period Ashley's team mate Ross scored an easy shot. The third period was more of the same until close to the end when the Thunder score a hard fought goal making the lead two to nothing. But in the final period the other team ran out of steam. The thunder rolled with Jackson, one of our Home Group kids, scoring then moments later Ashley scored a quick point. Two more goals were tacked on and the Thunder had a shut out.

It was a lot of fun. Yesterday was a beautiful day and the win capped off the evening.

I have a quick prayer request. A friend and former member of our Home Group was injured on a dirt bike over the weekend. He was in the Hospital until last evening but should recover just fine. Remember them as he recovers.

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