Friday, October 10, 2008

So I am wondering. When exactly do you stop being a young buck and become an old codger?

When do you quit being Newly Weds and start being an old married couple?

I am not sure that you have to become either.

As long as your heart is young, then I think you are young.

As for my wonderful marriage I still feel like a newly wed. Do you? My bride and I are very much in love. Friends say that all the time. Yes we are, and better still. My wife is my best friend. I assure you it takes a commitment. And hard work. You find you need to surrender your own self and become us.

Our Anniversary is in about a week. I am open to new and unique ideas to celebrate that event.


Tacogirl said...

Old Codger. xD That's a funny word.
I'm not qualified to answer this question anyways.

Jungle Mom said...

Maybe when you say something like 'old codgeer' you are becoming one???
I enjoy seeing happily married couples!

Jane-Jane said...

got a GREAT B&B in the sw corner of VA that is AWESOME!!! 4.5 hours and you're there. GREAT country setting just off the parkway.

Charles said...

that sounds great