Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dad Update:

Once again quicker than I could return home to request it my prayers concerning dad have been answered. This past Friday we got a call from the care center where dad takes his rehab that they were admitting dad to the hospital because of suspected heart failure. Needless to say we dropped everything and dashed off to meet him in the ER. Dad has no history of heart related problems, but it was scary thought

It turns out to be a false alarm but it's always better safe than sorry. Dad does have some serious breathing issues and is still in the hospital undergoing treatment for that. But they appear to be related to the sinus' and throat and he should recover quickly. As a part of his treatment however they gave dad some medications which cause him to become very agitated. So for the past couple nights we been sitting, holding and helping prevent him from hurting himself while in this restless state. It is an exhausting task.

But today dad is much improved, up and walking around with minimum assistance. A prayer request answered before it was even asked for.

God is great.

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Jungle Mom said...

What stressful times you are having. May God bless your family.