Thursday, October 09, 2008

Over the past three nights I have had the same dream. Two of the nights it was an exact replay. Last night it varied slightly.

Is a repeated dream a message? Is my sub-conscience trying to tell me something? I doubt it. I do believe that in some cases, some dreams can have significance. Can the future be foretold? YES. But only in as much the dream could represent our thoughts and so on. And those thoughts could shape our actions thus our future. I’ll leave that debate for another time. Similarly in this case I’ll discount the possible actions of angels or demons for this post.

This dream seems benign. In it my wife and I are at a large banquet, with hundreds of people being fed. A young girl I don’t know, maybe 5 -6 years old walks up to our table and cuts us a large piece of chocolate cake. Just as she serves it her father rushes up and warns us not to eat it. Because she had made it using muddy water. So we humor her by telling her we’ll save it for later. She smiles, bows and moves on.

Odd huh ?

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